Enzi, Bishop introduce Repeal Amendment in effort to add extra check to federal government power

Sen. Mike Enzi, Wyoming Republican, and Rep. Bob Bishop, Utah Republican, rolled out a new proposed amendment to the Constitution, dubbed the Repeal Amendment, aimed at giving states an extra check against the federal government’s power. Enzi and Bishop contend that over the past several decades, the balance of power between the federal government and state governments put in place by the founding fathers has shifted in favor of the federal government and they hope this amendment would begin reversing that trend.

“The Repeal Amendment would provide states with a powerful tool to return power and rights back to the states and to the people respectively, just as our Founding Fathers intended,” Bishop said. “It is my hope that this joint resolution will inspire a new way of thinking in Washington, serving as a reminder to lawmakers and bureaucrats that policies that reflect the will of the people most often originate at the local and state levels, and not in Washington, D.C.”

What the amendment would do is allow states to repeal federal legislation or federal regulations. To do so, two-thirds of the states would have to pass an identical resolution.

Currently, only Republicans are on board with the proposal, but Enzi and Bishop expect Democrats to be attracted to the idea too.

“If we are to believe the old adage of President Reagan that ‘as government expands, liberty contracts,’ we must provide our states with the breathing room to decide what policies are best for them,” Enzi said. “The role of the federal government was never meant to be a big brother, but a partner in providing the greatest amount of opportunity to the most people.”

  • Buckoux

    What a waste of time effort and money. The 10th. Amendment is the proper instrument to use if approached correctly. The biggest problem with trying to limit federal “powers” is the Left’s hollow cry that limiting federal “power” is a form of “states rights” and therefore anti-civil rights. You ignorant moron redneck’s out there need to read the Constitution and realize that “States Rights” is not ever mentioned in the text and context of the Constitution. Only “People”, “Persons” and “Person” retain the quality referred to as “Rights” in the wording of the Constitution. Stop referring to “states rights” and use the proper term, “States Powers”! The federal government and the states have “Powers” only and NEVER rights. James Madison did not play fast and loose with the text and context of the wording of the Constitution. The US Federal Government has become unconstitutional and needs to have its “powers” restrained, and some revoked, by the efforts of the states and the people.

  • Vuvuzela

    This has been proposed before, and has always met with nearly universal popular support. Following on the heels of the travesty of Obamacare, it will now become a strong 2012 campaign issue.

    The trick is to get it passed during the 2012 campaign, after which it will be put back on the shelf to be dusted off and returned to public discourse in the next election cycle. Policiticans of any stripe are loathe to pass ANY legislation that takes from them the keys to the bank.

  • Miguel Saavadera

    Not needed: If you read the Constitution, listen to any of the good Constitutional schools (Hillsdale) or Constitutional think tanks (Heritage) or good scholars such as the 10th Amendment society, you would learn there are at least four ways to amend the Constitution or over-rule the Federal Government (all three branches).

    If the states have a referendum (exactly the same wording) and it is passed in the number of 3/4 plus states, it becomes an amendment (or over-rules a Federal Law … The people are the employers of the Government, not the other way around. The current power structure contained and voiced in the Constitution is ‘Sovereignty’ is of the people. The structure is People, States, Federal … not the other way around.

    • thephranc

      The Constitution doesn’t mean anything any more.

      • virginiagentleman

        Friend thephranc, Reading your posts these last few months, this particular post sounds almost SAD, coming from you. While true that the Constitution is under extreme duress by the elite ruling class, we need patroits like you to keep in their faces, and point out the error of their ways! Give them hell my friend!

        • thephranc

          It is sad. Unfortunately this is how our elected officials like Pelosi think. When asked where in the constitution their new found powers come from they answer with indignant questioning of how dare they be asked such things. Or they tell you flat out that most of what they do has no Constitutional basis.

          I do what I can but living in Maryland I have the deck stacked against me. progressives run everything. Prince William County looks better every day.

          • virginiagentleman

            I’ve often wondered how such a beautiful state like Maryland fell into the socialist camp. I know so many Marylanders that share your views, rather than the socialist mindset. Virginia, like most states, has her share of problems, but all in all, personal freedom is something most Virginians have fought for since 1607. We’d love to have you, your family and your business, residing and voting in Virginia, Friend phranc!

  • robb32

    What a great Idea! Anything that takes power away from the centralized Govt and returns it to the people, is good…However do you think many Senators or Congressmen would be willing to give away that power?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark

    great idea!

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  • sanderson13

    Nice halo!