Earth Day instead of Easter?

Some Catholics are concerned with what they see as an attempt by environmentalists to hijack Easter for their own Earth Day purposes.

In a letter dated April 1 to churches across the country, the environmentalist group Earth Day Network encourages priests to remember Earth Day Sunday, even though Easter is that same Sunday.

“This year we again invite you to celebrate Earth Day Sunday and share with your parishioners a story of creation care that will impart to them the importance of protecting a nurturing the planet that was provided to us,” the letter reads. “Earth Day Sunday is a great way to bring your parish together through community building and sharing the faith with those in the community while improving the world around us.”

The letter does add that if priests want to celebrate Easter instead, they could consider delivering a climate change sermon on the following Sunday. Michael Voris of REAL Catholic TV, however, is not buying it, calling the campaign a push for a “pagan takeover of Easter”

“Earth Day 2011 falls on Friday, April 22, which is Good Friday so on the following Sunday, which is two days later, the Earth Day Network wants Catholic priests all over the country to devote their homily to Earth Day. Slight problem, the next Sunday, the one after Good Friday, is Easter,” Voris said. “Imagine going to mass to hear about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead only to be told to go clean up a park.”

“I can tell you that for many years we have worked with Evangelicals and all faiths who have been involved in this movement,” a Earth Day Network spokesman told TheDC. “My understanding is that the letter really says the opposite, it says celebrate Easter and some other time do something for Easter and let us know what you are doing.”

Either way, Voris does not approve of the environmentalist group’s meddling.

“This is what happens when church leaders do not stop this insanity dead in its tracks. Global warming is a scam. Its intent is to limit population growth through abortion, contraception, and sterilization,” said Voris.

The letter also includes a list of celebrities who comprise Earth Day Network’s global advisory committee. Among those listed are Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, independent Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders, Barbara Streisand, and Ted Turner.

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  • robb32

    Every hair brained attempt to confuse the sheeple in this issue will end with this; “Evry knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

    EVERY! That includes satan, and his minions, and the confused sheeple as well….

    • Supernatural Witness

      That is the sad thing. The people are like sheep: easily led astray by malevolent forces and or by blinded men. May they bow the knee in advance of their doom! Oh God, have pity on the masses of humanity and open their eyes to the glorious light of the Gospel! Thank you Lord for the death and resurrection of our great God and savior Jesus Christ!

  • truebearing

    Notice that the Environmental religion’s proselytizers are targeting the Catholic Church with their idiotic propaganda. They see in the Catholic Church a hierarchical corporatist structure that they could infiltrate and take over so that they would have Vatican endorsed lies to sucker more people into their environmentally cloaked, Marxist agenda.

  • Spring

    LOL Christians steal pagan spring celebrations from the pagans and then express frustrations and anger to find they don’t it all and have to share.

    • Donallen

      Whick ones are those??

    • truebearing


      Reread your incoherent comment and bask in the afterglow of your public display of stupidity.

    • Simulpec

      Christians did not steal pagan celebrations they borrowed elements from them. I am not a big fan of Christianity borrowing these elements from paganism but there is a big difference. At Christmas Christians may put up trees, but they’re celebrating the birth of Christ not the Winter Solstice. At Easter some Christians may dress in some of the same colors utilized in the Spring Equinox celebration, but they’re celebrating the resurrection of Christ. What these Earth Day people are doing is actually asking Catholic priests to modify and adapt their proclamation of the resurrection of Christ in favor of an Earth Day message. That is an attempt to hijack the holiday. What makes it even more pathetic is the fact that these Earth Day people would probably accuse anyone who so much as prayed anywhere around them of trying to impose their beliefs on them.

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