Armed Beauty Queen fatally shoots intruder in Florida home invasion

When a burly ex-convict forced his way into a posh Florida home last week, he had no idea what awaited him — a 25-year-old beauty queen with a pink .38-caliber handgun.

Meghan Brown, a former Florida pageant queen, shot and killed 42-year-old Albert Franklin Hill during a home invasion March 12 at the 2,732-square-foot house she shares with her fiance in Tierra Verde, Fla.

Hill barged into the home at around 3 a.m. after Brown responded to a knock at the front door, according to a police report. He allegedly grabbed the 110-pound Brown around her nose and mouth and dragged her to an upstairs bedroom.

Full story: Armed Beauty Queen Fatally Shoots Intruder in Florida Home Invasion –

  • clw

    …another happy ending. >sigh< :)

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      I just love to see you happy!

      • truebearing

        I would suffer the torments of hell just to see you smile…if only for a fleeting moment!

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            Maybe I should become a polygamist. Possibly the first I’ve heard of one woman with more than one man? There is probably a down-side, but I sure can’t think of one right now. 😉

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            Polyandry does exist in Tibet, but would entail us moving into a commie red zone. I fear we three would stand out. I do believe Sir True would meet me on a field of your choosing and hack or blast it out, if thy lady desires. Of course, one of us would not be back for dinner. Possibly both, if our aims are as true as our words.

            Hmm, this is a quandry, all at odds over polyandry,

            Two gallants must fight, for a queen whose voice of lofty right,

            Has moved them to engage for treasure, or share the gentle hand,their pleasure?

            To be determined in a later cage, the fate of men doth play out on stage.

          • clw

            You leave me speechless! What beautiful words!

            Polyandry, hm? You’ve educated me. :)

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            …yet more elegant prose. You make me weak!

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            Another guy, Tommy, may be showing up soon. He might be interested. Then we be talking Ferrari.

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            Actually you make a good point about the income and sharing “responsibilities”, but right now I’m caught up in the whole chivalry thing, in spite of that little reply button problem. Ferraris you say?)

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            Aye, then harden your steel and sharpen thy lance,

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            Two foes will tilt and gallop toward doom,

            Only accord will hear 599’s roar zoom!

          • clw

            I couldn’t bear to see either of you hurt. I’m leaning toward Tibet.

          • toomuchinfo

            As you wish! Sweet bride to be! (Though I pray we share no more than three)

            For me it is not all gloom and doom, for True will make a clever groom,

            And keep us laughing, as we imbibe fine port, His fingers forgetting where to

            Walk for sport!

          • truebearing

            Malign you not, my fingers deft and strong! They know which fret to play to free ecstatic song!

            CL, I know a cave to hide in, with room for you and me, while Chinese troops chase TM, in his shiny Ferrari.

          • toomuchinfo

            Only Mon-Thurs. I need the girl on the weekends.

          • clw

            TB and TMI, your posts are the BEST! I love them! They are hilarious!!

            Let me know when you’re finished mapping out my future… :)

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            My son said he found TB and TMI:


            LOL!! : )

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            M’lady,if I my boldly suggest, methinks TB and I see it more like this:


            And although I have been compared favorably to Dino in looks, my voice is more Cash like. My “Ring of Fire” is frequently requested at parties and banquets.

            Until our time is blessed upon us once again, dearest Queen,

            I remain humbly and forever,

            Your Man of Too Mucha

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            @ Too Mucha:

            Epic! Love it. Hard to beat that.

            Dean Martin is my man… so smooth.

            But you really ARE ‘Too Mucha’!!

          • toomuchinfo

            Sweet Lady Cee,

            Your gentle, tender thoughts are received as sunshine on a cold and wind worn cheek. They shall sustain me through these bleak days that are upon us, as I forge ahead, bent but stubborn, and resolute. I send back warm wishes and thanks from better times. I believe this film vidiography contains at least two of your favorites.


            My regards and adieu,

            2 Mucho

          • clw

            Aw! What a great clip! I hope TB saw it too, it’s great! I didn’t even know they roasted Reagan! And thanks for the kind words… 😉

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    This story will NOT be on the “CBS Evening News with Katy Couric”! Nor NBC or ABC.

  • jmk1502

    And that dirty commie socialist Obama wants to strip our Second Amendment rights. Just can’t cite any evidence to support this theory.. But who needs facts, when you’re a right-winger!

    • truebearing

      Who needs a functioning brain when you’re a left winger? Look how much drivel you’ve managed with only a brain stem.