Limbaugh reaction to president’s speech: Obama urging Israel to destroy itself

On Thursday, President Barack Obama delivered a speech at the State Department in Washington, D.C. laying out what direction his administration would be pursuing its Middle Eastern policy objectives. One of the highlights coming out of the speech was Obama’s proposal to restore Israel’s borders to those of 1967 with some swaps.

Immediately following that speech, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his thoughts on the speech, declaring that Obama has all but sided with those against Israel.

“The Arab Spring is an uprising of Middle Eastern nations against Israel and they aided and abetted by President Barack Obama of the United States of America,” Limbaugh declared. “That’s what’s going on and that’s what this speech was all about.”

However, more specifically, Limbaugh explained why Obama’s proposal was wrong by offering an analogy to his proposal that Israel and Palestine reinstate the 1967 border agreement.

“What country in its right mind make a deal with such an enemy?” Limbaugh said. “Would we go back to our 1848 borders? Would we give the French areas of the Louisiana Purchase? Would we do this? What kind of president urges a country to destroy itself and submit its people to potential genocide? And that’s what Obama has just done.”

Limbaugh added that there had been some talk Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had considered using what Obama had proposed as a bargaining chip, but that might not be possible anymore.

“Well, if that’s true, he’s lost it because Obama’s just gave it away,” Limbaugh said. “Obama just used it himself – if that was to be a bargaining chip.”


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  • Liberty Issues

    Your double standard says it all. One set of rules for Jews and another set for the Irish? And it’s ME who’s intellectually dishonest!!!!

    Anyone else you discriminate against? French? Scots? Negroes?

    Oh yeah, has anyone said Jews couldn’t live there for another 10,000 years? Are you even dimly aware of the issues here? Read the Bible. Learn the history of the region and get back to us.

  • pictorial

    Rush Limbaugh is an Uber Mensch. He never falters. Liberty Issues you have some… History Issues. Just like the President You Defend. Here is the originial document submitted to the UN in 1947:


    • Liberty Issues

      HUH? If I disagree with you then I must be defending Obama???? Liberals aren’t the only ones who do it: knee-jerk partisanship.

      Nothing you posted in that link contradicts the facts, and even confirms that it was Christians who expelled the Jews and Muslims who allowed them in. Nothing denies that Jews ruled the land for only 300 years. Nothing denies that they obtained the land by committing ass genocide against the Canaanites (read your Bible)

      One more time. Pearl Harbor was the price we paid for taking sides in the war between China and Japan. 9/11 was the price we paid for taking sides in the Middle East.

      If two factions are at war, and you aggressively take sides with either one of them, then don’t suffer deep denial if the other side attacks you. That may not be justified, but it sure is predictable. Like poking a bully in the eye. Duh.

      Thank you for playing.

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  • Liberty Issues

    The Jews never had any right to that land. The apologists keep saying the Jews lived there for thousands of years. But elementary history shows they RULED it for only 300.

    That’s like saying Ireland has a claim on Boston, because so many Irish have lived there for hundreds of years. Read your Bible. The Jews obtained that land by committing mass genocide against the Canaanites.

    Slaughter. Far more barbaric than anything in the Koran. Read your history. It was Christians who expelled the Jews from Jerusalem (the Crusades), and it was Muslims who allowed the Jews back in.

    We interfered in the war between Japan and China and suffered Pearl Harbor. We interfered in the Middle East and got 9/11. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern there. Will we ever learn?

    • thephranc

      It doesn’t mater how long they “ruled” it they have lived there for thousands of years.

      Its nothing like saying Ireland has claim to Boston.

      Your arguments lack intellectual honesty and integrity.

  • thephranc

    Jews lived in the land known as Israel for thousands of years. There is no palestinian state because there is no palestinian people. The land the pallies squat on now is not theirs it belongs to Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. These countries don’t want them. Their culture if infested with muzzy terrorists who salivate at the idea of killing jew children. They had generations to build a life but all they built were bombs to strap to their children. When the jews left Gaza they left all their non-residential infrastructure behind so the pallies could use it. The pallies destroyed it. Green houses that could have fed them so they wouldn’t need to beg for food from the jews them kill them as a thanks.

    There can never be peace there until the self imposed victim-hood stops and the pallies stop allowing them selves to be pawns. No matter where you set the borders the daily rocket attacks will not stop. We saw with the turn over of Gaza that if give them a foot they will only use it to move the launch pads closer to city centres so they can target more schools.

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