Obama award for ‘deep commitment’ to transparency postponed

The White House postponed an event scheduled for Wednesday afternoon where President Obama was supposed to receive an award for a commitment to transparency due to unspecified “changes to the president’s schedule.”

The award was to be presented by organizers of the Freedom of Information Day conference in conjunction with “Sunshine Week” for the president’s “deep commitment to an open and transparent government—of, by, and for the people.”

The Associated Press reported this week that despite pledges of increased transparency, the Obama administration last year responded to fewer Freedom of Information Act requests than the year before.

In 2010 there were 544,360 requests filed at the 35 largest government agencies. The AP reported that the administration “refused to release any sought-after materials in more than 1-in-3 information requests.”

The Obama administration has developed a reputation for ruthlessly prosecuting whistleblowers for leaks to the press. The heavy-handed approach has prompted concern about a “chilling effect” that could discourage future government transparency.

  • truebearing

    The International Freedom Foundation has temporarily postponed the ceremony for Muammar Khaddfi’s award for Democratic Exceptionalism. The new date will be announced after he is done annhilating all of the freedom seeking rebels.

    In related news, Obama is considered to be an overwhelming front runner for the Best Impersonation of a Deranged Jack-O-Lantern award, given annually by the Sociopathic Pumpkin Society (a leftist think tank).

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  • leilani

    In other news, Charlie Sheen’s award from the Mental Health Foundation for his work promoting the emotional benefits of a sober & stable lifestyle has also been temporarily postponed.

  • jeronimodan

    Obama is a cover up artist and a crook, but their going to give him a transparency award? Might as well give Micheal an award for truth telling!

  • centexan

    Can’t accept the transparency award because of an “unspecified” schedule change? That’s funny as hell.

  • legacyboy

    I “transparency” means “I can see right through you, Mr. President,” Then yes, he deserves this award…

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