Shutdown blame game: Who’s really at fault if the government goes dark?

If the government shuts down, who’s to blame?

And more importantly to lawmakers — who will independent voters think is to blame?

There are two ways shutdown could be averted: one is with a long-term deal, the other is via a stopgap spending bill to allow more time for negotiation.

Republican Speaker John Boehner is pressing Democrats to pass the stopgap bill the House passed earlier this week.

That legislation would fund the Defense Department for the rest of the year, and the other parts of the government for one week.

The bill cuts $12 billion in spending, prohibits Obama from closing Guantanamo Bay, and bans the D.C. government from spending public funds on abortions.

President Obama vowed to veto the bill, calling it a “distraction” from the negotiations on a long-term deal.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also dismissed the stopgap bill.

He says the long-term negotiations are stuck over a provision banning funding for Planned Parenthood in the House-passed spending bill, H.R. 1, and says Republicans are so determined to “throw women under the bus” they’ll shut the government down.

Almost all the details about the status of the negotiations this week have been provided by Democrats and immediately denied by Boehner’s office and in some cases, Boehner himself, something to keep in mind when listening to Reid’s account.

Who do you think is to blame?

  • SCGirl

    As an Independent Voter – I vote for the most conservative candidate. Democrat or Republican – I vote the person who has the most conservative platform. If they go “party line” against conservative issues, I will not support them the next election. If they vote against conservative issues, I will not support them the next election.

    That being said, I completely blame the Democrat Party for failing to pass a budget in the first place. They chose to deal with the problem “after” elections because they knew the voting public would be furious with their lack of fiscal control. They chose to make the efforts of the House to control our debt and restrain out-of-control spending into a political issue instead of what it is… an impending National Disaster. They chose their political career over the economic stability of our country. How DARE they choose to withold military paychecks in an effort to make a Political point against the efforts to restrain spending.

    I also fully blame our sitting President for running away from this issue. For choosing to hide from problems and allowing someone else to be the front man. For failing to implement the suggestions of the Debt Commission that HE put into motion. He had the opportunity to be a real Leader when he created his budget. He FAILED. In ANY organization, regardless of the tenure or when a problem began, the individual in charge is the one who is responsible. When the leader delegates leadership….he is NOT a leader. The President is the LEADER of our Country. I need to see some Leadership.

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  • Kurtis D. Davis

    Who has responsibility to submit a workable budget to Congress? Who has said, repeatedly, current government spending is “unsustainable”? How many decades have passed since deficit spending became a national issue? How long, and to what extent, will we have trillions in national debt? What did the President think America was saying when Republicans took the House? I hope and Pray we get the excessive government spending under control, no matter what it takes. We the People certainly need a government, but not at the expense of our freedom and liberty, brought about by extraordinary spending.

  • johnanderson

    djc13, You keep saying it’s illegal to use government money for funding abortions, but that is a simple political parlor trick. If a Planned Parenthood office pays their power bill with government funds, and then uses money from a non-government source to fund an abortion, claiming that PP used no public money on the abortion is dishonest. If PP didn’t have those tax payer dollars to pay their power bill, they would have had to use the alternative funds to pay it, and then wouldn’t have been able to cover as many abortions. When tax payer money goes to any organization that provides abortion services, tax payer money is subsidizing those abortions, and no amount of parlor tricks can cover that truth. That is the only fair and honest way to look at it.

  • kingfish

    It’s the Democrats fault. The budget was due 6 months ago on October 1. But the currently-whining Democrat JERKS were too busy SPENDING us into oblivion with Obamacare.