Playgirl courts Michele Bachmann’s son; he turns down offer

With Playgirl offer, Minn. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s son Lucas takes the high road, not the Levi Johnston route.

PopEater reported Tuesday that 28-year-old University of Connecticut psychiatry resident shot down the skin magazine’s cover shoot invitation.

“As you can certainly understand,” Lucas Bachmann wrote to Playgirl, “One must have a certain degree of anonymity when treating patients in the mental health community.”

Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio told PopEater that the publication sought Bachmann for his studly appearance and even “sexier” political ties.

“I’m reaching out to Lucas because when I researched him I was struck by how absolutely adorable he is,” Nardicio said. “Plus, I think his political ties make him even sexier.”

But Nardicio knew courting Bachmann would be a stretch, and perhaps the challenge adds to the young man’s appeal.

“Lucas is principled, which is also really compelling for our readers,” Daniel said.

  • Rob

    He is kinda twinkly, just a subset would like that

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  • Arshad Sherif M.A. M.Ed.

    The Republican contest in 2012 may well come down to Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. If Michele’s son poses for Playgirl, then Sarah Palin can respond by having her gorgeous daughter, Bristol, pose in the nude. The battle for the Republican nomination would have been drawn. Drawn indeed! Or, should we say, photographed? The battle for the White House will be settled by Bristol Palin in the pages of Playboy. Not only will she guarantee her mother the nomination, but the attention of the top man at the White House will be so completely on her that what goes up for him will not be his poll numbers.

  • lukuj

    Someone who has some kind of standards, morals, and common sense! How refreshing! I’m sure all the liberals who were waiting to nail Bachman about this are very disappointed though.

  • Moonlighter

    “Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio told PopEater that the publication sought Bachmann for his studly appearance and even “sexier” political ties.”

    Silly me. I thought having a rag with piddly circulation numbers that no one reads except gay men was the reason. Hey Danny, why not ask Janet Napolitano to pose? She’s studly and had political ties too.

  • notalone

    Good for him to turn it down! Says alot about his upbringing.

  • nohype

    Do they ever show as much (or any) interest in the sons of Democratic politicians?

  • ChickFight

    Well, he is a handsome son-of-a-pistol. But good for him for not wanting to become masturbatory fodder for gay dudes. [Straight chicks don’t give a crap about Play Girl].