Allen West agrees to debate CAIR supporter

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Tuesday evening, a supporter of CAIR (notably wearing a “co-exist” t-shirt) began to question West’s knowledge about the Koran, and then proceeded to challenge West to a public debate.

Any chance you think that Congressman West was going to pass up on this opportunity?

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  • http://twitter.com/CommieJuice CommieJuice

    Congressman West has been an amazing man long before he earned the title Congressman. What this drone who is asking him questions doesn’t seem to understand is that Congressman West is a real leader in all matter of the term, a chess player, he will always be at least a few plays a head, he is not someone who loses at anything to anyone who isn’t exceptional. Congressman West, we would love to see you expose this sycophant cockroach to the light!

  • MerryJ1

    How on earth can those on the left who have dismissed and demonized TEA Partiers and most conservatives — or anyone who opposes Obama’s policies for that matter — as “racists,” repeat that lie with straight faces in light of the obvious: Two of the most popular and strongly-endorsed Conservative political figures in terms of the 2012 WH run, are Allen West and Herman Cain?

  • sanderson13

    That was really fantastic. Go West!

  • ER5150

    Mr. West for President, PLEASE!!! This country needs a man like him.

    • Huskerbob

      I concur. Or as my kid says, No Duh!

    • Huskerbob

      I just had a thought. Are you sure we are allowed to vote for him should he run for President? He is black you know. Don’t we hate the black people? That’s what I heard. I’m just saying………

      • quebecois

        A very good and simple way to show the people on the other side that it is the content of someone’s character and NOT the color of someone’s skin that matters to most of us. I’ve said this a million times since BO was elected, he was elected because of the color of his skin, not the content of his character.
        BO does not have any content that I would consider “American” character.

        • HoosYoDaddy

          You are just stating the facts. 90% of blacks are still in denial, and still back The Divider in Chief, who never could have been elected without the help of misguided, shame-ridden whites. Upwards of 97% voted for Barry and would do it again, blinded by color, and regardless of his countless, non-stop policy disasters. “Racist” white patriots, his “enemies”, have never voted in those numbers, soley based on color, for anyone. We The People could care less that Barry is (half) black, it is his socialist, post and anti-American policies that we detest!

          Barry is,in fact, a poverty-pimping, race-baiting, class-warfare inciting failure…and ironically, the worst thing to ever happen to minorities; unemployment and poverty are at an all-time high for blacks. Their only hope to change that, is to vote conservative in 2012!

  • virginiagentleman

    Bust him up good Mr. West! He’s way out of his league debating you!

    • Drahcir

      Well said!

      I wonder if this CAIR person is going to tell the others(in this group) that he tried and failed to debate Mr.A.West.

  • Huskerbob

    I wonder what a floor that has been mopped with a CAIR representative by a retired Army Lt. Colonel looks like? I bet it will shine!

  • jjsmithers

    Whiny CAIR punk rattles off a list cherry-picked sentences from the Koran in typical lefty arguing style.

    West quickly demolishes whiny CAIR punk with the truth.

    That was fun. But it is way past time for the media to stop treating CAIR as though it is a respectable organization.

  • notalone

    Since they are a bunch of chickens I am sure this will not happen but I know when Rep West says he will do something you can rest assured he means it. He would mop the floor with them. We need this Man/Leader in the whitehouse.

  • oceana

    Rep. Allen West is, beyond NO doubt, the most impressive man on the political horizon.
    His historical, world knowledge, command of the Constitution, common sense logic,
    genuine love for America, the military and her allies is unmatched.

    His conviction and character outshine all others….with grace, temperament and class.

    Smart, savvy, measured-
    a true American patriot,
    he is more presidential and better prepared, than ANYONE else on the scene.

    Rep. West belongs & deserves to be in the White House
    and our beloved America deserves LEADERSHIP from a man, capable of the job.

  • LibertySupreme

    Mr. West can simply assume the stage, tap the mic and express that he understands the Koran starts and finishes with the “prophecies” of a child rapist. He can then close his manilla folder, and walk off stage.

    Case closed.