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DC Comics turns Superman into a super-racist

AOL’s Comics Alliance blog reports:

In Action Comics #900, Superman announces that he is going to give up his U.S. citizenship. Despite very literally being an alien immigrant, Superman has long been seen as a patriotic symbol of “truth, justice, and the American way,” from his embrace of traditional American ideals to the iconic red and blue of his costume. What it means to stand for the “American way” is an increasingly complicated thing, however, both in the real world and in superhero comics, whose storylines have increasingly seemed to mirror current events and deal with moral and political complexities rather than simple black and white morality.

Whatever. We all know what this is really about. It’d be one thing if Superman renounced his U.S. citizenship under The Evil George Bush. But we put a black man in charge, and all of a sudden the Man of Steel heads for the exits? Nice try, Kracker-El. You might as well trade in that red cape for a white hood and join the Kryptonian Klux Klan.

More proof, if you’re racist enough to need it:

  • mm232

    Hmmm.. ‘Kracker-El?’ Let’s deal with some home truths here. The men that wore the white sheets and hoods were DEMOCRATS. The people who wrote and pushed the Jim Crow laws were DEMOCRATS, the people who founded the KKK were DEMOCRATS, and it was the DEMOCRATS who were the party of slavery too.

    Now, before I get into the subject at hand, and while I am a woman, as a girl I grew up reading Superman comics, and know in my heart that the character, were he real, would not renounce his US citizenship. I know the character, his ethics and values, as well as any male. Let’s get back down to those home truths again.. if we’re talking about the protests in Iran, and what’s going on around the world, it wasn’t the US citizenry who were indifferent to the protests in Iran, but the fascist leftist in chief in the white house, Barack Obama. He was completely indifferent to the abuses of power, the subhuman cruelty, despotism and savagery of the Iranian government. Just as Obama is indifferent to those same types of despotism around the world, and he exemplifies a desire to impose the same despotism here in the US. He and his fellow travelers have practiced double speak, a glaring hypocrisy in the face of the human and civil rights violations around the world, the misogyny, of honor killings, female genital mutilation, slavery, and genocide.. and that’s been just fine and dandy with Jim, the tin pot fascist who wrote this malarkey. Jim is the racist, because apparently he seems to think that a black man is incapable of being held responsible for his actions.. that is what Jim is saying, because he’s implied that it’s ‘racist’ to criticize Barack Obama for his hypocrisy, his lies, his abuse of power, his indifference to corrupt and criminal violations of rights. Jim is inferring that because of Obama’s skin color, he can’t be held to the same standards, can’t be expected to adhere to the rule of law, as a white man. Sounds to me that it’s Jim Treacher who adheres to the old DEMOCRAT belief that black people are less than white people.. just like in the old slavery days.. what was it Jim, 2/5’s or 3/5’s of a human being.. is that what you believe? Because that IS what you’re implying here Jim.

    Back to the character, Superman. He embraced the US values of truth, justice and the American way, because they mirrored the same values of his home planet, the values he was taught by his father. Were Superman, Kal-El, real, he would decry the corruption of Barack Obama, in fact, he would view Obama as a villain, who is in service to other villains. Superman would not only NOT renounce his US citizenship, he would protect the US citizenry against Obama and his fellow villains… and that’s because, not to do so, would violate his entire premise. And Superman would point out that the slugs who run the UN, are villains as well, who are corrupt and are acting every bit as evil as the villains in the comic books we all grew up reading.

    Now, you have a clutch of little tinpot Marxists hired to redefine Superman, to use the character as a propaganda piece. No doubt, the ‘new’ and not improved character will embrace the values of communist China, communist Latin American thugs, who engage in drug and human trafficking, control the media, slavery, despotism, who throw people in jail, or slaughter them for daring to speak out against the powers that be. That isn’t Superman, in fact it is so far removed from the character, it’s pathetic and pointless.

    People the world over loved the character, because they admired him, they will not admire this pathetic, sad joke. Kids aren’t going to buy into this, they won’t be indoctrinated by the anti-American, anti-truth and anti-justice twerp, who was hand picked to destroy Superman, just as they seek to destroy all things good and great about the USA, because they despise us. I guess what this means is, that it’s even more important for those of us who love our country, to try, in our own respective ways, to try and be as brave, and noble as the character we grew up loving, and take principled stands against this corruption, against propaganda and lies.

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  • terryjim

    After America opens her arms to the orphaned alien,
    never demanding a birth certificate,
    the DC writers/editors stab us in the back?

    What were you going for , increased sales in Cuba? North Korea? Iran?

    Why isn’t Captain Planet as popular as Superman? Because he’s as preachy and politicallty correct as the new Superman.

  • Snackrabbit

    I appreciate the spirit of the article but this is not a laughing matter. As Andrew Breitbart says- the culture is far more important than politics. And these leftist bastards have just managed to destroy one of the true, great, AMERICAN icons. I am a decades long fan of comics, I appeal to all conservative or liberatrian fans out there- I know it sucks but PLEASE send your emails and BOYCOTT all DC comics product and merchandise. WE CANNOT let this stand without DC and Warner paying a heavy price. If those of us who still cherish our constitution and the liberty it represents do not make our stand in the HERE AND NOW no one will! No more shrugging off this type of insideous garbage from croney capitalist america!

    • Raycheetah

      My letter to DC:

      Like so many kids who grew up in the US in the 20th Century, I grew up with comics, and that meant growing up with Superman. Superman wasn’t just the ultimate tough guy who could solve every problem with his powers, he was also someone who embodied virtues such as restraint, fair play, and even a sense of humor. Superheroes are our contemporary mythic heroes, reflecting who we are, and what we all want to be.

      Every kid wanted to be Superman.

      I remember in 1976 reading a special issue of Superman, a Bicentennial Year Imaginary Story about an infant Kal El coming to Earth in that year, and growing to maturity in 2001. It was an interesting modernization of the great origin story which molded the Man of Steel as the defender of Truth, Justice…

      …AND The American Way.

      Ironically, that chronology would make that the Man of Steel who, it has been announced, will in issue 900 of Action Comics renounce his American citizenship.

      You folks have killed Superman once before, but, of course, these are the comics of which we’re speaking, and death is reversible. Abandoning his US nationality is more a death of Superman than merely killing him off. It is an end of the myth which has sustained his image in the eyes of the American public, indeed, of the world, for almost eight decades.

      And for what? To express his unhappiness with being perceived as part of the government’s agenda? He could simply say he’s not, and who’s to argue the point? Is Superman so sensitive to the opinions of those who might not believe such a declaration that he would prefer to turn his back on America, itself?

      I am profoundly disappointed. This is not simply about a comic book character; it is about a piece of our national heritage. Our nation has, on the noisy and irrational face of it, become so self-loathing that it is now fashionable to decry America as less than good, as unexceptional, even as a force for bad.

      I choose not to conduct business with anyone who fosters those delusions about our great nation.

      I don’t need to see the new Superman movie being produced, nor the Green Lantern movie, nor any other movie, series, magazine, or anything produced by or in association with DC Comics. I will not participate in the economy of those who have killed one of my childhood heroes, more surely in spirit than ever in “the flesh” as a means to be “relevant.”

      Marvel Comics is also on a short leash, pending how they treat Captain America: The First Avenger, though the fact that they removed the character’s name from the title for foreign distribution doesn’t bode well. But Cap, however noble and strong, was NEVER what Superman has always been… until Action Comics 900.

      You have betrayed Superman’s myth, his creators’ vision and intent, and many more fans than you may realize.

      Contact DC at:


      • stoopdavydave

        Now that’s weird. Fifteen days later, this “reply to” button STILL works?
        Okay then.

    • stoopdavydave

      “these leftist bastards have just managed to destroy one of the true, great, AMERICAN icons.”

      Yuh-huh, destroyed him, yuppers. That’s the end of Superman, for sure.
      Back in the 1990s, one comics publisher (Topps?) did a Lone Ranger series (by Joe R Lansdale and Tim Truman), in one issue of which, Tonto punched out the L.R., for a reason that made sense in the context of that particular plot. Paul Harvey went on the air to wring his hands and wail about how awful that was and how it had destroyed America’s childhood and the age of innocence was over and boo hoodely hoo how awful it all was, sob sob.
      Like yourself, Paul Harvey made it OBVIOUS that he hadn’t read the comic book in question, and had NO stinking clue what that storyline was about.
      Only thing more annoying than a drama queen is a bluffing drama queen.

  • Nell

    Wwwwwooow, from 0 to race war in nothing flat, huh Jim? For all ya non-nerds out there, the DC Universe canon has had several minority US Presidents so far. Mexican-American Democratic candidate Martin Suarez was endorsed by both Superman and Batman (as Bruce Wayne). Having won by a hefty margin, President Suarez – at least I’m pretty sure – is still the President of the United States in the current DC “New Earth” (their primary world) storyline. Near as I can recall, George W. Bush and Barack Obama don’t exist in the DC “New Earth” storyline. The last “real world” POTUS was Bill Clinton, before Lex Luthor cheated his way in. Superman is so ho-hum, and he’s struggled with the implications of his citizenship several times over the years. The dude abandoned Earth several times, already. IMHO, Booster Gold is the true capitalist patriot of the DC Universe! 😉

    • stoopdavydave

      The most amazing thing about U.S.Presidents in the DC universe is the rapidity of their turnover.
      Courtney Stargirl Whitmore was a 16-year-old high school student when Lex Luthor first became president, and now, after, him, his successor Horne, and his successor Suarez, she’s STILL a 16-y-o high school student.
      It almost defies belief!

      • Nell

        Hah, yeah, that’s a good point. Time is so weird in the DC Universe, but I can totally sympathize given the number of titles between different writers, they have to juggle and try to fit into the continuity.

        BTW, to the folks complaining how Liberals have ruined Supes n’ Bats… Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, Ollie Queen, and a lotta other bigshots are left-leaning, and have been for quite some time. Seriously, you guys need to check out Booster Gold, Hawkman, Guy Gardner, Power Girl, Uncle Sam / Freedom Fighters, Secret Six, or Doom Patrol if you want some old school badass red-blooded American-style gumption to rally behind!

        Stoopdavydave, I agree with your other comment above, most of the loudest detractors seem to be coming from people who haven’t picked up a DC comic since The Crisis on Infinite Earths – if ever at all.

        From the context of the story, it would make sense for Superman to question maintaining his US citizenship, as IT PUTS THE UNITED STATES AT RISK. What if Superman has to fight against a member of The Great Ten for ethical or personal reasons. As a US citizen, China may misconstrue or manipulate Superman’s actions into an act of aggression by the United States, against China, whether the US authorized Supes or not.

        Since his alter-ego, Clark Kent, is still largely a secret, he can still live in the United States in his off time. And, as the need dictates, he can operate as a soldier of Earth. Or maybe he can have a civil union with Martian Manhunter… Whatevs… The point is, if folks were familiar with the current incarnations of the Superman character (it changes as the writers change), they’d know that this ISN’T an outrageous development. This HAS some history. There is some sense behind it. And, it could just be a contrived move to just garner more readership, and they’ll change their decision at the last second… Kinda like the numerous “deaths” of Superman. The ONLY people who thought Supes was going to stay dead, never read a comic book in their lives.

  • AbsolutelyRight

    Forget DC comics and their character franchises. I for one will no longer be passing the tradition on to my children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Just had it with their anti-american politically correct BS. I won’t be buying them the comics, nor I will I see the movies. I guess since DC is now owned by Time Warner, Arianna Huffington will now have editorial control over the story lines. I guess they’ll have Superman “citizen of the world” go back in time and bring the evil Karl Rove to justice.. just garbage and very disappointing to have America torn down a piece at a time by these stupid lefties.

  • ghost

    Apparently he renounces his citizenship to stand with the Iranian pro-democracy demonstrators, which undermines the administrations policy of seeking unilateral talks with the regime.
    So what this really shows is that Superman is a PUMA, paving the way for Hillary 2012.
    Which I guess is still just another way of saying he’s racist.

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  • pmm

    If I had a choice between espousing my policy preferences as either a hipster d-bag script writer in an industry that is a loss leader for the movies, video games, and toys, or as “Superman” or “Captain America”, I know which one I’d choose.

  • 13times

    “storylines have increasingly seemed to mirror current events and deal with moral and political complexities rather than simple black and white morality”

    Clark Kent will be leaving the Daily Planet for his new job at The Guardian. In other unrelated news, Superman will now be headquartered at the Hall Of Moral Relativism in Brussels.