Rep. Schakowsky: Young people felt like America was ‘kind of a loser’ until after OBL ‘murder’

There’s no question that the U.S. raid in Pakistan to take out Osama bin Laden was an important event for the lives of many Americans, but how much of a game changer was it?

It was huge, according to Illinois Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who said the bin Laden operation helped change some Americans’ perception of their country. On Wednesday’s “Hardball” on MSNBC, Schakowsky made her case.

“I agree with you,” Schakowsky said. “I think that that was seminal event in their lives, you know? This is the big deal for them growing up. And so I think that there is just a feeling now, not just with young people but getting over this feeling that maybe America’s kind of a loser. And now that we’re a winner, I think it’s very important.”

She also explained why she agreed with President Barack Obama’s decision not release the Osama bin Laden post-mortem photos, suggesting that doing so would be bragging about a kind of “murder.”

“I can’t imagine — what service would it be to the public to provide those kinds of photos,” Schakowsky said. “[T]hat kind of chest-thumping and you know, being — bragging about this kind of murder, no I think the president has handled it just right and most people absolutely believe that he is dead and certainly, those who don’t are not going to be convinced. They’re going to say, ‘Oh, it is Photoshopped or whatever. And for anyone to say that this is a good idea to send those around, don’t they understand the kind of incendiary effect that it would have?”


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  • dallas yankee

    Did she say ” bragging about this kind of murder” Was this a murder?, isn’t that aginst the law? Should we impeach Obama?

  • Lou

    Illinois Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky who said “the bin Laden operation helped change some Americans’ perception of their country” is sadly mistaken. Although he’s dead, Congress members are still discussing passing these Marxist laws in the name of “safety”:

    – Enhanced pat downs (feeling up your daughter’s breasts) at sports games, etc. (and it doesn’t matter if she suffers from the effects of past sexual abuse)
    – Roving wiretaps of U.S. citizens, without cause (Patriot Act)
    – Government access to business records, without cause (Patriot Act)
    – Government tracking of every detail of your life via banking and medical records (Obamacare)
    – Indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial (McCain just talked about this one)

    I don’t feel one whit safer with a government that would do this to citizens of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    I’m feeling more and more like I’m living in Nazi Germany.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Reese/100001447140311 James Reese

    why is it murder when a Isreali or American soilder sailor or marine or spec ops person kills someone in a war but when Islamic nutjobs murder a whole bunch of people it’s call a man made disaster. There’s an alarming streak of anti-americanism in the left and I think it’s about high time we start reminding people where the frakking door is.

  • kingfish

    I can’t believe this woman has the NERVE to show her face in an article highlighting Bin Laden, much less continue her stint in the House. In Aug 2008, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds testified in court about the blackmail by the Turkish Council of (married with children) Ms. Schakowsky for a lesbian affair. Not only was classified information passed to them, but it was also passed to Israel. Ms. Schakowsky was Chief of the House Intelligence Committee (if you can believe THAT). This was a case of espionage; yet Ms. Schakowsky still remains in Congress, and her neither she nor the blackmailers were never arrested or charged. Senators who were aware of the issue, like Grassley, just turned a blind eye.

    This kind of thing goes on all the time; yet the FBI and DOJ just sit on their BLOATED BUDGETS and A$$E$.