Newt Gingrich to screen Pope John Paul II documentary in Milwaukee

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will be in Milwaukee this month to screen a documentary he put together with his wife about Pope John Paul II’s role in ending communism, reports the Associated Press.

Gingrich and wife Callista produced the documentary, which is called “Nine Days that Changed the World.” The movie follows the Pope’s first trip to his homeland of Poland after being elected pontiff. The documentary explores the effect the visit had on Poland’s anti-communist opposition.

Gingrich converted to Catholicism in 2009. He formerly identified as Baptist.

The free screening will take place at Marquette University on March 29. Gingrich and his spouse will also make a presentation and there will be a book and DVD signing.

  • snappercat

    Begone Newt – and please take Callista with you.

  • CK4RP

    Who cares? Newt has already been outed as a person with a huge moral deficit who most of us wish would go away and stop bugging us.

  • JoeJ

    John Paul is rolling over in his grave disgusted with this politician using his good name to make money and gain power.

    Gingrich is now a vulgar nuisance.

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  • UncleDon

    GO AWAY, NEWT!!! You’re over and you’ll just be another John McCain if you run. Again…..GO AWAY……