Rebecca Mansour’s direct messages: The full text

The Daily Caller received a series of messages from a top aide to former Alaska Gov. and possible presidential aspirant Sarah Palin.

The messages, sent from Palin speechwriter Rebecca Mansour as Twitter “direct messages” to a Palin supporter, show Mansour mocking top political figures and even her boss’s own daughter, Bristol Palin.

Below are the full text of messages TheDC obtained. Please note that these messages are only one side of a two party conversation, and that TheDC is not publishing some of the messages containing intimate details about the Palin’s family dynamics.

March 25, 2010
5:38:35: If these were real threats, the Dems wouldn’t be issuing press releases. Trust me. The real threats aren’t talked about. Only FBI knows.

April 25, 2010
5:19:59:  Note my tweet to @DavidAll. Tool won’t admit he was totally wrong. Arrogant jerk is pissed cuz some “neophytes” beat him at his game.

May 12, 2010
4:26:02:  Chuck wants to be the next Hugh Hewitt (or Huckabee). He knows he can’t win. He wants to become a “personality”. Give him a show to go away.

May 22, 2010
7:00:23:  Did you see the tweet from the Mittens’ AstroTurf brigade? Would love to tell Mitt’s lackeys to stop backstabbing my boss anonymously.

7:38:03: and

8:34:12:  Exactly. Too funny. Did you like my question “We all want to repeal Obamacare, right?” :) I find Mitt lovers wacky as hell.

8:36:02:  BTW BigBoss took a big risk in endorsing Nikki. You don’t pick a loser in SC. Very important state. Mitt has no hope of winning it, so…

8:37:24:  he could endorse a 4th place underdog ‘cuz his strategy for ’12 is ignore the South. SC is crucial to someone like the Gov. She took a risk.

8:40:21:  Erickson is a total douchebag. Greasy dumb ass with a talent for self-promotion. He threw himself in at the Gov’s SC rally. Self-promotion.

8:48:39:  LOL! I like ObomneyCare. Let’s ask “Evangelicals 4 Mitt” what they think. (Total fake org. They were @ SRLC. What a joke!)

May 25, 2010
5:35:46:  Time to find a way to go medieval on this McGinniss. Don’t be fooled by the light tone of the FB post. The BigBoss is so upset by this.

5:36:56:  It quite broke my heart to get the emails from her about this. She feel like big brother is watching her & her family.We Alinsky tactics!

16:00:56:  I was thinking more along the lines of mailing him a dead fish.

May 26, 2010
2:32:09:  He’s now whining about getting “rad hate mail”. Gee how would he feel if you lived 15 ft away from him? Okay with that?

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  • truebearing

    Ru a lying sack of crap,

    You blather self righteously and get most of it wrong. Not only that, but you take it all out of context. You’re the typical palin hating moron who babbles incoherently, never bothering to verify what you have heard.

    Palin called the Bush family “blue bloods” after barbara Bush made some snide comments about her. Got it, dumb ass? BTW, are you a big Bush supporter? I’m sure you were one of the morons calling Bush a moron, criminal, etc.

    Palin calls Rick Santorum “a knuckledragging Neanderthal.”

    No she didn’t, dim wit. She jokingly said she wouldn’t call him that, she’d let his wife do it. got your facts wrong again.

    Sarah Palin calls Newt Gingrich “an egotistical narrowminded machine goon.”

    You a big Gingrich fan? It just so happens she’s right, and now Gingrich is polling at 3% for his tendency to let his ego and narrow ideological focus get in the way of common sense. You let your arrogance, laziness, and stupidity get in the way of your common sense.

    “Not to mention all the food fights she has gotten into with Griffin, Letterman, Griffin, Maher, Griffin, etc.”

    You idiot. These people all attacked her, and her children in vicious, disgusting ways, and as a mother, and as a person with the right to defend herself, she should have gone after them.

    You’re an asshole, and a moronic one at that. You don’t have the slightest amount of integrity and little if any conscience. your comment was almost entirely factually wrong, yet you pontificate as if you are somehow superior to Palin, or anyone reading your drivel. Go back to the Huffpo you talentless fool.

  • Rocketman

    er, “ignore” not “not”


  • jmk1502

    Poor little Sarah. Everyone’s out to get her, from the father of her daughter’s bastard child to her top aide. How could this brilliant scholar hope to succeed, with all the forces of Satan aligned against her?