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Wait, there was a royal wedding? Why didn’t anybody say so??

Just kidding, laugh out loud. Congratulations to Prince Whozit and Princess Whatsername, who should finally be married already by the time you read this. Every dying empire needs its superfluous figureheads, and they’re more attractive than most. Well, one of them is, anyway.

Yay. Everybody dance.

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  • mojo

    We (well, ok, not personally) fought a revolution in order to be able to swoon over medieval pomposity while not being subjected to it. Or something like that.

    • slightlyaboveaverage

      Dead right, Mojo.
      For the right to swoon over them or NOT swoon over them.


      Synonyms: apathy, not giving a cr@p, casualness, having a life, complacence, disinterestedness, content with one’s own reality, disregard, incuriosity, preferring to shave one’s privates with a rusty cheese grater, incuriousness, insouciance, nonchalance, torpor, unconcern
      Antonyms: concern, giving a rat’s behind, interest, regard

  • ghost

    Sure, it’s anachronistic, but this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day. It was fun to get my 5 year old daughter up this morning to see the princess in her wedding dress at the palace.

    • killtruck

      We were gonna do the same thing, but my 5 year old “don’t wike dat pwincess”

      So catty.

    • BillyShaft

      Geez, is this 1973? Invest in a TiVO or watch the clips on YouTube and let the lil kid get some sleep.

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  • minicapt

    That would be Prince Whozit, the Search & Rescue chopper pilot; his best man is the Unnamed Prince, an Apache chopper pilot who is lobbying for his second tour of Afstan.


    • Jim Treacher

      And congratulations to all the other chopper pilots who’ve gotten married.

      • comatus

        …says a guy who changed his name to remind us of fish, chips, and Shirley Temple’s butler. Really, old man, poor show.

        • Jim Treacher

          For congratulating newlywed chopper pilots? Okay. Well, I never said you couldn’t dream of being a princess…

    • BillyShaft

      Absolutely right! We should give these Royals at least the same level of circus that we give to the average Search and Rescue pilot…

      Or did you imply that the Royal wedding would be the proxy celebration for every military wedding? I will tell my nephew that he can cancel his wedding plans because some brit royals have cost their strapped economy some 5-7 Billion Pounds so that others don’t NEED to celebrate their lesser lives.


      • killtruck

        Someone’s a registered member of the Downer Party.