Herman Cain: I ‘resent’ Muslims who try to convert Americans

Republican presidential contender Herman Cain said in an interview Monday that he “resent[s]” Muslims who try to convert Americans to Islam, and that the religion has “an objective to convert all infidels or kill them.”

“The role of Muslims in America is not to convert the rest of us to the Muslim religion. That I resent,” Cain said in an interview with Christianity Today. “I push back and reject them trying to convert the rest of us. And based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them.”

Cain qualified his comments by saying that there were “some peaceful Muslims” but that Americans “can’t sit back and tolerate the radical ones simply because we know that there are some of them who don’t believe in that aspect of the Muslim religion.”

Cain, who is a former businessman and an ordained minister, was the first potential Republican candidate to announce he was launching an exploratory committee to run for president against Barack Obama in 2012.

In an interview with TheDC, Cain’s spokesman said that his comments about converting Americans to Islam were referring to what Cain’s sees as the threat of Muslims spreading Sharia, or Islamic law, in America.

“What he was referring to was Sharia law,” Cain’s Communication Director Ellen Carmichael told TheDC. “I think the statement speaks for itself. I would take it for what it is.”

On Cain’s comments about Islam offering a choice between converting or killing unbelievers, Carmichael said: “I’m pretty sure that’s a common understanding.”

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  • captaingrumpy

    I want all the Christian churches in America to tell their flock that”all Muslims must convert to Christianity or be killed”.
    If they are arrested then surely the courts would find the Koran does the same and therefore ban it from the US.

  • Realist4U

    Multiculturalism does NOT work…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ross-Thomas/1034602354 Ross Thomas

    Gee, I can’t remember the last time a Muslim came to my door proselytizing about Islam. Any number of Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses have. And I’ve met countless number of Christian fundamentalists who have wanted to talk to me about Jesus. But no Muslim has ever sought to convert me. Cain’s a pandering goof ball.

    • jonavark

      Oh.. another idiot who can’t count. No muslims at your door? How about Aliens? Or Vampires? There are probably as many of them as there are muslims where you are. Just like the other poster.. go live in a muslim country and try to be what you are here.. then get back to us.

      What a silly bunch of ignorant fools you are on the left. Ignorant by choice.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ross-Thomas/1034602354 Ross Thomas

        I live in Chicago. There’s a huge Muslim population both in the city and suburbs. Has anyone ever tried to convert you to Islam? Answer the question instead of hooting and hollering about vampires and aliens.

        • jonavark

          So.. you live in a muslim neighborhood ?

          Before you answer that.. just do a little research. You’ll find out how small the US muslim population is and how silly the point you are trying to make is.

          Truth is, you don’t live near enough muslims to experience anything even remotely related to your point.

        • jonavark

          As to whether anyone has tried to convert me to anything, they only convert the weak.

          • rosjan

            The point of the article is that Cain “resents” Muslims attempting to convert Christians in the U.S. As for where I live, in 2006 it was estimated that 400,000 Muslim live in and around Chicago. Ironically, there is a story in today’s Chicago Tribune about the county board for DuPage County, a predominantly conservative Republican area and home to the district of former House Speaker Denny Hastert, okaying the building of a new mosque. Why don’t you just admit it, you hate Muslims (and I suspect a number of other group who are different than you).

          • jonavark

            oh.. that’s as much of a leap as the other idiot made. Since you appear to be blinded by hate yourself I will explain it to you.

            A poster said he had never been approached by a muslim to be converted. I pointed out that was irrelevant because it is unlikely that he actually is near enough muslims for that to be a relevant statement.

            I actually never concluded that muslims attempt to ‘convert’ anyone. Eliminate, yes. Convert.. not so sure about that.

            Now.. on to your poor comprehension. Why don’t you admit it. You hate non-muslims?

            See how much fun that game can be?

            400,000 muslims in Chicago? That’s around 5% of the local population. Right? So thanks for making my point for me and failing to make yours.

            As soon as I see muslims rising up against the radical element.. well.. I won’t hold my breath. It is a ‘religion’ after all.