Krauthammer doubles down on the ‘Trump is the GOP’s Al Sharpton’ claim

It turns out that George Will isn’t the only conservative who isn’t impressed with the Donald’s effort to pump himself up for the White House.

On last weekend’s broadcast of the syndicated weekend public affairs program “Inside Washington,” columnist Charles Krauthammer called Donald Trump the “Al Sharpton” of the GOP presidential primary contest and he elaborated on that claim, in addition to analyzing some of the field on Monday night’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

“Well, of the sound bites you showed, Haley Barbour looked — he was the only calm and collected one of the other three,” Krauthammer said. “I think he is the only serious one with a serious chance of winning in 2012. I think Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in a sense are competing for the same constituency. They are wonderful Republicans but I don’t think either of them has a chance to win the nomination. Bachmann could do well in Iowa. She is originally from Iowa. It has a heavy evangelical constituency that surprised the world the last cycle by giving Huckabee the victory, so that is possible. But it’s hard to see her way after that through the thicket.

But then he said apart from that field is Trump, who he remains unimpressed with, including his exploits into birtherism.

“Then there is Trump,” he continued. “Trump is Al Sharpton of the Republican Party – provocateur and clown, unserious. I think he’s going to harm the party if he runs for the same reason Sharpton harmed the Democrats. I can now see all the mail coming in – address it to me, not to Bret. He is not responsibility — which means in the debate he will be up there I think he will run, not just a trial run. He’ll be up in the debate, and like Sharpton he will monopolize discussion and draw it away on issues that are irrelevant like Obama’s birth and that can only hurt the party.”

And Krauthammer added that Trump has a “vulgar” view on what reigns supreme in such a contest.

“It’s all name recognition,” Krauthammer said. “And he’s is a celebrity, on television and a guy who talks about winners and losers. The vulgarity of it is offensive. He talked today about comparing himself with Mitt Romney. ‘I have a bigger net worth.’ That’s what you expect from, somebody who wants to promote himself in business and make a name. That is not what you want from a presidential candidate.”


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  • irishmike

    hey chump- name a better candidate that matches up better than Trump- there isn’t one

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Dunlop/100002355960912 James Dunlop

    I’m confused I thought the self appointed Republican intelligentsia were calling Sarah Palin the Al Sharpton of the Republican Party, Oh maybe that was just Matt Labash.

  • LordHowardHurts

    Our great country is currently A Nation Of Sheep. Sissy boys, wearing earrings and tattoos, pretending that they “know all of life’s realities” because they received a self serving degree from some college like Harvard. And I am not just speaking about democrats. I am speaking about the leaders of the republican party. Now, granted, Karl Rove doesn’t fit this pattern, but he is, sure enough, a “sissy boy”. Then we have the Presidential “wantabees”, Huckabee and Romney. And please don’t misunderstand me, as “regular” citizens, I am sure that they are fine, but as leaders of this Republic, in these times of world unrest, I look at them, and see a misguided, socialist, Bible Thumper (Huckabee), and a Candy Ass (Romney). Yes, Candy Ass. Do you remember back in high school when Candy Ass was the “in word”? Well, Romney fits the definition to a Tee. It is his hair and his “bad boy”, “puffed” macho man persona. Remember in the last Presidential elections, when he said that he was pro guns, and a hunter? Then the truth came out. He didn’t know the difference between the stock and the barrel of a rifle. No, this is one election where we can’t afford to elect another “pretty boy”, groveling, PC, empty suit. And we don’t need someone who, according to Harvard, or the press, has the biggest brain in the world. Done that, and it just didn’t “pan out” as advertised. And anyway, if we wanted a President with the largest brain in the world, we would elect Flipper. No this election is critical to the American Experiment. We need a leader grounded in the Christian religion, the religion of our founders. Huckabee might be a nice person, but he has no actual knowledge of the Bible. I dare say that he has not read this entire book, from cover to cover. He, like other Bible Thumpers, picks cute phrases from the text, and disregards the other 75% of this most inspired book. I have read the Bible from cover to cover, and I don’t think that it would be something that the average American would want displayed on TV before the “adult viewing time” starts. Life is not always “Pretty”.

    One can debate the idea of a Creator forever, but in the end, one has to come to the logical conclusion that life on earth is just too complex to have been an accident. And if the Bible is the guide to all human existence, then we need to know more than the Disney interpretations given us by our esteemed, so called, religious leaders. We need to know and understand Free Will. Free Will is what places us above all other life forms on earth. We also need to know all the actions of the “Founders” of the Christian religion. And to do so, we need someone, as our leader, who will restore sanity and responsibility to our “shattered” lives. We don’t need a Candy Ass or a Bible Thumper. We need a person who understands life’s realities, and our Constitution, and will lead from a “point” of strength rather than weakness. And this is my reason for proposing that the Republican Party chose Paul E. Vallely, a retired US Army Major General, as canidate for President in 2012. Don’t know him? Do your own homework.
    Lord Howard Hurt freedomfiles.blogspot.com

  • whoframedrudy

    I pay no attention to old patricians like K and G. Will, who grew up during Pax Americana and still think like nostalgiac hegemons. That’s why they care if our President is vulgar. Trump is blunt and vulgar, like Andrew Jackson. ‘To the victor goes the spoils’ is a perfect summary of U.S. foreign policy throughout history — until we grew so powerful that we could afford to put on airs. Oh, for the past.

    Hot Air has the keenest read on Trump. Everything he says–birthers, whatever–is designed to show one thing: he’s an SOB. That’s how he became a billionaire and that’s what it takes to reclaim U.S. superpower. And it’s all about superpower! How can anybody be passionate about the Ryan Plan? Even if necessary, it’s an admission that we’re poor. America has to clip coupons. The Golden Days of global dominance are over. Yay!

    Issues. In a boxing match, there’s only one issue — how do you knock the other guy out? I don’t think China and OPEC will bend over like Obama just because Trump walks in the room. I do think we should send the meanest SOB we’ve got.

    Voters will not give ‘traditional conservatives’ total control. The Tea Party will dominate the House and Senate–fine with me. But they are not getting the WH too — no matter how sick people are of Obama. Trump is right, Bush gave us Obama. And Bush will give us Obama II if you nominate Huckabee. It’s either Trump or Obama in 2012. Anything else is just a pleasant dream.

    • irishmike

      its trump against obama or we lose. either way we lose, better to go out fighting than like an over ripe tomatoe, which all the other candidates are. Trump would destroy obama in a debate, man to man, obama is just mental midget without a promptor

  • SargeH

    A lot of conservatives are making real fools of the rest of us by hopping into the sack with Trump. Dr. K. is correct: Trump is a charlatan, fraud, poser — you name it. The clown has never been a conservative in his life — til now, when he’s trying to satisfy his ego. We can do a lot better than this head case.

    Hey Daley Caller: Your “15 seconds” is now almost five minutes.

    • irishmike

      hey sarge you and Dr k are idiots and really do not understand the frustration ordinary(hard working) Americans feel. We want a fighter, we want a fight! We do not want to live in tyranny, we want or America back. Dr. K is sp out of touch with the people. hes a washington insider, nothing more, just like Ann Coulter who exposed herself for what see is-a phony whos in love with her intellect. She and Dr K HAVE NO Clue- believe it

    • irishmike

      hey sarge, so who is better than Trump,chump

  • LordHowardHurts

    Isn’t it time for the Republicans to run a candidate like Paul Vallely (US Army MG retired) instead of the “same old, same old” wimps they always drag out?
    Lord Howard Hurts freedomfiles.blogspot.com

  • Nylund

    Its mean to say that Trump is more of a provocateur, more clownish, or more unserious than other GOP candidates. Bachman used to regularly go on national television claiming that Obama was going to force the country to stop using American dollars and to switch over to a one-world currency. The GOP had high-profile candidates talking about bartering for health care with chickens. Trump, on the other hand, is just repeating a fairly wide-held belief amongst the GOP base. If Krauthammer thinks its only Trump that’s a clown, he’s going to be in for a big surprise during the GOP primary debates.

  • birtheridiots

    i wish all these loony birthers stop destroying the GOP. check the uscis site idiots. even if he was born in kenya, he is a citizen of usa because his mother was a citizen. stop destroying the GOP you looney tunes. lets get a candidate that can get independent votes

    • GeniousIQ

      Amen!! It kills me that there are CRIMINAL activities going on in the federal reserve that are destroying this country, and idiots on the right are worried about a made up birth certificate “controversy”. It’s the equivalent of the lefty loons who think the world trade center was imploded and that Bush planned it all to take Iraqi oil. Farking ponderous stupidity.

    • truebearing

      I see you and Idiot IQ are really going after the birthers. I guess that would make you “afterbirthers”.