Ohio governor proposes steep cuts to trim deficit

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, mirroring the moves of other newly elected Republicans, proposed a two-year budget Tuesday that would close an $8 billion gap by selling prisons, reshaping Medicaid and sharply cutting aid to cities.

Mr. Kasich said his proposal would help local governments offset their loss of state contributions by making it easier for them to share services and by erasing a requirement that they pay prevailing union wages on construction projects.

Pending legislation that would curtail public-employee bargaining rights also would help local governments deal with the cuts, he said. That bill, which passed the state Senate and is expected to pass the House, sparked weeks of protests from tens of thousands of union members and their supporters.

Full Story: Ohio Governor Poses Steep Cuts to Trim Deficit – WSJ.com

  • oldguy5

    I supported John and voted for him in the last election. I think he is doing the right thing for the MAJORITY of Ohioans.

  • ChevyHHR2009

    John Kasich is the real deal.

  • d wayne

    I was just over at the Daily KOS, and they don’t seem to care for Gov. Kasich. In fact they seem to be pretty pissed. Funny stuff.

  • clw

    it has to be done. Period. Personally if I were a governor, senator, President… I would call for dramatic across the board cuts for EVERYTHING, so no one could complain (even though they would anyway…UNIONS).

    Actually I’d cut alot of government institutions first. Talk about waste, red tape bureaucracy and redundancy!

  • notalone

    All these governors have such a huge economic challenge. If anyone can do it John certainly can. Great honest leader with integrity.