Will Sarah Palin run for Arizona’s open Senate seat?

Earlier this year, we were critical of Sarah Palin’s 2012 presidential aspirations. Still, we think there is certainly a place for her on the ticket next year. It is just not where most of you might expect.

According to The Arizona Republic, Palin could be contemplating a run for the open seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Jon Kyl in the Grand Canyon State.

While this is only a rumor at this stage, and it is probably being pushed by Arizona Democrats who are looking to increase their party’s war chest, we believe it has legs.

This is a path well blazed by nationally renowned politicians with senatorial ambitions, and it is quite common for folks to relocate to Arizona to start over. Assuming Palin can meet the residency requirements, the Southwest might be fertile ground for her brand of politics.

Given the frontier nature of the Arizona electorate (family values, ardent supporters of the Second Amendment, Protestant leanings), Palin’s fundraising abilities, and her charisma on the stump, Palin will certainly have advantages in the GOP nomination race. Representative Jeff Flake is the only Republican who has officially declared for the 2012 race, but several other names have been floated including Congressman Trent Franks and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth.

To be honest, Palin can defeat all three potential rivals if she is able to develop a coherent campaign message that appeals to a broad slice of Arizona’s relatively conservative electorate. Fortunately for Flake and company, a recent statewide poll indicates this won’t necessarily be an easy task for Palin as her unfavorables in Arizona are quite high. But never underestimate Mrs. Palin, because with Sarah, trust us, anything is possible.

For those who think we’ve completely lost our minds, there is a strategic benefit to the GOP to having Palin on the 2012 ballot in Arizona.

Team Obama wants to expand the list of 2012 presidential battleground states, and the Grand Canyon State is clearly in their sights. Right now Arizona is in GOP hands, and the Obama folks are wise enough to know that if the eventual Republican presidential nominee has to backtrack and campaign on a regular basis in Arizona, then President Obama improves his re-election odds.

If Palin is able to secure the GOP nomination for Senate, her candidacy could be a game changer, because she would give Team Obama fits in the Grand Canyon State or even push them to drop it off their list of potential conquest states.

According to political prognosticator Larry Sabato, the Arizona Senate race currently “Leans Republican.” Unfortunately, there is a wildcard in this scenario. If Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords happens to jump into the Arizona Senate race, then all bets would be off and Palin would be better served by focusing her attention elsewhere in 2012.

Ford O’Connell and Steve Pearson are co-founders of CivicForumPAC and advisors to conservative candidates on Internet outreach, communications and campaign strategy.

  • virginiagentleman

    O’Connell and Pearson; are you boys smokin’ that wacky tobaccy again? Two normally astute brains come up with this sort of drivel? Slow news day?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Kumar/680165581 Jonathan Kumar

    Except for resigning as Governor of Alaska. She did that without a specific reason.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-Legakis/100000817085189 Greg Legakis

      Regarding Palin stepping down as governor, those who have questions about that should at least try to educate themselves as to her reasons. Palin was besieged with bogus “ethics” complaints. In AK the governor has to spend his or her own money defending him or herself. At the time she stepped down Palin had racked up about $600,000 in legal bills. The aim of these complaints, all of them dismissed by the way, was to bankrupt her and her family. Besides that, her administration had practically ground to a halt as it spent more time dealing with these bogus complaints. By stepping down, Palin saved the state of AK money, saved herself money, and got the government in AK running again.

      If Palin had not stepped down, and spent the last 1.5 years of her administration battling bogus complaints, not getting anything accomplished, and cosing the state of AK money, she would have been accused of not having the best interests of the state at heart.
      February 13, 2011 1:00 AM
      Raffy said…

      From chapter five in “Going Rogue”:

      I was charged with accepting “bribes” of chocolates and a kids’ hockey stick when I gave a speech at a charity event in Indiana. I was charged with holding a fish in a photo for a state fishing pamphlet. I was served with a complaint filed under the name of a fake British soap opera character. I was charged with conducting an interview with a national media figure in my state office. I was charged with answering reporters’ questions in the lobby of my state office the day I returned to work and found a herd of reporters congregated near the doorway to my office. As I tried to make my way through, I stopped to answer questions-and got slapped with an ethics accusation.

  • snowsoul

    Oh please no. She seems nice, I don’t know anything I disagree with her on, but I don’t want a carpetbagger here. John McCain, I can’t even vote for that liar, I don’t want another Senator I won’t vote for.

  • Snake-Eyes

    But she is “all about Alaska” I thought…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark


    she never gave any indication of running for senate in arizona. people are making this up out of nowhere. she never mentioned it!!! obviously she is running for president.

  • Darrela60

    I wouldn’t put it past the Palins to hedge their bets on which state they want to live in. Arizona has better weather, easier to travel to, and let’s face it… the Alaskan people are the ones that wrote in Murkowski – electing her Senetor knowing full well that the (R) next to her name was purely symbolic. It might as well be an (I) and she can caucus with the Dems like the other indipedents. Who can blame Palin from doing what many Americans do when they are tired of the poor policies of their home state – they vote with their feet.

  • jon.m

    Welcome to Arizona, Mrs. Palin!

  • notalone

    The only fits she is going to give anybody is Arizonans – would not surprise us one bit since bristol supposedly bought a house for herself and maybe she did buy it just for herself alone but palin never does anything without a specific reason. hey sarah – stay away from here.

    • memomachine


      “but palin never does anything without a specific reason”


      How many times in your life have you made major changes to your lifestyle “without a specific reason”? Would you just come home one day and decide today is the day you move to …. somewhere? Throw a dart at a map and hope you don’t hit the highlands of Vietnam? A border town in Mexico?

      I’ve always found accusations that someone “never does anything without a specific reason” to be frankly beyond silly. I hope nobody ever does anything without a specific reason. I suggest the alternative is insanity.