Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon criticizes Obama

During an interview with NBC News’s Brian Williams, NBC’s Late Night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon began criticizing the president for neglecting his presidential duties.

“Come on!” said Fallon, “What is going down, he’s making NCAA, doing his brackets on ESPN, I mean who’s advising him?”

His political rant was sparked by Obama’s recent trip to Brazil. “It feels like, to me,” he said, “that Obama is playing soccer in Rio with kids and Hillary Clinton seems to be really stepping up, almost like she’s being very presidential, I feel like. Isn’t it weird?”

Williams said he was surprised at Fallon’s “political ‘tude,” noting that he’s never heard Fallon enter political territory before.

Williams did defend the president, though, arguing that “the machinery of the presidency comes with the president” when he travels, so he can afford to make trips like the one he made to Brazil.

Fallon, however, still disagreed. He said he understands the difficulties of the job, and always supports the president, but still felt like the White House wasn’t enough of a presence during crisis. “I feel like I want to hear from him,” said Fallon.

  • robjh1

    Short and simple Fallon isn’t a political pundit or a journalist but recognizes and opportunity to weigh into the fray. Williams on the other hand has become so “pop culturist” that he is not believable giving the news. That all said, the President was very calculating to not cancel his trip to Rio during the Libya ordeal. He knew had he stayed behind journos would have hounded him on what he was doing the White House. Planning war? Or not planning at all. Leaving the country gave him the opportunity to somewhat change the subject and it did.

  • mckeestown

    I still don’t know how traveling around the world creates jobs in America.

  • mcgirv

    Fallon is no dummy!

    • jeronimodan

      No, but Williams is…

  • citiman

    wouldn’t you have clinton making decisions rather then boywonder obuma?
    let him play all the golf, soccer, basketball he wants. the country is better off without this destroyer of America at the helm.

    • Klejdys

      Actually, there was a little hope that at least Obama would cure the foreign policy excesses of the previous administration. However, it is becoming clear that he took the (bad) advice of the Pentagon over doing what was right. That being said (and as awful as he is), I’d rather have his disinterested speechifying than Hillary’s sub-par management skills (1994 HC Reform, her own failed campaign) and big government do-gooderism. She’s an abortion of government morass and activism that would prove as equally repugnant as Obama’s head in the sand governing.

  • partymanrandy

    It’s hip to make fun of Fallon, but I think he’s very underrated. And he actually makes fun of both political parties, it’s weird.