Justin Bieber egg thrower arrested, Bieber interviews bullied Casey Heynes

If you think you can get away with harassing pop singer Justin Bieber and YouTube legend Casey Heynes, guess again. Bieber, who was pelted with eggs during one of his Australia performances, can rest assured knowing the 17-year-old Bondi Junction egg thrower was taken to the police station for breaking and entering, trespass and malicious damage, reports Yahoo! News.

Bieber wasn’t the only one to get even with his harasser. Teenager Heynes, who became a worldwide hero earlier this year for body slamming his long-time bully in a viral YouTube clip, won the heart of The Biebs himself in addition to millions of bullying victims.

Impressed by Heynes’s story, Bieber flew the Australian teen out to the Melbourne concert and invited him on stage. The “Baby” singer tweeted on Monday, “pretty special night tonight in MELBOURNE….surprised someone me and the team look up to. a kid with a lot of courage.”

Joining the anti-bullying movement, Bieber tweeted the following day, “bullies make me #pesst – watch this. CASEY RULES!! #stopbullying.”

Bieber, who frequently appears in magazines, newspapers and talk shows, took a stab at conducting his own interview when he asked Heynes numerous on-camera questions.

“I want to ask you like, what was it like, like, just like, was your adrenaline just rushing when it happened?” Bieber asked.

“Yeah,” Heynes said.

“That’s it? … So he was just hitting you and then you just snapped?” Bieber asked.


“Had he bullied you before that?” Bieber asked.

“Yeah, about two weeks prior before that,” Heynes said.

“More people need to stand up for bullying,” Bieber continued. “Because it happens so much and like, it’s one thing to get bullied and stand up for yourself but more people have to like stand in and actually, you know, do something.”

In addition to being attacked with eggs, Bieber was bullied during his school days.

“It was actually, something [that] happened a lot for me,” Bieber said. “I always played sports … A lot of the times, you know, I would be really good at something, and so everyone wouldn’t like me because I was good at it and they would, you know, make fun of me and call me a show-off and stuff. But you know, I was just, I liked playing sports and I was good at it.”

Bieber recalled having difficulties making friends during middle school.

“In, like, sixth grade I just remember, you know, I didn’t have like a lot of friends,” Bieber said. “I had like, you know, maybe one or two friends.”

“I have one proper friend,” Heynes said.

“I have two friends,” Bieber said, fist bumping Heynes. “I have one more, but we’re still on the same level.”

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