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Team Six: From Cheney’s Secret Assassination Squad to Obama’s Super-Awesome Cleanup Crew

As if it weren’t ironic enough that the Nobel Peace Prize-winning, staunchly anti-war President Obama is taking personal credit for killing Osama Bin Laden, he actually sent the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, AKA DevGru, AKA Team Six to do it.

Want to know more about Team Six? Here’s the second-smartest man on Earth to tell us what’s what:

The Colbert Report
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Ha ha ha! Mmmm, that’s good irony.

But wait. Cheney is bad and Obama is good, right? So… how will our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors avoid giving The Evil Dick Cheney any credit for this? What rhetorical gymnastics will they perform to praise the brave men they once slandered as the instruments of Satan? How can they celebrate this victory for their beloved Obama without reversing themselves on the methods he used to achieve it?

Aw, they’ll find a way. If all else fails, they can just pretend they never said any of that stuff.

(Hat tip: Mark Hemingway)

P.S. Keith Olbermann is an astonishing hypocrite. I know, I know, dog bites man… And as Michelle Malkin points out: “Guess we are all secret detention advocates now, eh?”

P.P.S. Mark Levin to Obama: You owe Dick Cheney an apology. Line forms to the right.

P.P.P.S. Nancy Pelosi is utterly consistent in her partisan hypocrisy.

P.P.P.P.S. Iowahawk: American pride is back out of the closet!

P.P.P.P.P.S. John Nolte: Hipster Irony Alert! Watch Stephen Colbert Celebrate Results of Cheney’s ‘Secret, Lawless Assassination Squad’ and ‘Torture’

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  • Concern.T.Roll

    I have to say Gooners is correct. I distinctly remember Obama giving speeches at Anti-Stupid War rallies to Anti-Some War advocates. They were waving signs like “SOME! wars are not the answer!!”

    His former allies and supporters such as Code Pink are clearly Supporters-Of-Most-Wars-Just-Not-The-Dumb-Ones. And they aren’t upset at him now and calling him a neo-neo-con in the liberal blogs for suddenly acting like a hawk, in opposition to his anti-war rhetoric. I’m not clear on the reason, but perhaps it’s because he changed aftershave…or something. That wacky guy!

    Like Gooners, I’m far to busy to Google something easily provable, so I’m going to just assume that I heard wrong, and the prize Obama was awarded in 2009 was actually the “Nobel NotStupidWar Prize”. It must have been for his extraordinary efforts at defining Stupid vs. NonStupid wars, because he never, ever portrayed himself as an anti-war politician.

    And, if only I could make time to Google, I could figure out how this darn Libya kinetic thinger fits the ObamaDoctrine “Totally Not A Stupid War” Nobel prize winning defintion. Oh well, like Gooners, my threshold for cognitive dissonance is near infinite. I find it helps if I think LOUDER not better.

    • gooners

      You make as much sense as the rest of these clowns, probably because like them you aren’t nearly as smart as you are. Here, I’ll help you out. This is a link to Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize speech:

      And here are some quotes:
      “We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth that we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. There will be times when nations – acting individually or in concert – will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified.”

      “For make no mistake: evil does exist in the world. A non-violent movement could not have halted Hitler’s armies. Negotiations cannot convince al Qaeda’s leaders to lay down their arms. To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism – it is a recognition of history; the imperfections of man and the limits of reason.”

      “the instruments of war do have a role to play in preserving the peace”

      “war is sometimes necessary”

      • Jim Treacher

        And then what happened, Goonie?

      • Concern.T.Roll

        Whoa. Whoa. WHOA. What’s with the friendly fire? I’m agreeing with you!

        The problem I have is that I did spend some time on the googles device. So I totally googled Bush’s speeches so I’d have some amunition to help you in this enemy territory. (Not THAT kind of amunition, you sickos! I’m all about the new tone.)

        It turns out, Bush was a fiscal conservative! He was all about running surpluses! He was in full support of balanced budgets. I mean, he gave actual speeches where he talked about limiting federal spending. And if I can find those speeches with teh google, and if he actually said those words to someone and then got quoted, it must be his actual policy!

        I am going to have to think Louder about how to reconcile a few speeches someone gave against a long track record of votes, demagoguery, allies, policies, appointments and supporters all clearly showing something else.

        Whatever I figure out, Obama’s still better than stupid Bush. He even said (thanks Google!) “I will only send our troops into harm’s way with a clear mission”. That really helps me with the Libya thing. Or it will when I think loudly enough.

        My worry now is that some evil/stupid Rethug will figure out the “I’m against stupid wars” stance and use it in a disingenous way. Like maybe say, “I’m not against raising taxes, only against stupid tax increases.” Then, they can always fall back on their cake-and-eat-too position (which would, I bet, totally be in google). It was totally sincere when Obama did it, but someone else might be a total hypocrite and use it to fool the rubes who defend their side with a knee-JERK reactions!

  • kranza

    Remember that old Ron Silver story? “Those are our jets now…”

    “Those are our secret assassination squads now.”