Hannity sincerely praises the White House: ‘It was the right thing to do’

While some struggled to determine what exactly Rush Limbaugh meant with his words in the wake of the Osama bin Laden announcement, the guy who follows Limbaugh’s time slot on the airwaves, Sean Hannity, had nothing but praise for President Barack Obama.

On his Monday radio show, Hannity called the president’s action “gutsy” and said that the issue isn’t political for him.

“I think what they did in the White House was a gutsy move,” Hannity said. “It was the right thing to do and now that we got this information from enhanced interrogation, I wonder if all [of] these liberal blasting me on Twitter are willing to praise President Bush for getting the intelligence ultimately. It’s just a thought. This isn’t political for me. This is about the safety and security of our country and in that sense, nothing is political. Anyone who does the right thing, I’m on board with.”

Hannity explained the unilateral action to take out bin Laden is what some conservatives have advocated for years when it comes to these matters.

“Now do you notice in this case that President Obama acted unilaterally,” he continued. “He didn’t seek out approval from the U.N. or NATO, or even Pakistan. And Pakistan is saying that they violating their sovereignty by killing Bin Laden. That fine — being a conservative, I’m fine with it. It’s exactly the kind of thing we have been arguing and we have been in favor of for years. It’s liberals if you recall that insisted unilateral actions are wrong. ‘It’s counterproductive, contrary to international law and the Geneva Conventions.’”

Hannity wondered how liberals would respond to the president’s unilateral action.

“Well I wonder what they’re going to say now?” Hannity said. “Are they going to concede that unilateralism can bring about a great good? Multilateralism in this case would have blown the entire operation. I mean there are some real questions we got to ask here. All right, does that mean that we can use enhanced interrogation techniques because they provide intelligence that can get the bad guys and lead to celebrations like we had last night?”


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  • michaelslevinson

    The day after 9 / 11, Osama bin Laden DENIED he had anything to do with the attack. Look it up. In every other terrorist act that he was involved in – the bombing of the USS Cole – Osama claimed the full responsibility an hour before the bomb went off! But not 9 / 11. It was because of the USS Cole, and a true American patriot, Special Agent John P. O’Neill that put Osama bin Laden on the top of the terrorist watch list.
    A few weeks after 9 / 11 there was a filmed interview with bin Laden and it appeared he was taking credit for the heinous act. Were you to replay that interview and listen carefully it was clearly hearsay.

    Osama bin Laden’s advisers told him the people in the planes were Saudi and because of 9 / 11 he, bin Laden was now a world figure, so he took the blame. When we captured all the lap top computers in all the Afghan caves, and the hard drive pass words were cracked, and the drives were studied, there was not even one mention in any of them of the planned attack on 9 /11.


    But not genteel looking bin Laden. Nope. He was the millionaire leader of al Qaeda so the responsibility for the terrorist act fell on his shoulders, and he accepted the blame, but he was innocent of the charge. It was the price for world-wide anti-American leadership, which he failed to capitalize on.

    Where has bin Laden been since Toraa Bora? Out of the picture. Even the so-called pod casts were questionable. Was it Ossie talking or someone pretending they were him? We really don’t know.

    When FB Eye field agents reported to Washington, D.C. there were Middle Eastern people going to airline school learning how to fly 747 planes, but not how to land them, the FB Eye bosses told the agents in the field mind to their own business.

    And not one of those scum bags lost their job. They knew something was up, with planes! They didn’t know exactly what but they wanted something to happen at the trade centers because the person in charge of security there was former Special Agent John P. O’Neill, the best FBI agent ever to come along in their history and the fascist bureaucrats running the F be Eye show hated him and pushed him out of the F Be Eye.

    Bush and Cheney DID NOT WANT a 9 / 11 Commission, or do you forget. When they met with the 9 / 11 Commission attorneys they brought their own attorneys with them and may have taken the 5th.

    The end F be eye result: Every telephone in America is tapped with the contents being stored, and F BI does name checks on anyone who seeks employment not only in a government agency, but with any company that does business with USA – East German Stassi Lite, the legacy of 9/11.

    Go ahead, grass hoppers, declare you are a candidate for congress and the first thing you are going to do is end the unconstitutional wire tapping by domestic counter-intelligence AKA F be Eye unt you will be veiled threatened by the f be eye and in the event you are not self employed your boss will call you into the office and tell you has to let you go. Home of the brave up a U S.

    I’m sorry they conveniently killed bin Laden. I would have applied to defend him as his attorney and I would have shown a jury that he could not be found guilty. The so-called al qaeda cell that pulled it off had its roots in Germany. The group was trained on plane takeovers by Abu Nidal. Bin Laden was suckered and so were we.

    In the whole world today there might be 2000 terrorist wanna bees and amongst them 20-30 people who can only day dream over a hookah pipe about hurting America. It is in the self interest of the fascist descendants of J. Edgarina, that pharaoh of fascists, the f aggot hypocrite who masterminded the destruction of your First Amendment rights, putting those wheels in motion in 1972 before he died, to keep the terrorist fears alive.

    Put bin Laden, pictures of him shot up in death, on billboards all over the Middle East. State, in Arabic: “all who dare follow bin Laden we will kill you and your wives and your children and your brothers and your sisters and all of their children for harming even one hair on the head of an American. Go ask Gaddafi how good we are at killing.”

    That should be an very effective billboard, though meaningless, because there aren’t any terrorists. If there are expect fire crackers in Congress.

    Middle East suicide bombers are paid with opium poppy harvest money that goes to the families of the suicide bombers. They aren’t here! Nor are they planning to be here.

    That’s the F Be Eye scam to keep chipping away at your constitutional rights. Either the 535 return our rights, or we DUMP the 535.

    We ought to all be able to agree, regardless our party affiliation, as a body the 535 members of Congress have, like all fascists, an agenda. They above us, in office, selling out to the special interests all day in every way. They must go.

    michael s lev in son dot com edict ( a related voice heard from)

  • lamecherry

    What should have been completed is capturing Sheik bin Laden to be utilized as a hostage as the American military has accomplished in previous eras to make an enemy behave.

    The Sheik was worth more alive than dead, as he would lead to foreign governments and other terrorists who could be blackmailed and leveraged in governments to US policy and neutralizing the terrorists.

    How do you now kill bin Laden twice when New York goes up in a mushroom cloud?

    This was shortsighted, narcissistic and Birther timed Obama bad policy.

    It is too bad the DC allows liberal hate to be posted on here and puts Conservatives on a moderator hold which never posts.

  • WordOfDog

    What a joke. Suddenly, we are where we are now because of GWB. The fact of the matter is that Obama set out to get Bin Laden and He got him…and GWB failed to get him: end of story. At one point in his presidency, GWB said he wasn’t thinking of or even that concerned about Bin Laden.

    Face it…GWB was a crappy president and he threw this country in the toilet

    • 8second.ride

      “GWB said he wasn’t thinking of or even that concerned about Bin Laden.”

      Of course, it would have been much more wise and presidential to state to the world that he lies awake at night scared to death of what bin Laden would do next. No, no, that would in no way have encouraged bin Laden and made him think he won.

      The left has lost their collective minds trying to spin 12 different ways without losing the liplock on Obama’s a*s.

  • clw

    So the first shocker for me was Obama and the snipers who took out the pirates off the coast of somalia. That was breathtaking accuracy. Now the seals and this operation where they land ON BIN LADENS HOUSE and take him out with a bullet to the head, instead of dropping a cluster bomb on the compound. I’ve heard that was Obama’s choice, to avoid collateral damage.

    So in my view Obama is two for two in heading up seriously dangerous and politically risky (for a liberal) operations, with striking successes in both. For those things I can not give him enough praise.

    I STILL maintain that he is a lousy President overall, HOWEVER, he seems to shine in these covert military operations for whatever reason. President Transparency he is not, but apparently that’s a good thing.

  • lrgon

    You got to understand that Hann-a twit can’t think on his own without his talking points from Heritage and the neocons handed to him.

    The Obama and that fool former major of the big apple, Julette-Annie, are using this event as a political stumping moment.

    If it was “blowback” that the prez was trying to avoid why didn’t they just send in some engineers from the 339th engineer Corps to unplug his dialysis machine.


    WOW!, even Hannity falls for it!….fascinating!

    What follows is all over the entire NET, many sites, many places, many blogs;
    An spectacular event!….is it?

    Obama’s glory,Obama’s triumph,…and so Bin Laden is dead…hold that thought;
    Walk with me;

    Bin Laden is suposely identified, killed,and then(very quickly)burried in the sea(viking style?)..was he a hero?…to who?

    First, as result – no body/ no corpse…it is said that that would prevent a shrine to the man(Osama)…how convenient!….however this man is already an icon /idol/symbol for the islamic-muslim jihaddist assassins terrorists all over the world….is he not?

    Second, the death of Bin Ladin had been something very well wanted and expected to all americans and the rest of the free world,….correct so far?…and so giving this kind of news/info to the americans and everyone else, that alone contitutes a factor of almost veneration for to whoever made this to happen.

    So the timing – of this ‘event’ – is so convenient for one, who are in a very bad shape to the majority of the american public and the rest of the free world…and who is this one?…Barack Obama, the one occupying the presidential platform in the United States Of America.

    Last week he(Obama)presented,the controversial birth certificate (and that was supose to end there,…)but Mr Obama needed another…huu!…let’s say…. back-up push to looks good (or better) among the audiences…and so here comes the capture-killing of Osama Bin Laden.

    One presentation right behind the other…reason?…simple and so obvious, to ensure and solidify a re-election for a secon term to continue the sabotage against our great country.HE IS LOW IN SO MANY LEVELS….is he not?

    Many out there, do not see this(not just yet), and therefor something like this will be saidto be as conspiracy theory.But the reality is that we do not need conspiracy theories, we are living it…THE OBAMA EXPERIMENT/THE OBAMA REGIME..brougth into power through DECEPTION, FALLCIES, FALSIFICATION, FRAUD.

    All this is very well crafted…TEAM-OBAMA is using all the angles thay can to engulf, once more, the american public…for now he belives he is to be seen as a bonafide and legalized american born individual, and a war-hero/defender of the country, for he is said to continued and finalized the work of Pres Bush.

    Two events, one right behind the other,…two hoaxes/fabrications – in less than two weeks – presented to the american public (and the world),…and some people out there is swallowing it.

    Bottom line; Bin Laden possibly was dead for quite some time,….and the fact was kept to be presented – on this special way – when the convenient time would arrive,…and the time arrived.

    One last thing;… why not to give credit (the benefit of the doubt) to Obama for this….uhh… spectacular event?…smple, THE OBAMA BAND feed largely on ‘the benefit of the doubt’ standpoint…they are master of deception, falsification, and fraud….are they not?

    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/05/02/krauthammer-obl-capture-restores-american-military-dignity/#ixzz1LDZdKWap

  • GeniousIQ

    While Trump was playing games, Obama made decisions. President Obama – Clown Trump.

    • truebearing


      You’re showing your stupidity again. Trump isn’t the president, yet. Obama is, unfortunately, and there is no equivalency there whatsoever. It is Obama’s job to do these kinds of things. Presumably, that is why you fools elected him. You act like what he did is somehow miraculous or superhuman. It isn’t, it wasn’t, it was his JOB. The fact that he finally did his job is somewhat encouraging, but the fact it has taken him so long to do one thing right isn’t.

    • 8second.ride

      And while Bush was doing the heavy lifting and putting into position the military policies that got us Bin Laden, Obama was sitting in Rev. Wright’s church listening to “God D*mn America” and voting “present”.

      Trump, on the other hand, is an American citizen. Exactly, what is it that he was supposed to do? Of all the things I’ve read today from the left, this has got to be the most ridiculous of arguments. What’s more ridiculous? the fact that you keep repeating it.

  • truebearing

    A very well reasoned comment from Hannity, and clever too. The left has to deal with the truth of what he is saying, sooner or later.

    Assuming that they really got Osama and it wasn’t a mistake, or worse, one has to say Obama finally did something right. It was the right thing to do, though a case could be made that not bringing the body back was really stupid.

    It just goes to show that even an anti-military, anti-CIA leftist can get gung-ho when his power is threatened. Would Obama have done this 2 years ago? I doubt it.

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  • lukuj

    Would Rachel Maddow, Schultz, Maher, or Behar every sincerely praise a Republican president as Hannity praised Obama? I hope I’m wrong, but I sincerely doubt it.

    • mapletree

      I give Hannity credit for saying the right thing. Obama made the right decision and am glad he did. What’ amazing is that this was a 40 minute operation and one bullet to Osama. Amazing efficiency! Regarding the clowns at MSNBC, they would never praise a Republican president. They would have been arguing for Osama to be put on trial in NY in front of an international court, appointing lawyers to serve him, give him a nice jail cell with Islamic standard foods, giving him every Constitutional right, and the trial would go on for 5 years.

      Last, let us never forget that Osama was a very wealthy man and many lefties would argue that it is American wealth (that we somehow stole from other countries) that leads terrorists to do their deeds. No, Osama was very wealthy and financed the terror himself.

    • opedanderson

      Hear, hear