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Lee Stranahan looks at Media Matters’ deceptive editing

Every time James O’Keefe embarrasses another liberal institution by documenting their behavior, the left whines about how his videos are “deceptively edited.” It never gets them anywhere, but they keep whining because… well, what else are they going to do?

Now, here’s some actual deceptive editing:

YouTube Preview Image

This Sammon “exposé” of theirs is adorable. Soros is really getting his money’s worth. Hey, I heard Sean Hannity ordered a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, but then changed his order to ham & cheese. Run along and expose his lie, Media Matters!

P.S. I wonder, was this Sammon hatchet job done by the “Puppet Masters” or the “Ministry of Truth”?

P.P.S. Stranahan has more at his blog.

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  • motionview

    The last honest liberal. Make some room Mickey K, there’s a new shunnee* in town

    A made up word, one who is being shunned: Shunning is the act of social rejection, … often associated with religious groups and other tightly knit organizations and communities. Targets of shunning can include, but are not limited to, apostates, whistleblowers, dissidents, people classified as “sinners” or “traitors” and other people who defy or who fail to comply with the standards established by the shunning group(s).

    • stoopdavydave

      Back in the day, or so it seemed at the time, the term “liberal” meant EXACTLY the kind of thinking that Kaus and Stranahan do. It chaps me, is all, how that term has gotten hijacked. The rightful owners of the term “liberal” were ALL ABOUT freedom of speech; these “progressive” piss-ant usurpers are all about shutting up everybody else.
      So, anyway, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully he’s not “the last honest liberal.” Hopefully some of his cohorts will, in some way, catch a clue from him.
      Or so I hope.

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  • csm53

    I think that if Media Matters continues on its’ historic level of work, no one has anything to worry about. Unless, of course, Mr. Soros finally cares how his money is spent.