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Elderly perverts Bill Maher & David Letterman mock likely voters

This is from Monday night, but as Jim Gaffigan says, “I wanna talk about it now.” It’s not like a few more days matter to these two fossils:

Wow, they sure told us. “Down with corporate America. We’ll be right back after these words!” And here’s a New Rule: Whenever Bill Maher precedes a statement with “There are these things called facts,” get ready for whatever horsecrap he got from Kos and Media Matters that day.

By the way, Bill: Obamacare. Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare. Obamacare. The more you hate hearing it, the more we love saying it. It’s just a good thing you’ll never have children or grandchildren, because they’d be paying for Obamacare — which is another word for Obamacare — long after “teabagger” goes out of style.

Have a nice day, teabaggee. Now stop scratching that, it’ll get infected.

P.S. I have to admit, Maher has finally said something that made me laugh:

That’s right, Bill Maher just accused The Onion of plagiarism. Here’s the headline of the story he’s talking about:

Maher’s got a good case, except for the fact that August 2009 happened, um, before February 2010. But then, he’s never been very good with numbers. He claims ABC cancelled Politically Incorrect because of what he said right after 9/11, which is weird because the show lasted until July 2002. Guess calendars are for teabaggers.

P.P.S. Maybe Maher is still angry about this old story from The Onion:
Bill Maher Spends All Night Arguing With Republican Hooker

  • belgianbrain

    Elderly perverts huh… stay classy, hypocrite.

    Bill Maher’s point is valid, it’s the wars, stupid.
    If you’re for small government, see if you supported these fake wars.

    Obamacare means nothing compared to Afghanistan, get a grip on reality ffs.

  • zelda

    I just can’t believe Maher said “stole my placenta” in that order in the same sentence. He really is short.

  • jackw3526

    It just occurred to me that I must be getting old because I can remember a time when at least one of these guys was actually funny!

  • callenlaw

    “You know, there are these things called dates…”

    • minicapt

      Which explain Bill’s splendid collection of calendars. Without them, Saturday nights would be truly lonely.


  • esby

    And teabagger will go out of style. Just like the Reform Party. Save those tri-corner hats for eBay!

    • cfarer

      Those tri-corner hats are sure selling a lot better on eBay than those old, dusty books on socialism.

      • esby

        Right, because nobody on the Left buys them. I think DC readers buy Alinsky just to get scared under the covers. Speaking of dusty books, how about Ayn Rand? That movie’s doing blockbuster business, no?

        • Jim Treacher

          Individuals are making the rational decision that the movie isn’t worth their hard-earned money, and it’s not getting a bailout from the government. What a thorough repudiation of Randian principles.

          • esby

            It didn’t get a bailout from the government, but its producer did: http://bit.ly/jcTEVP

            “Cybex had been looking to state government for several years, or frankly, it had to leave,” said John Aglialoro, Cybex’s chairman and chief executive officer.

            So much for walking the walk. :)

          • Jim Treacher


          • SDN

            Jim, what esby forgets is that stealing your money back from government thieves is very Libertarian.

  • Mike Jonze

    We were discussing this interview in my office this morning (how awful Bill Maher is, etc.) and a senior partner poked his head out of his office and said that he had gone to high school with Bill Maher in Montvale, NJ and said he was an obnoxious prick then, too. Just thought I’d pass that along.

    • Jim Treacher

      It might be tougher to find anybody he’s ever met who’d say different.

  • redla

    Couldn’t bring myself to watch. Thanks for the summary below.

    When kids on the playground announce, “New rule!” it’s to fix some unforeseen consequence going wrong in their game. How appropriate for liberals to adopt this ad hoc childish system.

    Maher is classic Hollywood – insecure about his looks so he got rich and famous to get hot women. Can’t blame him, but settling down with a nice girl is another less sleazy option.

  • fingerbang

    Better to be a Teabagger than a Teabaggee.

    • zelda

      This is what I always say. That and “open wide, bitches.” Of course with Bill Maher, I’d have to make him keep his foreskin nose out of the way, but a good donkey punch should make him more pliable. Plus, he’s pretty short. Gosh, I like all this New Tone!