If rapper Common is barred by White House, Pope should be, too, says FNC guest

The debate surrounding hip-hop artist Common’s participation in the White House’s poetry evening has advocates on both sides. But would uninviting him have unintended consequences?

On Monday’s “On the Record,” anchored by guest host Martha MacCallum, Keli Goff of TheLoop21.com made the case that if Common were banned 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then the Pope could be as well.

“But can I just say from this line of reasoning, right, the Pope wouldn’t be welcome in the White House because he presided over one of the biggest pedophilia scandals in American history, right? From that logic is what you’re saying, people shouldn’t be welcome …”

MacCallum called Goff’s assertion, “absolutely ridiculous.”

“If you were inviting, you know, students to talk about religion, OK – and you wanted to have religious leaders from around the world, you would include the Pope in that group, would you not?” MacCallum asked.

That led to this exchange:

GOFF: I’m posing it to you. Do think he belongs there or not? Because I think he’s controversial.
MACCALLUM: I — I find that…
GOFF: You don’t think the pope’s controversial?
MACCALLUM: No, I find it ridiculous! The Pope — these words
GOFF: There are victims of abuse who would disagree with that.


  • tellzaTruth

    Ok, take a Deep Breath everyone! The crux of the matter basically is POTUS inviting Anyone to perform at the White House Really is a Big Deal, and lends a certain legitimacy to that person’s life and career. All of us know this, so let us not Play stupid. Eazy-E may not have been a great choice to invite to a Rep. fundraiser, But that is Still not an invitation by the Preseident to perform at the White House-That is point #1. Point #2 is that analogies must be equal to work, and comparing the Pope presiding over sex abuse scandals is Not an endorsement of the same, Nor would anyone claim this! Lyrics written by any songwriter are in some Fashion their statements of life and belief, and carry a certain power. WHY, you ask? Because words have power-That is why!

    It is quite possible that Keli Goff can be articulate on some matters, but on this one it is an analogy of apples and elephants-Not apples and oranges. C’mon Keli…REALLY?! That is your arguement–the Pope presiding over sex abuse…Compared to This POTUS invitation? Someone get a good high school debating coach over to Keli’s house to Teach her How to make analogies. Hey Keli, we All need help, and one of your areas of Need is now plainly clear, But hey I’m Not perfect. Nuff’ Said.

    • loudog

      Actually, the truth is that Easy E was invited for Republican campaign funds and the current First Lady invited Common to read poetry. Otherwise, I agree.

  • loudog

    Should’ve just stuck with the hypocrisy argument like Stewart. Why did Bush Sr invite Easy E to the White House? The same person who gave us this jem:
    “Beat tha police outta shape
    And when I’m finished, bring the yellow tape
    To tape off the scene of the slaughter
    And when I’m finished, it’s gonna be a bloodbath
    Of cops, dyin in LA ”

    Why did Sean Hannity wish “Cop Killer” song writer Ice-T a Happy Birthday?

    Why is it OK with Hannity and the right wing for Ted Nugent to suggest that then-Senator Barack Obama “suck on” his machine gun?

    Because they weren’t in political campaign mode stirring up the easily stirred at the time?

    • 8second.ride

      Apples/oranges comparison.

      First of all, you’re giving Hannity the same level of importance as the POTUS. Good job! However, I missed the day that Hannity got to invite people to be HIS guest at the White House. Could you direct us to a link with that information?

      Secondly, the dumbest “but he did it too” comparison that you libs have come up with is the one involving GHW Bush. Who Bush invited to the White House decades ago isn’t relevant today, and even if it were, how do you know the same people wouldn’t be disgusted? You don’t. Besides, Obama promised to be different, remember? Something about transparency and post-racial.

      Last, and most obvious, it is the left wing nuts, that have posted on here in the last few days, that are the ones trying to stir up their base. Even you have taken to repeating their talking points.

      • loudog

        The same level of importance as the POTUS? I’m taking avbout Hannity’s hypocrisy, how are his words not relevant and what does that have to do with comparing him to Obama? Ridiculous.

        Of course what Republicans do is never relevant when the frenzy is over a Democrat. See Hypocrisy.

        • glassmaker

          Hope you didn’t pull a muscle reaching that far.

          I don’t think 8second’s point was ridiculous. In fact, it’s spot on. You compared what Hannity does with what Obama/Michelle does. He’s right, when Hannity is President, you can compare who he invites to the White House with Obama’s guest list. Until then, you’re the one being ridiculous.

          The Senate Republicans in 1991 invited a rapper to a luncheon with 1400 other people. He wasn’t a featured speaker. He ate lunch. That’s the same as featuring Common as a speaker amongst a very small group of speakers? Hardly.

          And, btw, apparently, it did raise a few eyebrows by the comments in this article: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,313775,00.html

    • jjsmithers

      Bush, Sr. did not invite Eazy-E to perform at the White House. It is obvious now that you are getting your facts from HuffPo comments or other idiotic sites that will post anything.

      Eazy-E attended a luncheon with 1400 other people who coughed up $2500 for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Bush, Sr, was the speaker for the event. The “invite” was nothing more than a form letter sent to political contributors.

      The thug known as Commons was invited to perform at the White House. That is an honor for a performer, and it is fair to expect the President to be more selective about who receives that honor.

      • loudog

        I already cited my source of Stewart, otherwise I really don’t care about either, other than to point out how it’s very convenient, in a run up to an election, to get excited about this and ignore other people who have been invited to the White House.

        • torispelling

          You outright lie. Where is YOUR source? It is a historical FACT that in March 1991 Eazy-E accepted an invitation to a lunch benefiting the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, hosted by then-President George H. W. Bush. A spokesman for the rapper said that Eazy-E supported Bush because of his performance in the Gulf War.

          When word got out that vulgar rapper Eazy-E of NWA, famous for the song “F… Tha Police,” attended an invitation-only lunch with the first President Bush in 1991, did Republicans seethe? NO! The RNC communications director Wendy Burnley bragged “Democrats, eat your hearts out!”

          When George W. Bush pardoned the rapper John Edward Forte who had been arrested at Newark Airport and charged with possessing $1.4 million worth of cocaine in a briefcase, did Republicans seethe about that? NO! Did they protest? NO!

          But when a half black president has a rapper at the White House, suddenly he’s suspect of paling around with bad guys? As Palin would say, “You Betcha!”.

          • riseabove

            Well, actually Ms. Spelling, John Edward Forte was convicted in 2001 on drug trafficking charges and sentenced to 14 years in a federal penitentiary. In 2008, after serving 7 years, George Bush commuted the remainder of Forte’s sentence. That’s not the same as granting a Pardon, is it?

            “A pardon is the forgiveness of a crime and the cancellation of the relevant penalty; it is usually granted by a head of state (such as a monarch or president) or by a competent church authority. Commutation or remission is the lessening of a penalty without forgiveness for the crime; the beneficiary is still considered guilty of the offence. A reprieve is the temporary postponement of punishment.”

            From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pardon

            Also, how could anyone possibly prove that there were no protests by Republicans? You have no way to prove that assertion.

          • glassmaker
        • torispelling

          Sorry loudog – my mistake. My reply was directed to jjsmithers.

          • glassmaker

            Where’s the “lie”?