Group plans to bring trash to John Boehner’s house during government shutdown

A group of Washington, D.C. residents say they plan to leave their trash at House Speaker John Boehner’s house in the event of a government shutdown, an action their Facebook page says is retribution for the loss of city services a shutdown would cause.

Trash collection in the District of Columbia would be temporarily eliminated if Congress fails to reach a budget deal by Friday at midnight, and a growing group of 4,821 on Facebook is coordinating efforts to dump their garbage on the Ohio Republican’s doorstep. Some who joined the group don’t live in the District, but have pledged to ship their garbage to the GOP leader’s apartment if the shutdown occurs. (Fortunately for them, the Postal Service will not be affected by a shutdown.)

“Well, if he won’t allow us to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to pick it up, maybe we should just BRING IT TO HIM,” the description of the group reads, which is titled “If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house.”

The page’s administrators said they would list Boehner’s address if a shutdown occurs, but added that the trash dumping should be done in a “sanitary and respectful” way. The event’s info encouraged attendees not to list personal addresses for Congress members and asked them not to “leave mysterious bags around DC.”

Boehner lives in a basement apartment on Capitol Hill.

One participant, Kafi N. Bennett, posted that she would “be nice and separate the recyclables.”

Others were not so kind.

“We could all go poop on his lawn,” wrote Jim Gunn.

It’s not clear when the event will take place or how the disgruntled residents intend to execute their plan.

The event administrators listed on Facebook did not immediately respond for comment.

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  • chuckh

    All of us that live in the Washington area know that the vast majority of Holder’s people living in DC have no respect for the law at all. It is a good thing the Post Office will be working so their welfare checks arrive on time.

    More unintended consequence for the misguided folks that voted for Obama.The hits just keep on coming.