Utah bucks conservative trend on illegal immigration

President Obama’s aides were flabbergasted. Here was Mark Shurtleff, the conservative Republican attorney general of deeply red Utah, explaining how he and other GOP officials had approved a statewide version of the immigration measures that the president and his progressive allies have long sought.

“You sued us on healthcare,” Shurtleff recalls the aides saying during his meeting in Washington this month. “How is it you did something differently on immigration?”

The answer lies in how Utah expresses its conservative values — particularly the importance placed on family and business — and the influence of the Mormon Church.

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  • Tess_Comments

    It is time for the US Federal Government to Aggressively Enforce the Current US Immigration Laws throughout the USA.

    Yes to Legal Immigration according to Current US Immigration Laws.
    NO to any form of Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants that are in the USA.
    No to work visas for illegal Immigrants.
    Yes to Deporting Illegal Immigrants that wind-up in court for any reason.

    • Ledger

      We must prosecute everyone who violates the law and then deport the illegal aliens. Otherwise, people will commit robberies, murders, and child rapes in the border states only to be sent back to their home country. They will immediately come back illegally and commit the same crimes again. There will be no consequence for illegal behavior at all.

      A better plan is to withhold all foreign aid to the countries that are allowing and promoting illegal immigration and divert that money to the states to pay for the costs of prosecuting and incarcerating these criminals. Since Congress holds the purse strings, it may also be a way to force the administration into enforcing our laws. Oh, I forgot. Under the Holder administration, laws are only enforced against Caucasians.

  • teapartypatriot

    “…with a guest worker program for illegal immigrants”

    Thank goodness they didn’t do something that will ENCOURAGE EVEN MORE MASSIVE IMMIGRATION FROM ILLEGALS!

    Has anybody checked Utah politicians for “charlie sheen disease”?

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  • Raycheetah

    Let’s see how well Utah fares in the long term after this. Meanwhile, they can have all MY state’s illegal aliens. ='[.]’=

    • Jess81

      They don’t WANT any Catholic illegals. They want Mormons only. My niece married a man from Mexico when she attended BYU. They have two children. A couple of months ago, I asked my brother if he had gotten his citizenship. My brother said something like, “Not yet. He just hasn’t gotten around to it.” He probably qualifies since he married a US citizen, but there are a lot of wealthy (that’s an important ingredient to the Mormon Church since it collects 10% of incomes BEFORE taxes). Missionaries to South and Central American countries have been told to only convert wealthy people.

      I am not surprised.

  • spike1120

    Maybe 160K out of 2.8 million. It’s cold in Utah.

  • dallas yankee

    It will be interesting to see which side Romney will be on

  • thephranc

    Obama and Holder will sue Utah for violating federal law right?