Cops investigating pig’s foot sent to Rep. Peter King’s office

A Capitol Hill source tells NBC that the Washington D.C. office of Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) was sent a bloody pig’s foot with a note attached that contained anti-Semitic ramblings.

The note referenced King’s controversial hearing last month about Muslim extremism within the United States.

Full Story: First Read – Cops investigating pig’s foot sent to Rep. Peter King’s office

  • Bismarck

    The Progressives are prepetually demanding tolerance, yet never offer any in return. Same old story: see Wisconsin.

  • I_Walk_Alone

    Sen. Durbin should be getting pigs feet sent to him… since he is pro-Islamist (re: terrorist)

  • kaj

    He should return it to sender, which is probably CAIR.

  • oc in nc

    Where is Rahm “deadfish” Emanuel ????
    Sounds like something he would be capable of doing.

  • poest

    Mr. King should have the pig’s foot sent to the proposed site of Cordoba House
    a.k.a. Park 51 in order to contaminate and bar the site from moslimization.

  • lukuj

    Since King is a Republican, this won’t be seen as a serious threat and the lamestream media will more or less ignore it. No screams about civility and violence on the part of Anti-Semites will be heard. Now if something similar had been sent to Durbin who is having the hearings about prejudice against Muslims, it would be in huge headlines on television,papers, the internet and the Tea Party, Republicans, conservatives would be accused and condemned as Islamophobic, violent, using intimidation.

    • TrishaD

      I absolutely agree with you. So many times I feel like I went to sleep in America and woke up in some country I don’t even recognize. The media has been replaced by body snatchers who care nothing for the truth or for traditional reporting of both sides of an issue….main stream media now is just an extension of the Democratic party and are responsible for the demise of this country. I hope they all rot in a very hot place.