Spending deal dismantles two more Obamacare programs

The fine print of a spending deal struck by Republican and Democratic leaders late Friday to avert government shutdown shows the final bill will dismantle two key parts of Obamacare.

“The bill terminates two programs funded in ObamaCare (the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) and the Free Choice Voucher programs,” a summary released around 2:00 AM Tuesday by the House appropriations committee says.

Critics have blasted the CO-OP program as a “stealth public option,” the government insurance plan pushed by liberal Democrats during the consideration of Obamacare.

The modest victory for Republicans in dismantling the two programs is quite limited compared to the vast measures included in a House-passed funding bill, H.R. 1, but the program eliminations comprise the second time Congress has dismantled parts of the president’s health care law in recent weeks.

The legislation also compels a series of studies by the Government Accountability Office on Obamacare. One is an audit of the waivers from the law provided to many companies and unions, due in 60 days.

Also included in the deal are the elimination of four of President Obama’s policy “czars” – top officials not subject to Senate confirmation with murky, wide-ranging powers over White House policy and federal agencies.

The four eliminated are the “Health Care Czar,” the “Climate Change Czar,” the “Car Czar,” and the “Urban Affairs Czar.”

One change in the fine print likely to prove controversial is a provision reinstating a decision by the Fish and Wildlife Service to delist wolves from a list of endangered species in certain states.

Of federal agencies driving strict new regulation in the Obama era, the Environmental Protection Agency took a (relatively) big hit in its funding, surrendering a $1.6 billion cut, or 16 percent of its budget.

Meanwhile, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration escaped unscathed, maintaining its funding level from last year. That agency enforces regulations on workplaces.

Congress reduced its own funding and the appropriations committees took an extra large cut of 9 percent, the summary says.

The summary also says “This legislation eliminates all Defense earmark account funding, a cut of $4.2 billion from last year’s level.”

97 times in the bill text a given program is funded at $0.

Since the legislation was posted online on Tuesday, GOP sources expect a vote to occur Thursday to fit the letter of the Republicans’ “72 hour” pledge.

  • libertyatstake

    The fact that I’m seeing these (albeit small dollar amount) successes toward dismantling the Leviathan for the first time says more about the sorry state of the GOP “messaging” apparatus than it does about the issue itself.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • votersofny

    Trump is right on. Why not show it and get it over with or is he hiding something else? Some non-birthers are saying that he is just playing with us, that he will produce it and we’ll all look like fools.

    First of all, that is just wrong. Is this guy a man-child or what? Second, he should be required by law to show his documents, the same documents a 4 year old would need to show to get into kindergarten or play little league baseball.

    Why has he spent so much to hire lawyers to hide his documents? I am sure there is something in Obozo’s history that he wants to hide.

    Non-birthers call us crazy and/or nuts. In my opinion, THEY are the crazy or nuts as well as stupid not to realize something isn’t right.

    There are more and more of us and it has to be hurting Obozo’s chances of reelection unless he thinks he can get away with it again.

    I hope Republicans aren’t dumb enough to let this go until it is too late. The states have to start passing their own laws that make candidates prove beyond a doubt that they are eligible to be on the ballot for political office.

    He can’t possibly win without being on the ballot of all the states.

    • russ311

      Right on, right on, right on!

  • James Graham

    Very interesting. Have seen this before, but I still wonder what the deal is.
    Does this make you wonder?

    The great mystery…………..

    Ever wonder why no one ever came forward from President Obama’s past saying they knew him, attended school with him, was his friend, etc. ?? Not one person has ever come forward from his past.


    This should really be a cause for great concern. To those who voted for him, you may have elected an unqualified, inexperienced shadow man. Reminds me of The Manchurian Candidate….

    Let’s face it. As insignificant as we all are .. someone whom we went to school with remembers our name or face … someone remembers we were the clown or the dork or the brain or the quiet one or the bully or something about us .

    George Stephanopoulos of ABC News said the same thing during the 2008 campaign. He questions why no one has acknowledged the president was in their classroom or ate in the same cafeteria or made impromptu speeches on campus.

    Stephanopoulos also was a classmate of Obama at Columbia — the class of 1984. He says he never had a single class with him.

    While he is such a great orator, why doesn’t anyone in Obama’s college class remember him? And, why won’t he allow Columbia to release his records?


    Looking for evidence of Obama’s past, Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but none remembered him.

    Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia who also graduated in 1983. In 2008, Root says of Obama, “I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. EVER!

    Nobody recalls him. Root adds that he was also, like Obama, “Class of ’83 political science, pre-law” and says, “You don’t get more exact or closer than that.” Never met him in my life, don’t know anyone who ever met him. At the class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, who was asked to be the speaker of the class? Me. No one ever heard of Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he was.

    The guy who writes the class notes, who’s kind of the, as we say in New York, the macha who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him.”

    Obama’s photograph does not appear in the school’s yearbook and Obama consistently declines requests to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.

    NOTE: Root graduated as Valedictorian from his high school, Thornton-Donovan School, then graduated from Columbia University in 1983 as a Political Science major in the same class that Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to have been in.

    Some other interesting questions..

    Why was Obama’s law license inactivated in 2002?

    Why was Michelle’s law license inactivated by Court Order?

    It is circulating that according to the U.S. Census, there is only one Barack Obama but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 aliases .
    WHAT!! ??? The Social Security number he uses now originated in Connecticut where he is never reported to have lived.

    No wonder all his records are sealed!

    Please continue sending this out to everyone. Somewhere, someone knew him in school…before he “reorganized” Chicago & burst upon the scene at the 2004 Democratic Convention & made us all swoon with his charm, poise & speaking pizzazz.
    Pass this on to everyone on your mailing list … pass it across America!

    • RoadtoFREEDOM

      First, I don’t like the term birthers… and I’m not convinced he wasn’t born here, the postings in the newspaper in Hawaii are at least somewhat compelling.

      But the complete stonewall of his past is, as you said, highly concerning in a Republic such as ours where the elected serve WE THE PEOPLE. Declining full disclosure is inherently suspect and should not be tolerated.

      If you are interested, I have read some compelling and detailed analysis that suggests Bamby’s two ‘autobiographies’ were not penned by big ears himself, but rather are ghostwritten. Google it… see what you think.

      I’m more concerned with what the man and his Democratic machine have done since he got in office than the Chicago Way he got into office… but all warrant greater scrutiny before we double down on this dipwad in 2012 as he’d like us to.

      An empty suit he is, but NO ONE should underestimate his ability to make the masses swoon and fool the stupid and rally the faithful drones. The unanswered questions and the real scary track record in office are certainly reason enough for every thinking American to refuse to give this guy another 4 years.

      But for all that is Holy and Good… we need a candidate who will actually be true to our Founding principles and turn this ship around.

  • votersofny

    Czars were goone anyway. Budget cuts were nothing, Obozo played Boehner. Boehner should quit and let someone with balls take over, he has none. We need to get the crybaby out before it’s too late.


  • Kurtis D. Davis

    The sincere effort to “turn the tide” on excessive government spending is so appreciated. I hope we can continue, even by calling loud and clear for a flexible, balanced budget amendment. THANK YOU JOHN BOEHNER; WE MUST ALL STAND UP FOR THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

  • emem

    Talk about small potatoes. Big whoop a few czars and minor programs……..

    Call me crazy, but this is a game of chicken. Send the real cuts to the senate and the presidnet and make them publicly stop the proposal. Let them explain why. And Boehner better get his but in gear and defend the actions publicly.

    All this dancing around……just tell the truth. Stop governing to the lowest common denominator. Govern to to our strengths! Deal with the real problems, not the pet peeves and wish lists of special interests.

  • redbankrick

    This is another Weeper of the House, cantor & McCarthy trick….three of the czars are ALREADY gone…as should be these 3 Stooges 2012!


  • HardRightTurn

    Now, if only the damage done by his czars could be undone.

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