Sen. Jim Inhofe: Obama can’t veto legislation blocking EPA regulations

As of Wednesday night, a vote may finally be in sight for an amendment that would revoke the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. After days of back and forth over scheduling, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid signaled late Wednesday that a vote is tentatively set for Thursday afternoon.

The amendment, offered by Minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is based off legislation authored by Republican Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma. It is part of a group of highly contentious amendments attached to a small business bill that have kept Democrats from bringing it to the floor for a vote.

Other than McConnell’s, the other two amendments, offered by Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska, would do away with a tax credit for ethanol farmers and repeal the 1099 reporting rule for small business, respectively.

“I am concerned about this,” Inhofe told The Daily Caller in an interview when discussing the ever changing vote schedule.

But according to Inhofe, the reason the EPA amendment hasn’t come up for a vote yet is because Democrats are concerned about what it could do to their re-election chances in 2012.

“The main reason they don’t want a vote on this is because they have 23 Democratic senators coming up for re-election,” he told TheDC. “That would be a huge hit for them.”

Even if Inhofe gets his vote, however, how President Obama would respond should an amendment stripping the EPA’s power to regulate carbon dioxide is anyone’s guess. Senior White House officials have reportedly warned of a veto, but in public, Obama has been silent on the issue.

In his speech at Georgetown University Wednesday on securing America’s energy future, the president was noticeably silent on the battle across town on whether the EPA has the authority to regulate greenhouse gases. The silence angered some environmental groups, and prompted Damon Moglen of Friends of the Earth to issue a statement Obama for “going AWOL on a crucial fight over the Clean Air Act.”

And earlier this week, nearly 20 Senate Democrats sent a letter to Obama calling on him not to agree to any spending legislation that undermines EPA regulations.

“Our nation is facing tough economic times, but though times call for intelligent decision-making and wisdom, not reckless cuts that will do more harm than good – cuts that will lead to illness and premature death,” said the letter.

But according to Inhofe, the president is in a political bind with the provision. “It’s an amendment on a bill he would hard time vetoing,” he said, referring to the small business bill the amendment is attached to. Moreover, Obama himself falls into the camp of those up for re-election in 2012 who are worried about being labeled as Democrats that voted against a measure that would lower gas prices.

“I think the president would use that as an excuse not to veto it,” said Inhofe, Plus, “I’m going to put this on everything that comes along,” he added

  • The Die Hard

    Everyone except other mental defectives know that Inhofe is mentally defective, but really, this takes the stale cake crumbs. What happened to you teabagger-pukelicans demanding “smaller government”? Here’s your boy bad-wig threatening to load a simple standardization with every bit of mildewed pork his staff can come up with, and then blame the failure to pass single simple bills on his own electioneering scam!

    Regulating CO2 emissions is a spit in a tornado, and nobody gives a flying rat’s carcass whether the EPA regulates it or some nut running around in a sheet burns down the neighborhood Monsanto plant as an equally symbolic gesture.

    Real progress will only come when we drag you morons kicking and screaming out of the 17th century, and shove it down your throats that the oil barons have been playing you for the patsies you are since before J.R. Ewing was a mote in an advertiser’s eye.

    How bad does it have to get? Obviously you dimbulbs haven’t been watching the pictures from Japan.

  • Rush Youngberg

    I think in reducing the deficit, we need to start thinking about government programs and agencies, rather than dollars. The dollars will come as a result. Eliminate the EPA. Defeat the new banking regulations. Remove the “stress tests”, which are politically driven. Rollback attempts to unionize the TSA. Eliminate funding for NPR. Stop attemps at “leveling” the playing field in public radio. Remove government subsidies to green enery and ethanol production. Legislate against O’s restraint of giving oil drilling permits. Provide grants to states for border protection. The House generates all legislative bills.

  • angst

    The EPA reminds me a bit of the unions. In the past, both were necessary to prevent terrible abuses but now they’re both trying to justify their existence by squeezing businesses wherever they can. I’m sure both entities have a role to play to protect workers and the environment, but they simply can’t face the fact that their time is largely past and they need to downsize.

    Whenever someone else forces you to do what you should have already done, the results are never as nice as if you’d undertaken the changes yourself. But, people can be very short-sighted that way. Evidently the EPA and the unions are no different than anyone else in that regard.

    • lrgon

      In the beginning “labor unions” were never needed and neither was the EPA. Unions and the EPA are analagous to a cartel and cartelists need labor unions and bureau-rats to push people around.Individuals don’t need either. People cleaning up after themselves is a personal responsibility. Whenever businesses polute the people in America have always had the abililty to use the courts to sue polluters.

      Lobor unions organize workers against workers>http://vimeo.com/21716903

      Angst,don’t allow the collectivists to trap with you with their lies.

  • virginiagentleman

    Just askin'; Have you ever noticed that anytime a bill beloved by either party is about to go down in flames, the pat answer by the other party is,” PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!”, if the bill is altered, or voted down, or,” THE EARTH WILL END/CHANGE AS WE KNOW IT” ? ‘Doom and Gloom’ is about the only answer either party has when they don’t get their way. I’ve watched my two youngest grandchildren ( 4 and 5) have a more mature arguement than I’ve witnessed in this and the previous congress.

  • cja23

    Obama’s policies are just a “DISASTER” for this America and it’s getting worse every day. Now he wants EPA regulations which will kill jobs in this country. How bad does it have to get before we wake up to Obama’s disastrous policies.

  • cja23

    I’m sure Obama and DOJ will come up with something corrupt because that is just his MO. America is in decline and will continue as long as he’s the Commander-in-Thief.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Greg-Baumgartner/100001011683879 Greg Baumgartner

    The worlds oceans are seeing an increase in volcanic activity that is unheard of. When the oceans warm, it changes the patterns of the winds. (Ever hear of El Nina)? The earths core builds up pressure over time, and naturally needs to release it. Thus, Volcanic activity. This is the SINGLE most important aspect of global warming, conveniently ignored by the global warming crowd, as even they are not stupid enough to suggest that we can influence volcanic activity. EVERYONE should know this fact. Those that do, KNOW that man-made global warming is a crock of steaming human waste!

    • johnk144

      “the global warming crowd, as even they are not stupid enough to suggest that we can influence volcanic activity”

      No, they’re stupid enough. When you don’t need facts or truth, believing ANYTHING is quite easy.

      • The Die Hard

        Well, you got one thing right — when you’re as stupid as all teabagger-pukelicans, when all facts are against you, when your only resort is to listen to limpdick and parrot faux spewage, it’s pretty easy to just sit back and say “no.”

  • pyeatte

    There is much we do not know about our climate. We do know it is constantly changing. The evidence as to why it changes points to natural processes not human activity. To assume we must have stable climate ignores the facts of past ice-ages and warming spells, including the little ice-age in the 1800s. To ignore solar influeces like sunspot activity is like putting blinders on. Depending on IPCC data which has shown to be subject to manipulation and falsification by political pressures is also like having blinders on. To allow rogue federal agencies like the EPA to operate outside congressional control is stupid beyond belief.

    • angst

      Yes, like the California legislature who adopted greenhouse gas regulations when they absolutely know for a fact that it will have no overall effect. Are they willing to sacrifice California on the altar of ideology alone? Or is it the short-term tax revenue they anticipate? Who knows, but it’s past “beyond stupid” in my book.

  • jmk1502

    That fossil fuel industry-financed forces are continuing their campaign to undermine the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its chief scientists should not distract us from what we know about our climate.

    Two physical findings stand out. In the last 50 years the world ocean has accumulated 22 times as much heat as has the atmosphere (data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce). It is this repository of heat — through processes like evaporation and ocean overturning — that drives the changes in weather we are experiencing: heavier precipitation events, sequences of large storms, bitter cold spells and prolonged droughts in some regions.

    The I.P.C.C. 2007 report also found that winds have changed — specifically circumpolar westerly winds (those blowing from the west) in both hemispheres. This ominous sign means that weather fronts and weather patterns are less stable.

    Our society, security and the health of the global economy depend upon a stable climate. Getting off fossil fuels is the first, necessary step toward achieving climate stabilization.

    • jackbailey

      Guess what…..you liar….I will debate you anytime, any place….you don’t even know why the oceans warmed up….you are ignorant….

      • alpha_male

        He’s not going to know that sitting in him mothers basement!

      • The Die Hard

        YOU are a congenital mental defective, a retard, a marching moron, and you couldn’t win a debate with Reagan’s corpse, who couldn’t win a debate with a plastic potted plant. But maybe it’s not entirely your fault that bushdick’s CIA traitor daddy forced schools to shove retards like you out of third grade when you started playing with yourself on the playground.

    • The_anniebanannie

      Nice work, PLAGIARIST!! As I suspected, when I googled your post, you’ve copied and pasted from Al Gore’s blog. You’re nothing but a copy and paste liar trying to come off as somebody that knows something. Too bad you don’t know anything about plagiarism and ethics.

      • The Die Hard

        Since you clearly can’t even READ, how long did it take you for ‘google’ to find the word “plagiarist”?

        And by the way, it’s TOO BAD that you don’t know ANYTHING AT ALL, period. If there were fewer IDIOTS like you, the country wouldn’t be in the mess that YOU IDIOTS and your never-elected wartime-deserting cocaine-snorting nose-picking drunk got us into.

    • The Die Hard

      Correct, but comparing the salt-water heat sink to the atmosphere is misleading, since the atmosphere is far more dynamic in heat exchange.

      What is undeniable is that both the oceans and the atmosphere have become more volatile with the entrapment of heat energy by human industrial “greenhouse” gases. This you get colder and more violent winters, as well as hotter and more violent summers, as the heat engine energy release swings wider and wilder.

      It is EXTREMELY disappointing that President Obama did not simply end ALL subsidies to the oil companies, who each posted newly-record-shattering profits each quarter under Chickencrapper George Dumbya, and divert that money straight to wind and solar subsidies. As for reducing the deficit, it would help if the oil companies, along with GE, WalMart, banks, etc., were forced to actually PAY THEIR TAXES.

  • thepatriot1791

    I’m really tired of waiting for 2012 to get here. I am experiencing similar road blocks in my home state where our governor is vetoing every decent conservative bill that comes across her desk. I’m from NC.