Support for Obama’s healthcare reform drops to lowest since passing

Public support for President Obama’s healthcare reform has dropped to the lowest it has been since the bill was first passed.

In a new Associated Press/GFK poll, just 35 percent of Americans said that they strongly supported the bill while 45 percent said they opposed it. There is stronger sentiment among the opposition – while approximately the same number of people said they ‘strongly supported’ the reforms as ‘somewhat supported’ them, a full two-thirds of those who opposed it felt ‘strongly’ about that.

Perhaps most devastating for the President, his support among seniors has reached its lowest point: fewer than 30 percent now say they support the law. Seniors are a crucial demographic for any politician.

It’s not just healthcare; polls suggest that Obama is losing support across the board. A Reuters-Ipsos poll released today found that 69 percent of the public feel that the country is on the wrong track. The number is up 5 points just since last month.

Ipsos pollster Cliff Young pointed to Obama’s loss of support in another important demographic – his own party. 73 percent of Democrats polled said they approved of the President’s job, down seven points since last month.

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  • clw

    The thing that really burns me is that Obama KNOWS that the American people hate his agenda and he doesn’t care! He will FORCE expensive Obamacare on us, he will sue AZ, he will fling open our borders, he will tax us into oblivion and “share the wealth”, he will make sure everything that the majority of U.S. citizens DON’T want, gets accomplished!

    WORSE, he wants 4 MORE years to do inflict pain and suffering on us!!

    If he had a clue as to how much he sucks as a President, he’d LEAVE; but sadly, he DOESN’T have a clue. Only a monstrously big EGO.

  • Mister_Bill

    How low can you go? The more you try to push an agenda that the people do not want, or want to pay for the lower the ratings will go. You can explain as many times as you want but as soon as people work your figures backwards and figure out how much it will really cost, they will like it less.

  • Ryan.Iowa

    As the current drop in support for Obamacare indicates, if Republicans make it the foremost issue in the 2012, they’ll hold the House, regain the Senate, and send Obama into history as a single-term President. Thne if Minority leader Reid tries to block Obamacare’s repeal, this is the singlemost issue worth blowing up the Senate with the nuclear option. It’ll be worth it to get it repealed.

    • designerrant

      My only fear is the Republicans won’t do the smart thing, and they will blow this somehow. A lot of Repubs do not do a good job of getting their message out.

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  • ojfl

    And then the question becomes: what exactly is in the law that would make it more popular? I have not seen anything. And costs are going up FASTER than before.

  • jonavark

    Oh.. well.. I guess we had to sign the bill before we see what’s in it eh?

    No surprise here. The Democrats are rife with illiterate stupid women, like Sanchez, Pelosi, Most of the minority CBC cult. NOt to mention the posers like Weiner, Schumer, Frank.. and the rest of them. They simply aren’t SMART enough to write a bill that would work. I would bet my house that 75% of them never even read it.

  • 0321ReConUSMC

    One suspects the real Numbers are really 20-24 % at best !
    About like giving Illegals Free College educations the far left and Obama are for as well .

  • dookhh

    Hope. Change. YES WE CAN. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…
    I thought that the more people learned about it, the more they would love it?
    Turns out, the more they learn, the more they ask for a waiver…..