Rapper appears at White House evening poetry event, sidelined during afternoon session

The president and the first lady tonight shouldered aside criticism and welcomed to the White House a controversial Chicago rapper who has glibly validated threats and violence against police.

In an afternoon session, first lady Michelle Obama had welcomed various poets to the White House poetry event, but notably ignored the rapper, whose stage-name is Common. “Rita Dove, Billy Collins, Kenny Goldsmith, Alison Knowles, and Aimee Mann, let’s give them a round of applause,” Ms. Obama said. “We’ll get to hear from these folks,” she added.

Common was introduced at the evening session without any reference to the conservatives’ derision of his poetry or to some police advocates’ dismay at his poetic validation of cop-killers. “Thanks very much, I appreciate being here,” Common said, according to a CBS news report.

He repaid the first couple for sticking with him by declaiming three times the line “One King’s Dream, He was able to Barack us,” according to the CBS report.

The issue’s political sensitivity was demonstrated at Wednesday’s lunchtime White House press conference. Reporters for established organizations ignored the issue until April Ryan, a reporter for American Urban Radio, aggressively questioned spokesman Jay Carney about Obama’s support for Chicago-based Common.

“The president opposes those kinds of lyrics,” said Carney. Common “is known as a socially conscious hip-hop artist or rapper, who in fact, has done, a lot of good things,” offered Carney. “You can oppose some of what he’s done and appreciate some of the other things he’s done.”

The president could not easily walk away from the rapper for fear of offending vital supporters in the African-American community, and he could not afford to fully endorse the rapper at this evening’s event because that endorsement risks the president’s effort to portray himself as a post-racial healer of social divisions.

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  • votersofny

    Common is a dope and the only reason he is manking money is because people are so stupid. Look at their idols; Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farakkan, Rangel. The list goes on and on. Idiots leading idiots.

  • sunnyr

    Common’s “poetry” sounds like a 3rd grader in a school for the mentally challanged. He obviously has a room temperature IQ. What a dud!

    • shredaspud

      Most “poetry” today is of this 3rd grade quality. It sucks. Even the so-called poet Maya Angelou, or however the hell you spell her name, is garbage. But this is all PC garbage to satisfy the race hustlers.

      “Black is my skin. Just like my kin. Ate a burrito today I did. Then put down the toilet lid.”

      You see? Even I can do it.

  • Bsmooth

    Hahah, I love all the hypocrisy on this.
    Where was all your outrage when Bush invited Johnny Cash to the White House, the guy who was a drug addicted criminal and who wrote lyrics about murdering men and women and drug use?
    Congrats puppets for being used by the right spin machine again.

    • glassmaker

      “Johnny Cash to the White House, the guy who was a drug addicted criminal and who wrote lyrics about murdering men and women and drug use?”

      Congratulations! You just won the “Phucking dumb jerk of the day” award!

      Cash came out of prison and turned his whole life around. He sang about rehabilitation, prison reform, consequences for your actions, etc. He spoke to prisons about reform and went to the White House as an advocate for innocents behind bars. He went to VietNam to entertain the soldiers; sang to inmates in prisons about life after incarceration and being born again. He also sang about the “wild west” and how people survived. He sang about taking responsibility for bad things you’ve done to people.

      Yea, that’s a real bad man.

      Stop being so desperate to stick up for your messiah, Barry, that you have to disparage somebody else.

      • sfmc98

        Johnny Cash was never in prison (as a prisoner, anyway).

        But he certainly was a drug addict.

        And even after “turning his life around” he did record “Delia,” a song which bragged about murdering a lover.

        • glassmaker

          I actually meant rehab, but that’s ok, my mistake.

          As far as the lyrics to Delia’s Gone, it’s a story about a tormented lover who is torn between being glad he murdered her, to being haunted by it.

          It’s amazing to me how people can read such deepness into Common’s “poetry”, but fail to do the same to music like Cash’s.

  • shredaspud

    This “Common” guy is one of those “Black Panther/Liberation Theology” kinds of people. While not a purist, he definitely resembles the mold. I KNOW these exact kinds because I’ve dealt with them personally. They are a washed over black version of Klanners. Just like mild racism found in some “Klan-Lite” people, this “Common” guy is the “mild” version of the black racist groups.

    For the most part, these types are very bitter. I call myself a people specialist because I can see right through most people’s BS. Just the video of this guy portrays quite a bit of his bitterness. This “Common” guy is masquerading his “Racism-Lite” as legitimate poetry or “Rap”. And Obama is a D-Bag for allowing him in the White House.

    • konathe4th

      Are you serious? Where do you get your information from?

      Take a look at this you ignorant fool:


      Common is one of the most positive rappers out there. What would you know, you probably have never even listened to hip-hop music or personally know a person of color. I am glad I don’t personally know “people like you”….

      No need to “enlighten” me with the lack of diversity in your life….just saying….

      • shredaspud

        Obviously you are a person of little mental capacity.

        “Lack of diversity” in my life? What the hell makes you think this? I’m half God-damned Lakota! And YOUR goofy white-a** wants to tell me about diversity!?

        Go crawl back under the rock from which you came before challenging me. Come up with a half decent post as well.

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  • jj1980

    I would have expected nothing less from the most racist people to inhabit the White House since Woodrow Wilson. This insensitivity, for example: jumping down the throat of the white MA cop when his black buddy was arrested, tossing out all counts against the Black Panthers in Philadelphia threating white voters with nightsticks, and the Dept. of Justice under Holder saying they are not going to prosecute any cases where the victim is a white male. The Obamas are disgusting racists which is why they flocked to Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago. Birds of a racist feather flock together… Hopefully 2012 will bring us a president for all the people of the USA, not just some of the special people.