Atheists seek chaplain roles in military

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — In the military, there are more than 3,000 chaplains who minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of active duty troops, regardless of their faiths. The vast majority are Christians, a few are Jews or Muslims, one is a Buddhist. A Hindu, possibly even a Wiccan may join their ranks soon.

But an atheist?

Strange as it sounds, groups representing atheists and secular humanists are pushing for the appointment of one of their own to the chaplaincy, hoping to give voice to what they say is a large — and largely underground — population of nonbelievers in the military.

Joining the chaplain corps is part of a broader campaign by atheists to win official acceptance in the military.

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  • virginiagentleman

    In one word, NO.

    • dogismycopirate

      Thanks. Major Hussan gets a mullah or some such thing, but my kid, who’s ancestors fought at Shiloh, gets squat. Good job.

  • ChickFight

    Pure drivel. Atheists can see counselors if need be. To name an atheist ‘Chaplain’ is insane and offensive. And, btw, Secular Humanism is indeed, a religion, and not necessarily atheist.

    • Carl Spackler

      Counselors could be religous. It’s hard being an atheist and constantly having to tip toe around others’ sensitive religous feelings and hostility, as demonstrated here. If a non-believer signs up to fight, treat him equal. Give him an existential philosopher. Keep pushing that rock up the hill, my brothers. There is meaning in the journey.

  • esby

    I think it’s a good idea. It’s more for moral guidance under a mission umbrella. Having known several chaplains, I’ll have to say they are some of the most enlightened people I have ever met.

  • slinky

    It’s not about sermons or god. It’s about aid and comfort in time of need. There are lots of times in life when you need someone to talk to and not necessarily in a medical setting as was suggested by the therapist comment. I would imagine most Christians prefer to talk to a Chaplain trained in the Christian faith and not in Islam or Buddhism. And it’s the same with Athiests, they just want someone to talk with that shares their beliefs. Chaplains are not only trained in religion but also in how listen, comfort and help the individual find their way out of some of the dark places that life throws at them. There are lots of Athiests/Secular Humanists out there that are good, honest, moral people. Those traits don’t exclusively belong to the religous believers. So give them a break they’re serving our country honorably side by side with Christians, Jews, etc.

  • Jungle Jack

    I don’t understand an Atheist Chaplains’s mission.
    Is she/he to deliver non-sermons to non-believers? To console wounded troops who don’t believe in God with the hope of oblivion?
    As a former Marine who fought in Viet Nam, I don’t recall any wounded calling for an Atheist Chaplain!

    Semper Fi!

  • ojfl

    Insanity thy name is PC. If there is no belief in God why do they need a chaplain? Is not a therapist good enough?

    • tinteardrop

      “If there is no belief in God why do they need a chaplain?”

      Good point.

    • dogismycopirate

      If there is a
      god, why do you need a war?