The Creepiest Easter Bunnies [SLIDESHOW]

Those ears. Those teeth. That frozen, menacing smile. It’s no wonder children often scream in fear and flee from this frightening furry character, better known as the Easter Bunny. The holiday may be nice for those celebrating, but bunnies don’t always heighten the experience in a positive way. If you’ve ever encountered a scary bunny, you’ll recognize the pain of the poor souls below. Enjoy these pictures of the creepiest bunnies in the bunch and be sure to avoid sketchy Easter rabbits during all future Easter egg hunts!

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  • Help! The Easter bunny is about to eat a little girl!
  • We'd run too.
  • Is this the Easter bunny or a large, white beaver?
  • There is nothing that isn't creepy about that bunny. From his facial expression to his wardrobe, he's just plain scary.
  • This is just absolutely terrifying.
  • The mother seems to be enjoying this way more than her child.
  • This moment definitely traumatized this little girl for the rest of her life.
  • Clearly the Easter bunny seemed a lot less frightening from far away.
  • She's got the right idea...BOLT!
  • This Easter bunny is just sitting WAY too close for comfort.
  • Well... at least the little girl looks happy.
  • Easter bunnies should not be brown. Someone get the boy on the left off his lap!
  • "Donnie Darko" rabbit Frank wasn't an Easter icon, but he definitely paved the road for creepy bunnies.