Sarah Palin goes to Israel to boost foreign policy creds

In an effort to hone her foreign policy, Sarah Palin will be visiting Israel next week and while she’s at it, sitting down with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The two-day trip will be the former Alaska governor’s first to the country, and will follow a visit to New Delhi where she will give a speech at a conference of Indian business leaders and politicians.

Palin is the third potential 2012 presidential candidate to visit Israel in recent months. Both Mitt Romney and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour have visited since the beginning of the year.

Palin’s foreign policy expertise was highlighted during the 2008 presidential campaign when she ran on John McCain’s ticket as his vice president.

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  • imtheoz

    Good luck Sarah…but I really thing it will take more than a trip to Israel to get her up to speed. Wasn’t it bad enough when she was just a national embarrassment? Do we really need to turn this into an international embarrassment?

  • Jeugenen

    Israel and its supporting NeoCon/NeoLib Israelist Diaspora dearly love America – like blood sucking leeches love a bare foot boy.

    • virginiagentleman

      You are one SICK puppy, Jeugenen of M A. NAZI!!!

  • esby

    I welcome the first debate with Huntsman and Palin.

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  • rockon53

    This, I have to see Sarah Palin is most likely on a mission of misinformation. Of course she’ll come back with the talking points from AI PAC without AI PAC support NO Congressman, Sen., our President has ever won office. The truth is last week a group of foreign Zionists from New York City has stated they will build 600 houses on Palestinian land. Now let’s see if you are a Arab would Israel be on your shit list. This is the major reason why we are so disliked in this part of the world and most the weapons that kill Arabs are made in America or sold by America. I like to see Sarah Palin says on this paradox. But Palin should find herself in good company. Obama has run away from this issue a little more over three weeks ago. He has changed his position to a pro-Israel position but very little attention was given to this in the media. Perhaps Palin can clear this misconception up and educate her fellow teabag friends.

  • FoxNewsForever

    Mazel Tov Sarah – YOU are the Best and BRIGHTEST star the GOP has ever had!

    • letsbehonest

      I agree 100%! Sarah Palin is the best and brightest the GOP has to offer.

      Now, if I could just stop laughing.

  • Jeugenen

    Does Palin, indoctrinated by Fox News NeoCons, now support the NeoCon/NeoLib cabal treasonously serving the aid extorting, president assassinating, and warmongering People of Israel? Does she support Israel’s 60 years of robbing and massacring Palestinians, warmongering against Arab and Iranian neighbors, and extorting economic and military aid from the Americans? Does she support the NeoCon/NeoLib role in instigating and sustaining the illegal and catastrophically ruinous war against Iraq, which caused the deaths of many thousands of Americans, British, Europeans, and Iraqi citizens for sole benefit of the of Israel?

    • thephranc

      Iraq war wasn’t illegal. You are a liar.

    • ladylove

      please tell us all

      when is Obama going to stop showing how weak he is, why do you think Libya is in the crisis they are right now, because Obama makes threats, and then does nothing, well he plays golf, picks his March Madness picks, parties, plans a vacation…

      at least Sarah is trying to learn things, Obama hasn’t got a clue, never did and never will.

      and where is your anger at Romney and Barbour, as they both have visited there.

    • Watchdog826

      If Palestinians would lay down their weapons there would be no more fighting, but if Israel lays down their weapons there will be no more Israel, so who is to blame here for all the deaths?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deron-Reid/1029130975 Deron Reid

        things like logic – cause and effect – set theory – are lost on progressives.

  • RUexperienced

    Shouldn’t Palin have started to boost her foreign policy credentials two years ago?

    I have heard of cramming for a high school test. But it is hard to fathom that someone does the same thing in their quest for the Presidency.

    • philo

      Yeah. How soon we forget the Obama Express foreign policy experience gaining whirlwind tour of 2008.

    • ladylove

      please inform us all, when will Obama begin cramming to boost his own knowledge on foreign affairs.

      and bowing to a Muslim King and calling him my man, does not count.

      here we are two years into his Presidency, and he still does not have a single clue.

      • alpha_male

        When will Obama begin cramming to boost his knowledge on foreign affairs — When will he begin cramming on domestic affairs, he still thinks he going to run for re-election of the 57 states!!!

  • californiacitizen

    Godspeed Sarah.