University of Iowa Republican student gets taste of left’s ‘civility’ in profane professor email

University of Iowa student and Iowa Federation of College Republicans chair Natalie Ginty was shocked when a tenured professor at her school sent her an email reading “FUCK YOU, REPUBLICANS.” It was a response to a campus-wide email the College Republicans sent out promoting their “Conservative Coming Out Week.”

But what’s even more shocking to Ginty is that her university has neither fired Professor Ellen Lewin, the author of the email, nor taken any disciplinary action against her. Ginty filed a formal complaint Tuesday and the school’s investigators scheduled a formal meeting with Ginty next week.

If the situation was reversed and it was a conservative professor ridiculing a liberal student, Ginty is sure university officials would have already acted to discipline the professor and that more media would have focused on the story.

“The hate speech, everybody would be screaming about it. It would be very different,” Ginty told The Daily Caller. “I think there would be a lot more media and the university would be forced into action. The University of Iowa does tend to be especially liberal, if a Republican professor were to say anything to the socialist group or the LGBT group or the Democrats, I feel like it would be very different.”

Ginty said even her Democratic friends have noted the university’s failure to act quickly to handle the situation, adding that this issue isn’t one that should split along party lines. “It is a common decency thing and having civil discourse,” Ginty said. “I mean, when you use swear words for your argument, you can’t effectively argue your argument, basically. That’s just what Ellen resorted to.”

Ginty said she’s begun referring to Lewin as ‘Ellen’ instead of Professor Lewin because she only “use[s] the term ‘professor’ or ‘Miss’ when I respect someone. I obviously don’t have much respect for her.”

Lewin sent the College Republicans a written apology, but shortly thereafter sent another email with an “additional note” accusing them of “appropriating language of the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender] movement” in their original email, implying that the College Republicans stole the phrase “coming out” from liberals.

“Despite the Republicans’ general disdain for LGBT rights you called your upcoming event ‘conservative coming out day,’ appropriating the language of the LGBT right movement,” Lewin wrote. “Your reference to the Wisconsin protests suggested that they were frivolous attempts to avoid work. And the ‘Animal Rights BBQ’ is extremely insensitive to those who consider animal rights an important cause.”

Lewin also complained about Ginty calling her ‘Ellen,’ instead of referring to her as professor.

“In the email that Ms. Ginty sent complaining about my language, she referred to me as Ellen, not Professor Lewin, which is the correct way for a student to address a faculty member, or indeed, for anyone to refer to an adult with whom they are not acquainted,” Lewin wrote. “I do apologize for my intemperate language, but the message you all sent out was extremely disturbing and offensive.”

  • icWatiz

    If “coming out” is “owned” by the gay rights groups, wouldn’t “marriage” be then “owned” by the Christians? Aren’t they then “appropriating our language”? I think “marriage” is just as momentous and significant a word/phrase as “coming out”, wouldn’t you?

  • Ridingcrops

    Blah, blah, blah! Why don’t you go cry us a river like boner would do. You don’t see people like Obama crying because idiots like Steele claimed he started 2 wars do you?

  • Lindsay80
  • PresidentItsnotmyfault

    I hope that the people that spew this kind of hatred know that at some point in the future, there will most likely be another civil war in this country. My fear is that it will probably be bloodier than the last one, and overwhelmingly one-sided.

    Liberal haters need to take note of the level of vitriol and violence that they initiate, because I can tell you that as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, conservatives are not going to sit back passively forever and take it on the chin. There’s only so much a people can take when their very lives, freedoms, and families are being threatened.

    I sincerely hope and pray that it never happens, but if the far-left in this country keeps pushing, there will be a backlash. There always is and there always was. Think hard before you foist and force your views on other fellow Americans. If you tip the spear, it best be sharp.

    • Liberalsareblind

      Unfortunately, I agree with you. I think that’s the direction this country is ultimately headed towards.

  • Baltotrav

    Metanoia you totally stole my comment! My Dad was saddened that he could no longer say “what a gay party”. He would be 96 years old (God rest his fun loving soul) and gay was an adjective he used when he was young, perhaps even at a friends coming out party. It’s sad when you have to mull over every single though you are about to utter as to be certain it is not offensive to anyone.