Obama admin message post-bin Laden death: There’s nothing America can’t do

The administration is trying to convert its successful killing of Osama bin Laden into domestic political clout, as it faces  a tough summer of deficit-debates, rising gas-prices and and stubborn unemployment numbers.

The political “unity that we felt on 9/11 has frayed a little bit over the years, and I have no illusions about the difficulties of the debates that we’ll have to be engaged in, in the weeks and months to come,” President Barack Obama told a White House dinner for Hill chairmen and chairwomen last night. “It is my fervent hope that we can harness some of that unity and some of that pride [sparked by the bin Laden killing] to confront the many challenges that we still face,” he said at the close of his short speech before the dinner.

That message is very compatible with the Obama’s political needs. His ratings have been sliding downwards in line with numerous economic indicators, and there’s no economic rescue-force in sight. A significant number of Democrats are joining GOP calls for the addition of spending-cuts to the pending debt-ceiling legislation, the GOP-controlled House is investigating numerous ethical-short cuts in federal agencies, and an increasingly distant and discontented public sees the nation is on the wrong track.

Obama’s ‘can’t-we-all-get-along’ message was first rolled when the president announced the successful killing of bin Laden. “Tonight, let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11,” he said. “I know that it has, at times, frayed.  Yet today’s achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people.”

The president repeated the message on Monday morning. “Today, we are reminded that, as a nation, there’s nothing we can’t do —- when we put our shoulders to the wheel, when we work together, when we remember the sense of unity that defines us as Americans,” the president said at a midday Medal of Honor ceremony for two soldiers killed in the Korean war.

The message is also being echoed by other cabinet officials and spokesmen. “I know there are some who doubted this day would ever come, who questioned our resolve and our reach,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added in a morning speech at the state department. “Let us remind ourselves, this is America. We rise to the challenge, we persevere, and we get the job done,” she said.

“The fact that we were able to accomplish this [attack] says a lot about our country and its perseverance… [and] the capability for Americans to come together to achieve difficult goals,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters assembled at an Monday afternoon press conference. “This is a good day for America and Americans,” he said.

Back in 1992, President George H. Bush enjoyed a united nation that celebrated the ouster of Saddam Hussein’s army from Kuwait. For a moment, his poll ratings soared above 80 percent, but they were quickly dashed by a stalled economy and Ross Perot’s populist movement. Bush’s last day at the White House,  Jan. 20 1993, became President Bill Clinton’s first day in the Oval Office.

  • dookhh

    Amazing. When Bush was in office seal team six was know as Cheney’s executive assassination team, now that Obama is in, they are the brave hero’s of seal team 6. Code pink was all over the news in Bush’s front yard, now they have evaporated. War is bad, the worst thing under Republicans. Under Democrats, its’ heroic and brave and right and just.. Bin Laden was unarmed? If this had happened under a republican and it was found out he was unarmed, it would have been deemed slaughter, under democrats it’s brave and heroic and just. The United Nations knew nothing of this unilateral (which is bad under Republicans but brave and heroic and just under democrats) action that violated Pakistans sovereign borders(which is bad under republicans but brave and heroic and just under democrats). One day the playing field will be level and when it does the right will run the table….

  • russ311

    A “Can we all just get along?” plea from the White House. How apropo to compare Rodney King with Obama at this stage of his administration.

    King, a convicted felon on parole was drunk and disorderly toward arresting officers after a high-speed pursuit driving DUI at up to 117 mph and when stopped, unlike his two passengers, King refused to submit to arresting officers. Because, as he later admitted, he would end up back in jail for parole violation with a DUI. He got a thumpin’.

    Obama, raised, educated and promoted to academic and political prominence on Marxist socialist ideals, arrives to the presidency with a petulant arrogance of anti-American displays designed to curry favor with America’s enemies, domestic and foreign. He and the Democrats perpetrate against the nation a one-two punch of socialist goals through congressional single-party diktat and presidential fiat for 18 months until the populace overwhelmingly tells them in off-year elections that their agenda is NOT the nation’s. A generation of majority voters raised to believe in American Exceptionalism, the very opposite ideals of Obama, told him and the current crop of Congressional leadership to course correct. The voters were instead of being listened to ignored, shoved aside and vilified as racist and right-wing loons, fascistic, astro-turf, greedy and selfish, while a lame-duck congress continued on their socialist driven course. As a result of the off-year elections, the Democrats and their agenda lost not only a super-majority in congress but the goodwill of a majority of potential voters. In his own words, Obama got a thumpin’, just like Rodney King.

    Obama and the Democrats, also like Rodney King, once they were seemingly stopped on their high-speed pursuit of the leftist agenda resisted arrest. And like King, who pathetically pleaded before the cameras for sympathy, Obama is doing likewise now. King was able to convince a minority segment of the population that his thumpin’ was the result of racist police and he swung the minority into a majority opinion to get off for his crimes. Obama intends to convince a minority segment of the populace that his thumpin’ was the result of the racist TEA party and turn a minority into again a majority opinion with a simplistic redressing of his mannequin-self into a more pro-American red, white and blue suit.

    Donald Trump may indeed be a “carnival barker,” but Obama is the carnival “ring-master.”

    “Can we all just get along?” ROFLMAO. Hey, Obama, from this 40-year veteran of the Cold War who knows a thing or two about commies, F you and the horse you rode in on.

    • truebearing

      Spot on! Nice analogy. The left aleays pulls the “lets get along and be bipartisan” when they lose power. When they are in power, it’s the iron fist of totalitarianism and intolerance on steroids.

      • russ311

        Much appreciated, tb. 😉

  • daveg000

    United we stand? Darn socialist!

  • dirtytricksjusttowin

    Thank you Pres Bush and Pres Obama!

    Now enough with the euphoria and let us go back to more important issues that majority of Americans also care about:
    – Budget
    – Economy
    – Foreign Policy (killing Bin Laden is not Foreign Policy)
    – Socialistic Agenda
    – Health care



    Well, everyone seems to be falling for another trick.
    And Obama ended his speech with solemnic words;…”one nation under God, with liberty,…and justice for all”…oh my!, oh my!…he really sounded patriotc , right?
    Can anyone out there seriously is buying this?…listen people, Obama and his band is moving the masses with the euphoria they are so in need to experience, got that?

    What follows is all over the entire NET, many sites, many places, many blogs;
    An spectacular event!….is it?

    Obama’s glory,Obama’s triumph,…and so Bin Laden is dead…hold that thought;
    Walk with me;

    Bin Laden is suposely identified, killed,and then(very quickly)burried in the sea(viking style?)..was he a hero?…to who?

    First, as result – no body/ no corpse…it is said that that would prevent a shrine to the man(Osama)…how convenient!….however this man is already an icon /idol/symbol for the islamic-muslim jihaddist assassins terrorists all over the world….is he not?

    Second, the death of Bin Ladin had been something very well wanted and expected to all americans and the rest of the free world,….correct so far?…and so giving this kind of news/info to the americans and everyone else, that alone contitutes a factor of almost veneration for to whoever made this to happen.

    So the timing – of this ‘event’ – is so convenient for one, who are in a very bad shape to the majority of the american public and the rest of the free world…and who is this one?…Barack Obama, the one occupying the presidential platform in the United States Of America.

    Last week he(Obama)presented,the controversial birth certificate (and that was supose to end there,…)but Mr Obama needed another…huu!…let’s say…. back-up push to looks good (or better) among the audiences…and so here comes the capture-killing of Osama Bin Laden.

    One presentation right behind the other…reason?…simple and so obvious, to ensure and solidify a re-election for a secon term to continue the sabotage against our great country.HE IS LOW IN SO MANY LEVELS….is he not?

    Many out there, do not see this(not just yet), and therefor something like this will be saidto be as conspiracy theory.But the reality is that we do not need conspiracy theories, we are living it…THE OBAMA EXPERIMENT/THE OBAMA REGIME..brougth into power through DECEPTION, FALLCIES, FALSIFICATION, FRAUD.

    All this is very well crafted…TEAM-OBAMA is using all the angles thay can to engulf, once more, the american public…for now he belives he is to be seen as a bonafide and legalized american born individual, and a war-hero/defender of the country, for he is said to continued and finalized the work of Pres Bush.

    Two events, one right behind the other,…two hoaxes/fabrications – in less than two weeks – presented to the american public (and the world),…and some people out there is swallowing it.

    Bottom line; Bin Laden possibly was dead for quite some time,….and the fact was kept to be presented – on this special way – when the convenient time would arrive,…and the time arrived.

    One last thing;… why not to give credit (the benefit of the doubt) to Obama for this….uhh… spectacular event?…smple, THE OBAMA BAND feed largely on ‘the benefit of the doubt’ standpoint…they are master of deception, falsification, and fraud….are they not?

    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

    • Drahcir

      Dayum, what a long drink of water!

      Daniel, I agree. Strange times a coming from that “brown” room in the WH.

    • ladylove

      no not everyone is buying his sudden rise to patriotism,

      most of us remember the man who refused to place his hand over his heart, and salute our GRAND FLAG

      we remember the man who refused to recite our PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE,

      we remember the man who refused to sing our NATIONAL ANTHEM, because he did not like it’s words.


      his wife, who told us all that she had absolutely no use for this GREAT NATION, until it gave her something, and nothing more.

      Obama will not live in this limelight for long, gas prices are still up, food prices are rising as gas prices rise, as every aspect of daily lives is impacted.

      Obama has not changed, he is still the narcissistic sociopath he has appeared to be, and nothing absolutely nothing more.

    • dirtytricksjusttowin

      Well said Daniel…..careful Kraut and Rove might go after you.

  • truebearing

    I can hear the fifes and drums! I can see the horse drawn cannons and the marching men, with their muskets and tri-cornered hats! Wait…..what’s that? It’s a flag draped hero, mounted smartly on a high-spirited white horse, shouting encouraging words to his weary troops…as he waves his new-found sword, his words echoing across the field….”Yes we can, yes we can!”

    It’s Barack Washington Obama! The great field general has arrived, in all his vain glory!

    In the background I hear some music….”it was just my imagination….runnin away with me… it was just my imagination, runnin away with me… (we can all appreciate life’s Temptations)

    Obama is really getting patriotic these days. Maybe we are an exceptional nation after all. Any day now I expect to hear Obama singing “Johnny Get Your Gun”.

    • ladylove

      thank you so much for the unwanted images LOL

      • truebearing

        I’m always happy to amuse at the expense of hypocritical, loopy lefties.