Media Matters developing ‘opposition research’ on Fox, has list of ‘every single person’ at network

Politico published an eye-opening report on Saturday by Ben Smith about “Media Matters’ war against Fox.” Smith wrote that the organization continues to transform itself into an exclusively Fox News-battling group.

Media Matters founder David Brock told Politico that his organization’s activism has developed into a “war on Fox.” This strategy includes extensive work to compile intelligence on the employees of the cable news channel.

“We made a list of every single person who works for Fox and tried to figure out who might be disgruntled and why, and we went out to try to meet them,” Media Matters executive vice president Ari Rabin-Havt told Politico. “Somebody in that organization is giving us primary source documents.”

Rabin-Havt also told Politico that Media Matters was compiling “opposition research” files on “mid- and senior-level execs and producers.”

“Criticizing Fox News has nothing to do with criticizing the press,” read a 2010 memo by Brock that was acquired by Politico. “Fox News is not a news organization. It is the de facto leader of the GOP, and it is long past time that it is treated as such by the media, elected officials and the public.”

Brock was formerly a conservative journalist. In 1993 he wrote an award-winning investigation for The American Spectator about Bill Clinton’s sex life as governor of Arkansas. In 2004 Brock founded Media Matters after expressing regret for his past as a conservative journalist.

  • Qbanqt59

    I find it extremely troubling that an organization, such as Media Matters, who is partially funded by a socialist foreigner (Soros), whose claim to fame is fattening his pockets by collapsing currencies (he was found guilty in his own country of Hungary for his attempt at collapsing the currency there, and then he attempted the same thing in the UK), is paying Media Matters millions of dollars to essentially stifle the First Amendment rights of Fox News, or for that matter, the First Amendment rights of everyone Soros opposes. But what I find even more troubling is that Soros has visited the Obama White House 12 times (and these are the recorded times…no doubt Obama has met with this man in secret as well). People, there is something very sinister happening in this country, and it’s very frightening to me–my parents fled a communist regime–I have a reason for my concerns. Media Matters’ attempt at stifling Fox News is no different than the Chinese, the North Koreans, Castro and Chavez controlling the message the people hear. If you control the message, you control the masses. Remember Pravda and Tass? I have a feeling that something wicked this way comes. If we don’t stand for preserving the Constitution and everything that this country stands for, we are doomed. If you think the first four years of Obama has been a nightmare, just imagine his next four years, when he does not have to pander for the centrist vote. As we all know, Obama already tried to ban a Fox News correspondent from the White House pool of reporters. What does that tell you about the mindset of our President and how he stands on the First Amendment? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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  • southernandproud

    Media Matters should take the pacifier out of their mouths and grow up. This could come back to bite them big time. They are just bullies who are crying in their milk and plotting to get even.

  • sunnyr

    Isn’t there something creepy and gangster-like about doing opposition research on every single employee at Fox News? RICO and STALKING comes to mind. I am sure Fox’s army of Lawyers will investigate this thoroughly and take the appropriate action against the Useful Idiots at Media Maggots. These little creeps are biting off more than they can chew. The White House tried the same trick and it went NO WHERE but down the tube. Furthermore they are violating their tax free status and that will be investigated also.

  • sunnyr

    Media Maggots need to watch their step. They can also be held under a strong light and every detail of their lives can be scrutinized and published. That goes for the 80 or 90 Useful Idiots they employ for opposition research and blogging. Two can play that game. These impotent little creeps must be paralyzed by the success of Fox News. They can’t compete so they will try to destroy their competion. Effing Nazi’s!! The old man is on his last leg and hopefully will soon be greeting Karl Marx in Hell. There will be dancing in the streets on the day of his demise. Communist Crudball!

  • Jess81

    Two Words: Law Suits

    They can be personal law suits; they can be under the business espionage law; they can be one of those suits that can make a law enforcement or the IRS enforce the law (can’t remember what that’s called).

    Remember the Tea Party get together last summer? The one the main stream media says had 60,000 people, but those who were there know it was closer to 300,000? Media Matters had better be prepared for what will happen if they try to take away the First Amendment. Unlike the masses in the Middle East, we won’t take kindly to it.

  • Bobby Levit

    What a sick f–k

  • chuckh

    The long and short of the attempts to silence Fox is that Fox is most in tune with main street than any other news organization. I have never heard anyone on Fox, or for that matter anyone on the right, call to silence MSNBC.

    The viewers decide (still) what they want to watch, not George Soros, Van Jones or Bill Maher. In a free society, FOX wins and they lose.