No ‘common sense’ to be found in gun control debate despite Obama Arizona op-ed

In an Arizona Daily Star op-ed Sunday, President Obama called for “common sense” in re-examining the country’s firearms debate. But between significant players in the firearms debate, there still isn’t much “common” ground in their sense-making.

Common sense says that the co-founder of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, a Grand Canyon State gun-rights group, would react to Obama’s piece with knee-jerk scorn. Not so. While the AACDL was instrumental in pushing open-carry legislation (Arizona Gov. Jane Brewer made it law in 2010), Charles Heller’s first remark to The Daily Caller was one of praise.

“I thought it was absolutely refreshing that the President of the United States acknowledged the individual right to keep and bear arms as affirmed by the courts,” Heller told TheDC. And despite being “as diametrically opposed to everything as a human being could be to him,” Heller said, “I have to acknowledge, so far, [Obama] hasn’t caused us any real damage.”

Actual common sense, then, might also say that the National Rifle Association’s President Wayne LaPierre could appreciate not only the expansion of certain gun rights under the Obama administration, but also Obama’s respectful commentary that said gun-safety advocates “need to accept” legal gun-owners’ generally safe practices. No so.

LaPierre pushed back hard against Obama’s call to “strengthen” existing laws and background checks. Not that LaPierre thinks people don’t kill people, but his common sense argument is that those bad people should be in jail before they have a chance to get guns.

“The dialogue really should be on bad people and bad men because unless we focus on that we’re never going to get to the point,” said LaPierre Monday on Fox News. “We need to be out to be doing everything we can to take bad men and felons and drug dealers off the streets.”

LaPierre said you can pass all the gun laws you want but “unless you get them [criminals] off the street, you’re not going to make them safe.”

While LaPierre said the “dialogue really shouldn’t be about guns,” his own organization has said that it really should be about guns. Not guns in the street, per se. But definitely guns. Just last year, the NRA ran a report that defies conventional common sense. The title, “More Guns, Less Crime,” is fairly self-explanatory. Taking felons off the streets sounds like common sense, too, but apart from the unlawful sale of firearms, felonies also include writing bad checks and possessing stolen merchandise. Not to mention that simply taking all the bad men off the street would leave citizens defenseless against all the bad women.

Common sense, and his previous statements, suggests Heller would agree with either Obama’s keep-guns-away-from-bad-men or LaPierre’s keep-bad-men-away-from-everyone. No so.

Obama framed his appeal for sensible gun reform around one particular bad man’s ability to purchase a gun. While Jared Loughner was “apparently bent on violence,” the man who Obama said was “unfit for service [and] a man one of our colleges deemed too unstable for studies” passed a background check for a reason. Heller said it’s a “common orgasmic fantasy that there is some way of keeping criminals and crazy people from having guns. There is not.”

“There is no background check that will ever stop someone committed to criminal violence or getting the tools to do it. It’s impossible,” said Heller. “In the United States, there are probably about 50 million guns, that’s more than one per person.”

  • Jeugenen

    The American constitution, unlike the Arab and Iranian constitutions, by granting the citizens the Right to Bear Arms, authorizes them as militias with supreme power to swiftly overthrow tyrannical members of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government by whatever means necessary – and to swiftly bring them to justice under their own militia tribunals.

  • barnone

    Bring back DUELING!!!

    All the “respect” problems in the inner city goes away. Two people disagree, they may safely duel one another without injury to bystanders.

    If a congressman lies and is challenged by another congressman, then the question is; do you stake your reputation and life on the matter? It would end the dishonor in Washington instantly.

    We didn’t need liable laws when the Country was founded. If you were not willing to back your honor and opinion with your life, you shut up.

  • voted against carter

    “Most gun-control advocates know that most gun owners are responsible citizens.
    Most gun owners know that the word “commonsense” isn’t a code word for “confiscation.”

    Above statement by Mr.Obama

    Sorry barry,.. BUT WE DO TOO THINK, “commonsense” IS a code word for “confiscation.”

    Spin it ALL YOU LIKE.

    Not buying you BS. YOU are the MOST anti-firearm President EVER.

    LOOK at your record when you were in the senate.

  • SunnyJ

    More of the “magical” thinking group, that thinks you’ll ever be able to know the moment in time that something/someone pushes someone over the edge and they lose it, and the all knowing and powerful mommy government will there to make sure nothing ever harms anyone. It’s so ridiculous, it’s almost absurd. And it is really absurd to hear fairly intelligent people posture in intellectual discussions on the issue…as if the discussion isn’t as crazy or crazier than the sporadic individual that slides down the slippery slope into insanity/rage/personality disorder/mental illness/evil. Here’s the insanity of the intellectuals: My 80 yr old hired man gave my 5yr old daughter a small pocket knife for her birthday before her first day of school. When I explained to him that it is now a weapon and she couldn’t have it at school…he responded, “what will she cut her apple with?” So, she will not carry her little pocket knife, learn to use it as a tool…and when she is attacked, kidnapped, molested/raped she will be a poor “victim” the rest of her life. And that, they will be OK with….but, not having and learning self reliance and self defense.

  • alpha_male

    My permit for a firearm was provided in 1776, and there is no expiration date!

    • virginiagentleman


  • MrBigW


    I got my first .410 shotgun when i was in first grade
    When i was bad the gun was taken away until i learned my lesson. Shells were all ways locked up in the other room, and were not passed out until we started hunting that day.

    I was taught the safety rules in more classes then i can remember,and to respect others rights if i wanted them to respect mine.


  • lvjohn

    I agree with President Potato head, some people should not own guns, Democrats!

  • kingfish

    Crimes are being committed not by the people, but by the INCOMPETENT U.S. government. Just a FEW examples are:

    1) PROJECT GUNRUNNER: It’s just been revealed that ATF approved AK-47 sales to Mexican drug cartels while Hillary was blaming AMERICANS.

    2) It’s been revealed that Clinton himself directed the burning of women and children at WACO, when the ATF, FBI could have arrested the leader on the streets of WACO on many days when he personally shopped in town.

    3) The FBI shooters of unarmed Vicki Weaver (with a child in her arms) at Ruby Ridge were never charged with murder.

    4) SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER (SPLC): Hired by Homeland Insecurity to “identify” HATE GROUPS, when SPLC is the BIGGEST Hate Group in the U.S. Their tax-exempt status should be revoked.

    5) RAMPANT FORECLOSURE FRAUD: The FBI terrorizes Americans by sitting on its *SS and pretending these CRIMES don’t exist.

    6) Homeland Insecurity and TSA “COOKED THE BOOKS” on a report to congress, claiming private airport screeners would cost more than the current RAPISTS at TSA, a BLATANT FRAUD. Yet Napolitano doesn’t get fired?

    7) The FBI using their $7 million CounterIntelPro Budget and a year each to “set up” people, giving them bombs and detonation technology in Oregon, DC and several other cities until it became LAUGHABLE. Think about how many REAL murders could have been solved with that time and money.

    8) A military and government who KNOW Americans want an END to the wars; yet they IGNORE and THWART the entire populace and neither win nor get out, spending trillions year after year for this monstrosity, not to mention the lives of our children.

  • thephranc

    There is no debate. I have a right to own and carry fire arms. It’s pretty clear to any one who has a basic understanding of the English language.

    • irony

      Alrighty then. Guns for everyone!! All the kids get guns! All the convicts get more guns!! Yay guns !!! Hang on, maybe we ought to regulate those last two, might get a bit dangerous….get the idea yet??

      • thephranc

        Kids were allowed to have guns for a long time. It’s only recently that was taken away. I got my first .22 at age 10. Use to be a time not too long ago when you could even bring them to school. And convicts should have the same rights as every one else. When they commit another crime you lock them up. Unless it’s used in a crime it shouldn’t be a crime to own a fire arm.

        The only idea from you is that you aren’t that well versed in history or basic understanding of what rights are.

      • voted against carter

        You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT SIR!!!

        Yes there MIGHT be an initial up tick in firearms related deaths.

        It’s called “survival of the fittest”, You know that “evolution thing” you leftwing nuts are so fond of.

        And we would have a MUCH politer society for sure.

        Some thing you leftwing nuts are ALSO calling for.


        Oh,… thats NOT what you meant???

      • tinteardrop

        Maybe the fact that the DC Caller has no interim posting window where you get to review your post before committing led to your silly blubbering but “All the kids get guns!” is precious.

        We had .22s when we were 10. We roamed the forests shooting squirrels etc. Guns haven’t changed, people have changed.