Top official from Obama-backed black chamber faces criminal charges

A top official from the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc. – the Obama-backed, rival upstart to Harry Alford’s National Black Chamber of Commerce – has a checkered past and faces criminal charges from allegations he exploited a Hurricane Katrina victim.

According to Raleigh, N.C.-based WRAL, which broke the story, Brandon Trainer, who led the North Carolina Regional Black Chamber of Commerce and served as treasurer for the U.S. Black Chamber, skipped town in 2006 when he was charged with defrauding a Hurricane Katrina victim out of $1500.

Trainer also boasted of his Ivy League education at Harvard University, but records show he never even enrolled there as an undergraduate. He did attend classes in a career development program for one semester.

The revelations have left the North Carolina chamber in shambles, but Alford, head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, said his group would step into the void.

“We knew this was going to happen. We have contacted people in Raleigh and will go down there and assist them in starting a bona fide chamber. We are actually going to Wilmington, N.C., next week to do the same (cleaning up his trail of ‘blood’). How does the White House feel about their little project now?” Alford said in an email.

Trainer was treasurer for the U.S. Black Chamber and on its board of directors. His biography page on the U.S. Black Chamber’s website has been taken down. Officials from the U.S. Black Chamber did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

Trainer was charged in Missouri in 2006 for felony theft. He was accused of pretending to be a mortgage broker and taking $1500 from Claymiko Mays under false pretenses. After posting bond, Trainer skipped town. The charges are pending.

Years later, Trainer resurfaced in North Carolina and launched a black chamber of commerce there. But police uncovered his true identity after he was pulled over for speeding.

As reported by The Daily Caller, President Obama, the nation’s first African-American president, has backed the U.S. Black Chamber over Alford’s National Black Chamber of Commerce, bringing Ron Busby, the head of U.S. Black Chamber to the White House for bill signings and important speeches, and his staff even helping coin the new organization’s motto, “the national voice of the black business community.”

Meanwhile, the slights have left Alford – who voted for and donated to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign – fuming. He calls Obama’s move a calculated strategy to silence him.

“They’re afraid of me. They’re afraid of the Chamber. My work has a lot of credibility, and they’re afraid because I don’t dance to their music,” Alford said in an interview.

An associate of Alford’s went further. “Why is the White House doing this when it at least can be perceived as a way of kneecapping an African American with a long history in the business community?” the source asked.

Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for Obama, implicitly denied to TheDC the White House favors one group over the other, saying its job is to reach out to groups of all kind.

“The White House Office of Public Engagement is the open front door of the White House for the American public. OPE holds numerous meetings and events with a variety of groups, organizations, and stakeholders to discuss a variety of pressing issues – including five meetings with representatives from the National Black Chamber of Commerce over the last two years,” Lewis said.

  • Maudie in Mandeville

    My sympathies fail me for Alford. His money, vote, and schmoozing got us Obama. Best you could do is resign in disgrace. Who follows a fool?

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  • Chicago Ray

    What a shock, I mean they’ve all done such a wonderful job turning around their neighborhoods ‘whitey’ no longer runs. I mean Obama’s IL Chicago district was just named one the most unhealthiest places in America to live if you can stay alive that is. (Just Google What about your own backyard? Obesity campaigner Michelle Obama’s hometown district ranked LAST for ‘healthy behaviour’ in the U.S.) You have to read British papers to get the truth nowadays btw…

    Then we got Ray Nagin, Kwame Kilpatrick, Figidaire Willie Jefferson, Charles Rangel, Maxine Watters, John Conyers’ and his crooked wife, Jesse, Al, Loopy Louie, the list alone of Chicago alderman in prison or going there would consume this entire freaking comment.

    They’ve only proved they’re just as crooked as anyone else with too much power is all. Equal Opportunity to them means ‘equal theft’ apparently. Too bad, it’s their problem now, they can’t blame Bush or Cheney or George Washington or the endless list of white men they all blame for their self caused issues.

  • Mr.ManZ

    This administration is so totally wacked out ! The full scope of corruption is unbound by any means. 2012 is our only chance to change it, so we better get it right this time. The left wing loons and their band wagon of Acorn’ers, SEIU’ers and Labor Union’ers will be out in full force.

    • Chicago Ray

      It is by far the “Katrina Walmart Looting’ of America without a doubt.

      It’s as if they steal as much as they can get their arms around because they’re all afraid this’ll be the first and last time in the Big House on Pennsylvania avenue, and they’re looting it like there’s no tomorrow.

      The Katrina looting of all of DC like it’s a free for all flash mob.

      It’s so beyond Watergate it’s amazing the media has so propped up this group out of white guilt no matter what the crimes against Americans and the nation at large. They, the MSM and the administration including the Social Justice Department need to be gathered up and dealt with like traitors should be.

  • Dakota54

    What is it going to take for Blacks to wake up and see this President for the fraud he really is…and the cliff that he is leading them toward? Thank God for the Harry Alfords, Herman Cains, Allen Wests et al.

    • Mr.ManZ

      Blacks vote for THE COLOR OF ONES SKIN, and in 2012 just as it was in 2008 THE COLOR OF ONES SKIN will be the deciding facter. “Gotta vote fo da brotha, Pimp Town”. According to the black vote of 2008, either blacks were utterly racist which would account for their vote or they were just totally uneducated “which in my opinion was the case” to understand the issues and cast a common sense vote.