Pirates baseball fan tasered and baton-whipped by police

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Well, it appears it took a lot more than just a taser to take this big fella down.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review explains the scene:

Scott J. Ashley, 41, of Friendship was arrested at Saturday’s Pirates game and charged with four misdemeanors, including public drunkenness and resisting arrest.

The video shows two officers taking at least six swings at a man meeting Ashley’s description, first Tasering him to little effect before clubbing him in the neck, head, side and legs before he is eventually cuffed on the concourse floor.

What do you think? Was the force excessive? Or was the club swinging what it took to keep the peace?

H/T: The Blaze

  • ER5150

    The most annoying part of this whole video is having to listen to the girl yell stop it over and over, i was hoping they would taser and baton her when they were done with chubby. It would have been alot more fun to watch her get tasered.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Scarberry/1313950510 Jason Scarberry

    @inspectorudy … I was raised to listen to police officers. If you are told to “shut up and leave”, then shut up and leave. If you don’t, then you are resisting without violence and, under the Fourth Amendment, they are authorized to use reasonable force on you. What would have preferred he did? Immediately put his hands on him and get into a dangerous wrestling mat with the guy? They don’t have to. That is why tasers have become so popular because, in most situations, it is safer for the both the individual, and law enforcement, to deploy the taser rather than going “hands on.”

    As for your anectodote, if it is even true, there are bad cops, just like there are bad plumbers, and bad attorneys. The majority of law enforcement officers are good people who are there to protect you. I hope they are there when you need them in your life.

    @barryaz … he wasn’t swinging at his head. As I said, cops are trained to strike in that part of the neck because, if it is done correctly, then it can cause you to involuntarily collapse. Once that didn’t work, he attempted to take out his leg to get compliance of him.

    If the guy complied with their orders from the beginning, and didn’t assault t he security guard (Who didn’t know the guy was going for a high five), then none of this would have happened. The cops reacted to his behavior.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Beer, here! Get yo $8.00 beer! Drink till you stink!

  • 13times

    My bro was a Kern county deputy sheriff for over 21 years and he never once used his baton. He worked Mexican and black gang neighborhoods, oil-patch redneck trailer parks and every other crap-heel area of Bakersfield. He lost his cool many times, cursed at them and threatened them with jail time but it never escalated to the point of a beating.

    Excessive and unwarranted but not actionable.

  • barryaz

    I don’t know, when you start swinging at the melon, you risk some serious injuries and are likely to be sued. The cop should have been swing from the fence at the guys upper leg and jam one into the gut. Without knowing the whole story from start to finish it’s hard to give a qualified opinion.

  • inspectorudy

    I hope Mr. Scarberry never has a run in with cops. All of your BS about right to club and “Not take chances” is nonsense. Why the hell are they policemen if they don’t want to take chances. They are trained to handle violent drunks and beating the sh*t out of them is not it. One of the scariest moments in my life was when I saw a cop kill an old man and then tell me that he had a straight razor. One look into that cops eyes told me to nod and walk away. The man was a killer and I would have never been allowed to give a testimony. Don’t ever think a cop is there for your protection, he’s not. He is there to do a job to make retirement and collect his pension. If you get in his way then you are the problem and he has a bag of solutions.

    • slightlyaboveaverage

      “Why the hell are they policemen if they don’t want to take chances.”

      I was going to ask why you don’t begin your comments with a disclaimer that you don’t know what you’re talking about, but I suppose a comment like that serves the same purpose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Scarberry/1313950510 Jason Scarberry

    First of all, we didn’t see anything that happened before this and whether, or not, he had been compliant with the officer’s commands, which I would suspect were lawful. Once he assaulted to the security officer, instead of just tackling the guy to the floor, the police tried to use their taser. Under the circumstances, it would appear that the use of the taser was justified. (on a side note, I am guess that the taser prongs stuck in his baggy jacket and didn’t make contact with the skin.

    Now on to the strikes with the batons … after the deployment of the taser (which was ineffective) the guy turns around and squares up with the officers. That is aggressive and officers are not required to take chances. The officer hit him in the neck because there is a pressure point there that will cause a person to fall to the ground. Next he tries the side of the knee/upper thigh which is another area officers are trained to strike that can get the desired effect but typically not result in any significant injury. After those three attempts didn’t work, he was taken to the ground and handcuffed.

    I don’t see any liability in this video and I would happily defend the cops here.

    • Iowa48

      In the old days he would have been choked out, done the chicken, cuffed and stuffed, and game over before anyone had time to break out their camera. No sweat, no bother, and no injury to him or the officers. The old “sleeper hold” was used literally hundreds of thousands of times, effectively and without injury. One coked out psycho dies, and we lose a very useful tool. But we are a kinder gentler society now, so it will look a lot more ugly getting the animals corraled. Not everything new is better.

  • centexan

    Well, he IS a Pirates fan. Aw….come on!

  • MrBigW

    So sell the guy to many beers….When he gets out of hand…..Have the police Takem down…lol…

  • BigDogDaddy

    Me thinks a lawsuit is a brewing on this one. Absolutely no need to club the guy. It looks to me that the douche security guy who blocked the high five needs an ass whoopin’…not the guy that was apparently leaving.