Teachers support cop-killer

Between negotiating for more benefits and teaching their students, the California Federation of Teachers has adopted a resolution of support for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

At the CFT’s 2011 Convention in late March, the delegates passed 30 resolutions, from solidifying support for anti-bullying legislation to supporting transitional kindergarten. Among the resolutions largely pertaining to education and collective bargaining rights was Resolution 19 – to “Reaffirm support for death row journalist.”

“Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers reaffirm its support and demand that the courts consider the evidence of innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal,” the Committee Report reads.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was a former member of the Black Panthers who was found guilty of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel J. Faulkner during a routine traffic stop in 1981. Abu-Jamal was subsequently sentenced to death.

His supporters, such as the California Federation of Teachers, argue that his trial was unfair and that he is a civil rights hero.

“Mumia Abu-Jamal has for decades as a journalist fought courageously against racism and police brutality and for the human rights of all people and has taken strong stands in support of working people involved in labor struggles and in support of well-funded, quality, public education,” the resolution reads.

Daniel Flynn, author of “Cop killer: How Mumia Abu-Jamal conned millions into believing he was framed” told The Daily Caller that Abu-Jamal was the poster-child for ending the death penalty…20 – 30 years ago.

“Somebody should tell the California Teachers Federation that this is over, he is in jail, he is going to stay there,” Flynn said. “You have numerous eyewitnesses saying Mumia did it. You had ballistic evidence – Mumia’s gun at the scene was consistent with the bullet used to kill Faulkner. Mumia admitted after the fact that he did it.”

Fred Glass, CFT spokesman, told TheDC that the even though the case is 30 years old, since Abu-Jamal is still going through appeals, the issue remains relevant.

“The delegates decided it was time to reiterate that they supported him due to the irregularities that they felt had taken place during his case,” said Glass. “They see this as a civil liberties issue, it is quite common for the CFT to take positions on broad social matters like this.”

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  • dollar10E6

    When I first caught a glimpse of college radicals back in the 1960’s, it occurred to me how dangerous they could be, if they backed off of direct confrontation, but would manage to undermine the culture by building up their power through the educational system. It took thirty years, but they managed to do it.

  • Harley David Son

    This man..excuse me..this animal..excuse me again I’m not putting him in the same class as mans best friend…this poor example of a human being and prime reason for birth control should have been put to death years ago.Why do we the people have to burden ourselves with the cost to keep death row inmates alive.And this particular MURDERER confessed so he should go to the head of the line.A civil rights hero..One thing I’ll give Martin Luther King..he never killed anyone.Even Sharpton as much as I hate him has never been convicted of murder has he ? maybe I missed it.
    And teachers stand behind him…teachers that teach YOUR children.Better watch out and sleep with one eye open.The teachers are sending the message that murder is OK..keep that in mind as you sleep tonight with all those knives in the kitchen and little Suzy or Johnny mad at you for grounding him.
    And remember people the Black Panthers were a gang of murders in the 60’s involved in many riots that took many lives.I live in Cleveland and still have memories of the hough and glenville riots and the black panthers i the paper marching down the street..,guns in view.. with then mayor Carl Stokes.Cleveland still has not recovered .

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  • Goldstein

    School teachers advocating the murder of cops. Classy.