Congressman wants ticking debt clock installed on House floor

Call it a debt hawk’s dream, but Rep. Tom Reed introduced a resolution last week to install a ticking clock to blare the national debt directly onto the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Reid, a New York Republican who says he talks about the debt “incessantly,” said he had the idea on a recent trip to Manhattan’s billboard-sized clock near Times Square.

“What I envision is a computer-generated type item that would be right there in the House chamber, also off the website, that would show the debt racking up as we speak,” Reed said during a conference call with reporters Monday. “We’re borrowing 40 cents on every dollar. Fifty-eight thousands dollars per second.”

The U.S. national debt stands at more than $14 trillion and counting, and will force Congress once again to raise the debt limit to avoid a national default. Republicans say they will only support another increase if it’s tied to massive spending cuts, a notion President Obama has said he is open to discussing.

“The debt clock will be a distinct reminder that our national debt must always be our first consideration as we continue to spend money that we do not have,” Reed said in a statement last week.

Reed’s proposal, which he said has “some great support,” is in the hands of the Committee on House Administration. A spokesman from the committee did not immediately respond for comment.

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  • JD2020

    I emailed speaker Boehner that they should install monitors in the house with the Debt clock on it when he took over as Speaker of the House in January. It would be much easier and less costly to have them display the website debt clock on a computer monitor.


  • longlivecrow

    Every time I see the debt clock it makes me clench my butt cheeks.

  • Watchdog826

    Does it really matter if it was you are your wife who drove you into bankruptcy when they come to put you out of the house, we just need to stop borrowing, cut up the credit card already, don’t raise the debt limit. This will make them chose what is needed to spend on and what is not, I believe we can live on 200 billion a month.

  • charm

    Great idea by Rep Tom Reed. Incidentally, you spelled his name as “Reid” in the second paragraph. Brought up visions of Harry, a most nauseating vision.

  • Willys

    Any Congressperson or staff of Congress should be required to use a type of SecureID to login to the Congressional network. The password produced for that SecureID should be the ‘current’ figure of the national debt. As it changes by the moment, the logger would be required to obtain that information for any login.

  • HoosYoDaddy

    Hey… NonexistentIQ(and your ignorant ilk),.. We The People are saying:

    1.You should have gone to those spelling and typing classes rather than skipping grade school to get stoned. And finding a job now, rather than playing on the computer in Mom’s basement in abject denial, might be a step in the right direction. We are more than sick of paying our share AND yours!

    2.The Fraudulent One has posted bankrupting, record MONTHLY deficits that are higher than ENTIRE YEARS under Bush!

    3.Your Divisive Dear Leader ran up more debt in less than (2) years than every POTUS from Washington through Reagan COMBINED, and more in (2) years (and counting..by the trillion) than Bush did in (8) with (2) ongoing wars!

    4. Just for fun, name just one domestic Obama policy that has worked out well, or as advertised (i.e., that Barry did not lie about),…if you are feeling especially bold..go for two! Still waiting for even one progressive taker for this challenge! Just ONE!

    Those are called FACTS (look that word up), Obama Scholars! Look up “Google”, “Patriot” and “Honesty” while you are at it!


  • HardRightTurn

    Don’t raise the debt limit unless it is capped at $16 trillion with a plan to reduce the debt by $500 billion per year for 32 years. Live within your means.

  • mark c

    the fact that it would be bought and installed using borrowed money makes the irony strong.

  • cja23

    And even then Obama wouldn’t get serious about the deficit or get a clue. Tax, spend, waste; tax, spend, waste; tax, spend, waste; tax, spend, waste. This is the Obama Administration motto.

    • GeniousIQ

      You’re right, our debt all started in 2009.

      • Offensive Bias

        Idiot…it ran off the cliff starting in 2009.

        • GeniousIQ

          ha ha ha… not even close. This debt has been building for decades. And much of what is attributed to Obama was started under Bush or was funded under Bush but left off the budget. Obama didn’t help any, but this all started way, way before Obama was even considering a career in politics.

          • Drahcir

            So you are saying that scence the debt was already there he(Obaama) didn’t have to stop what was going on?His Only choise was to enlarge it?Are you saying that he had No Idea How To Stop The Spending?

          • GeniousIQ


            So you are saying that scence the debt was already there he(Obaama) didn’t have to stop what was going on?His Only choise was to enlarge it?Are you saying that he had No Idea How To Stop The Spending?

            Did you even read my comment? Obama didn’t help and, in fact, I think that the way he handed money to the banks should be a criminal offense. However, he didn’t create the debt. This last round of debt was created due to the biggest case of corporate welfare in the history of the country.