Arnold love child story not that new.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a love child? The LAT broke that story today. But it’s not exactly a mind bending shock.¬† Other publications, including the National Enquirer, have run with a similar story¬†in the past–see this¬†account by¬†Ann Louise¬†Bardach. … I don’t know if this is the same¬†love child they thought they were writing about back then. …. Update:¬† It’s a different rumored love child. The lawyer for the mother of the earlier rumored love child strongly¬†denies¬†the rumor.¬† The LAT still would have been better off mentioning¬†the earlier, similar¬†published reports. As it stands you have to go to the blogosphere to gain valuable context and perspective. … Looks like there’s still such a thing as¬†“undernews”¬†

  • SEE

    Wow, Maria married an adulterer? How unlike a Kennedy woman.

  • tom3

    Also, Maria Schriver left out some words from her press release. She said it was painful and heartbreaking. She did not say it was surprising.

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  • tom3

    The kid in the article is a different kid, which you probably knew (scared of Singer?). In the 2004 article you linked to, the boy was already 11. Whoever his father is, he’s 17 or 18 now. Maybe Maria took him along on her boy’s big college tour this spring.

    The first giant question is how much Maria ‘knew’ about the new revelation and for how long. The second is how big is Arnold’s brood. The third is whether he was doing things like this as governor.

    But the book-worthy question is how many people help with the coverups for Schwarznegger, Gore, Clinton, Spitzer, Strauss-Kahn, Edwards…… Without any evidence, I’d say every one of their wives, every one of their close colleagues, lots of their low-level staff, many of their friends. (For some reason, I’m remembering Jamie Lee Curtis defending Arnold by saying what a gentleman Arnold was when they were on True Lies, when that cannot have been true, and John Edwards’ aide pretending to be the father of Hunter’s kid.)

    The article is fascinating.

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