Obama to wealthy: You can’t ‘just relax and go count your money’

Reno, Nevada (CNN) — Over and over Thursday, President Barack Obama told workers at a renewable energy company that he is like them.

He remembers pumping gas when high oil prices ate a hole in his budget, he said. He knows he wouldn’t have made it through college without scholarships and loans.

And now as president, he promised that he won’t let the current debate on deficit reduction deny others the chance for the American dream he has lived.

“We can’t ignore future deficits, but just as ignoring deficits would mortgage our future, failing to invest in our kids and our infrastructure and our basic research and clean energy, that would be mortgaging our future, as well,” he said to applause. “And I’m not willing to do it.”


Repeating past calls for ending subsidies for oil companies and restoring higher tax rates for the highest-income Americans, Obama defended what he called his balanced approach to deficit reduction and depicted the Republican stance as favoring the well-to-do.

“I’m rooting for everybody to get rich,” he said. “But I believe that we can’t ask everybody to sacrifice and then tell the wealthiest among us, well, you can just relax and go count your money, and don’t worry about it. We’re not going to ask anything of you.”

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  • SFC_Swede

    “Rich” is relative. Our poorest Americans are millionaires compared to other countries I have been to. This is all about envy, greed, and power! If you are cheerleading this garbage, think again. The Hilton’s, Gates’, Buffet’s, Soros’ of the world arent going to be hit with this…YOU and I are!

  • empiresentry

    The best comment I heard last week was “Obama: the fashion accessory for Hollywood”. Must have been Miller. In any case, Obama’s tax classes are a good reason to stay at home and not work. I definately will stop working in Oct. every year and send everyone home for a few months. The extra taxes he wants are to pay for bailing out pensions plans while we struggle to build a tinie tiny 401k SEP. QE1 and 2 have spread his growing debt across all sectors and risen the prices so we are already paying his extra taxes and spread the pain philosophy. I especially enjoy the howls of pain from northern Virginia and New York where is easily costs $250,000 to live there (and they want a special tax break). Raise taxes and lower the GDP that is the tax base: welcome to Argentina.

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  • fourleafclover

    Obama, when you leave the Whitehouse why don’t you and your family move into a 1200 square foot home and donate all of your money to the federal government? You’ve accumulated a large sum of money and you’ve never held a real job. How did you do it?

    • SFC_Swede

      “Over and over Thursday, President Barack Obama told workers at a renewable energy company that he is like them.”

      RIGHT!…this guy has had it on easy street his whole life.

      “you can just relax and go count your money”

      You mean like you Mr President? Between shaking down people for money and golf outtings you sure take a lot of expensive vacations on our dime. At least Bush just went to his family ranch. How can you people support this hypocrite???

  • virginiagentleman

    As gas and food prices soar, as more taxes are added onto the backs of taxpayers, as he moves to share the wealth, will folks making $75k be the new wealthy next year? Just askin’.

  • pansycritter

    No, of course not. What you do is attend a couple of light weight events and raise a gob of money and then go play golf while someone else counts it. That’s the way you do it. Money for nothing.

  • EscapeFromCalifornia

    This guy is writing his political obituary with the launch of his class war campaign (18 months early, too).

    He insults ‘rich’ people who are the ones who create real, not stimulus, jobs (I don’t know who these lazy, caviar-munching, tanned and stupid heirs are … you don’t get rich and stay that way in the US by snacking). He insults people who have actual salaries in real companies – even $250k salaries, often earned after decades of hard work and sacrifice – who have to work hard and pay 30-50% of that largesse in taxes (which we all know are lost in a money laundry machine) so pontificating fools in politics and on University campuses can deride them with false and reckless assertions. And the folks who work for all these greedy people like their jobs, too, and the smart ones among them know they can’t get ‘rich’ themselves without their bosses ability to expand their businesses (by creating and reinvesting wealth, i.e., earning profits).

    The President and his dopey acolytes must sit around watching bad movies, assuming leaders and executives spend their days getting their feet rubbed while underpaid minions figure out all the hard stuff, and make all their money for them. They believe ‘profit’ is evil, without understanding that profit is simply having something left over when you’re done with your work. And ‘obscene’ profits mean you’re smarter, work harder, and have a better idea – that results in surplus that can be reinvested to make more obscene profits. It’s a good thing – and it’s why we don’t live in thatch roof homes in the Dakotas any more.

    Does he really think families who make $250k just ‘sit around and count their money’? He might have – as he and his wife have lived their adult lives in government/quasi-government patronage jobs paying hundreds of thousands of dollars – and reportedly barely showing up for work. He goes to galas where he extorts $38,500/plate from nouveau riche people in the Silicon Valley – so money must be easy to get for the rich, right? We just need to take a little bit – to wet our beaks – from their fortune. Right?

    But as to the real $250k household? They are probably 45 years old, have a $600k mortgage in a house that is under water, 2 kids who will go to college ($250k/each) without all the freebies he got, pay $150k or more a year in taxes, and probably have to hire help so they can work 11 hours a day each to make all that dough, and at least one of them travels over night 10-15 nights per month. Yeah, they’re busy counting their crosses of silver and gold.

    I hope he keeps this up. It’s profoundly arrogant, foolish, ill-informed, stereotyping and un-presidential. But as those characteristics surround his presidency, what else would we expect?

  • clw

    Because of OBAMA, every child born today is IMMEDIATELY $30,000 in DEBT!

    16-20 years from even WORKING. HOW is this OK, on any level of rational thinking?

    The fact is, liberals arein power NOW and know that this is the ONLY time they can push their illogical, foolish, agenda thru, despite the fact that it is wrecking our country and our future.


    • loudog

      and the unfunded wars had nothing to do with it? Bailing out the finance industry and buying treasuries to keep interest rates low had nothing to do with it? The unemployment benefits for 10% of workers during the recession had nothing to do with it? The tax cuts and increased borrowing while we rebuild two countries had nothing to do with it? Short memory?

      • truebearing

        Obama has increased the debt, in just two years, than all other presidents combined.

        Reality apprehension problems?

      • clw


        When foolish politicians on both sides (the left moreso than the right, clearly), spend money foolishly, and then comes the “hero” Obama promising everyone he’s going to cut the deficit in HALF and then promptly raises it to 14 trillion… Good God, making it WORSE is excusable?

        • loudog

          Not excusable but you completely left out 2000-2008.

          • clw

            I refuse to be one of those people whose first reponse is “Bush”, “Bush lied”, “Bush did it”, “Look what Bush did”, “Bush did it too”…

            When you do that, you suddenly have NO credibility in any argument you put forth.

            Because everyone recognizes BDS for what it is: an inability to look at the facts and use reason instead of a partisan scapegoat/excuse.