Tea Party to take angst to GE shareholder meeting in Salt Lake City

Tea Party activists are taking their message all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah for General Electric’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday. FreedomWorks, along with the Free Enterprise Project and local Tea Party groups, is planning a rally before the meeting to demand the firing of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

“Jeff Immelt is the face of government-corporate cronyism in America today,” said Russ Walker, VP of Political and Grassroots Campaigns at FreedomWorks. “As President Obama’s hand-picked chair of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, Immelt abandoned the tenets of free enterprise to lobby on behalf of rent-seeking General Electric, and restrict its competitors in the marketplace.”

FreedomWorks and the Free Enterprise Project launched a campaign against GE last fall as part of a larger effort to boycott businesses that lobby for or support the progressive agenda. The campaign is based on polling data that show when consumers are told about businesses lobbying for a progressive agenda, public opinion of the company drops dramatically.

The Free Enterprise Project will also be urging shareholders at the meeting to vote for a proposal that would require GE to disclose the business risk assessment of changes in federal climate change policy. In the past, GE has been an advocate for green technology and policies like cap and trade.

“Investors must be made aware of the significant business risk associated with GE’s gambit to profit from climate change fears,” said the Free Enterprise Project’s Tom Borelli. “To date, GE CEO Jeff Immelt has failed to inform investors that demand for the company’s renewable energy products is subjected to a host of political and scientific risks.”

“GE must tell its investors that demand for the company’s wind turbines and solar panels is driven by government regulation and mandates,” Borelli added.

At one point, GE attempted to prevent a shareholder proposal like the one the Free Enterprise Project is urging from even being submitted by appealing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC, however, rejected GE’s appeal and argument that disclosing information related to climate change policy is part of the company’s ordinary business practices already.

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  • Frank Essary

    I think it is high time we demonstrate in front of each and every one of these Facist’s homes. Big industries in Germany, and Italy did the same thing in the 30’s and 40’s. Big industries like totalitarians because it cuts down on competition.

  • Granus

    Light bulbs? Appliances? One jet engine and its maintenance contract is worth more than all the ranges and lightbulbs you’ll purchase in a lifetime. This Tea Party visibility is far better. Continuous exposure of this oligarch is far better. Also, dump the board that has made this travesty possible. It contains some used-to-be-good folks who have apparently forgotten what they’re supposed to be doing on the board and should be ashamed. Others, academics and political contacts, are there as connections, Immelt “fellow travellers.” It’s time they all went. Look them up, see who they are (and aren’t) Here’s a list. Keep their names out there. Dump them all. Now. Also, it’s way past time KPMG went, too. They are just part of the crowd. W. Geoffrey Beattie
    James I. Cash, Jr.
    Anne M. Fudge
    Susan Hockfield
    Jeffrey R. Immelt
    Andrea Jung
    Alan G. Lafley
    Robert W. Lane
    Ralph S. Larsen
    Rochelle B. Lazarus
    James J. Mulva
    Sam Nunn
    Roger S. Penske
    Robert J. Swieringa
    James S. Tisch
    Douglas Warner III

    Clean-up the rat’s nest and let the good people in this once great engine of capitalism be proud again.

  • LordHowardHurts

    The Coming Crisis
    Like the housing crisis that even the “experts” did not see coming, that has thrown this countries economy into the future realm of massive inflation, the New Crisis will test both the desire and strength of this nations citizens to continue with the Noble Experiment called Freedom. Our freedoms have gradually been eroded, and removed, through lack of education about the Philosophy of the history of this great country. And even though most citizens endure 12 years of basic education, there are few graduates who hold even the most basic idea of the concept of freedom, and the necessary work and sacrifices needed to keep this Experiment alive.

    We currently are living in an era that brings new meaning, and definition, to Time and Space. Because of technology, time seems to be moving faster than just 70 years previous. And as the speed of time increases, our population is exploding upwards, making it more difficult for our citizens to understand that regardless of the expanding technology all around us, there is still a need for persons to pour concrete, flip burgers, and stand by the roadside, each day, holding a sign that reads: “Slow! Paving Workers Ahead”. Speed suddenly becomes the “drug” of the “future world” and society. And not wanting to face the reality, that to continue this desire for speed, society, by necessity, will have to have a workforce of “drones”, the elites disregard all Natural Laws, and supplant these Natural Laws with self serving, irrational, Socialistic Laws; Socialistic “theories” that have been tried over and over again, since the beginning of the human race, and have always ended in failure. Freedom is so elusive, and precious, because it, like a well kept garden, needs to be fed, watered, pruned, and tended, and any failure to provide this care always results in death.

    So here we stand at the “fork in the road”. One road leading to “Death”, and the other leading to “Freedom”. We have as our guide, President Obama. His history is hidden from us because Elites have a need to protect each other, and their misguided ideas, but his past actions make it clear that he is a fraud, a liar, a bragger, a non performer in the American economy, a person who has been “dragged along” by others because he is a non thinker (puppet), a Muslim in theory, if not actual practice, and a hater of The American Constitution. Now, which road do you think he will take? We have two more years of his “Steering” this Nation, and unless we are a Nation of Cowards and Sheep, it is time we remove him…. Immediately. He is well aware that his “Cover” is broken and his “Coded Speech” has been deciphered, and it is certain he will mount all his available forces against The Constitution. Our Supreme Court is too cowardly, and too socialistic leaning, to give the correct interpretation to issues needing the guidance of that body (look at the issue of Obama’s birth certificate and his qualifications to serve as President). So, if this Republic is to survive, it will take the work and daring of brave citizens to see that Obama is removed from office before the elections of 2012. For if “we” decide to sit and wait, I assure you that 2012 will be a Coronation rather than an election.
    Lord Howard Hurts

    • cnter91

      Are you one of those people who hold big signs abd stand around yelling about the apoloclypse at subway stops?

  • emem

    I just watched the West video……
    I still support a boycott, but not any kind of meeting disruption.

  • Taxpayer

    I’ve already stopped buying GE light bulbs. I may need to buy a new oven soon, and it won’t be a GE.

    • spike1120

      Until the Board of Directors of GE get rid of Immelt I will never buy ANYTHING that is GE made.

      Jeff is drunk with WH bs.

      But the Board of GE isn’t stupid and so they hang back lest bo stops doing biz with GE over getting rid Immelt.

  • ojfl

    I am not sure how I feel about this. If the Tea Partiers are GE shareholders then I think it is OK. But if not I am not sure. But I am open to changing my mind on it.

  • emem

    Good, and while we’re at it, can we stage a national boycott of all things GE?

    • cyborg0012

      I all for that! There does need to be an organized boycott of GE. Alternatives to their products need to listed.

      • notalone

        I totally agree with you. I refuse to purchase anything GE and would love to see it become widespread.