Keith Olbermann’s authoritarianism exposed

On January 10th, 2010, shortly after a crazed gunman named Jared Loughner killed several innocent people and injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, then-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann interviewed Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. Olbermann and Dupnik implicitly blamed the Tea Party for inspiring Loughner to commit these horrific crimes, despite the fact that there wasn’t any evidence that Loughner was anything other than an out-of-control, deranged, violent maniac.

On May 5th, 2011, the Pima County Sheriff’s Office murdered former United States Marine Jose Guerena in his home, two hours after he got back from working the night shift at a mine to support his wife and two children. Guerena served two tours in Iraq and was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. Guerena and his wife have no criminal record whatsoever. But the USA Patriot Act, which was just renewed for another four years, allowed the Pima County SWAT team to conduct an all-out assault on this innocent Marine’s domicile.

They stormed his house in unmarked vehicles, didn’t identify themselves as the police, and completely ignored the “knock and announce doctrine” — the doctrine that law enforcement officers should wait 15 to 20 seconds after knocking on a door before breaking it down — that the Supreme Court mandated in U.S. v. Banks (2003). The Pima County SWAT team supposedly had a warrant to search for marijuana, which hardly calls for a full-on assault. Nevertheless, they broke down the door and shot Guerena over 60 times.

To make matters worse, Mrs. Guerena called 911 and the paramedics arrived in two minutes, only to be held at bay by the Pima County Sheriff for over an hour while this innocent Marine, husband, father, and provider bled to death for committing no crime. The story from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office has changed multiple times. Now, Sheriff Dupnik has gotten all the warrants and documents sealed, refusing to abide by the Freedom of Information Act. He’s covering up this murder.

Last night I sent a message via Twitter to @KeithOlbermann from my Twitter account @brenthatley asking, “What do you think of Sheriff Dupnik now? He’s actively covering up HIS agency’s MURDER of an innocent US Marine?” The retort from the Cornell-educated Keith Olbermann: “bullshit.” Well said, sir, quite the retort to a serious question about the cold-blooded murder by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office and cover-up by Sheriff Dupnik of a Marine war veteran who was doing all the right things to support his family.

The next time Olbermann decides to bloviate about Tea Partiers, gun owners, libertarians, or citizens who’ve just had enough of government waste, remember: he could care less about the people who carry assault weapons, under the color of law, and murder innocent veterans who’ve served our country honorably.

Now that Mr. Olbermann is on the smug Al Gore’s Current TV, I doubt anyone will actually hear his holier-than-thou rants. It goes back to the philosophical question posed by George Berkeley: “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Brent Hatley, a Marine Corps veteran, is the executive producer of the Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

  • tiredinaz

    100 miles from the coast inland all the way around the country including the whole state of florida we have lost our rights. they dont need a warrant or probable cause just what they deem as reasonable suspician. raid your house search your car detain you until their done harassing you. check points where they do roadside interrogations asking where you were and going and why were you there. its offensive and if you refuse to answer they treat you like a criminal and go thru your things. we should give up no rights for “safety”. theyre just getting us ready for a full on police state type country.

  • mojo

    If a man makes a statement in a forest and there’s no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

  • WordOfDog

    And the point of the article is what? Are the facts all in? Not even close…but the author of this article makes conclusions based on his own personal ‘wish’ list of what they will ultimately be.

    And Olbermann is not even part of the story…how is his ‘authoritarianism’ exposed in any way? All I gleaned was that he tweeted “Bull$%@#” to some smartass’s tweet. As usual, there is no ‘there’ there…just another excuse to dump on a liberal commentator. Nice job and a waste of time.

    Let’s hear some more about the ‘totalitarianism’ of Obama and some more about the fantasy voter fraud. You folks are just out of your minds…

    • Cyberball2072

      Although I am sure we are probably on different sides of the political spectrum, I would like to write “well said and agree completely”. This is a complete non story to stir the masses.

      • WordOfDog

        Thank you. That is the closest I have seen to a handshake from across the aisle. Civility seems to be lost on the others…

        • Brent Hatley

          It’s stunning that you missed the entire point of the article. Let me point out to you why what Mr. Olbermann, and Sheriff Dupnik did was wildly reckless after the Giffords tragedy.

          1. They claimed it’s the “citizens”, or legal gun owners that are dangerous because of some of them are in opposition to President Obama, and was the reason for Rep Giffords shooting. They had no evidence at all that the shooter was involved at all with politics. He wasn’t.

          2. As I told Mr. Olbermann on Friday. You can’t paint me with this pro-wrestling left/right, Dem/Rep. My politics are the state vs. the individual. I’m a real Libertarian. I’m offended when a man doing all the right things is murdered in his own home. I’m against all statists, left or right.

          3. The only facts that aren’t in are the ones being covered up by Dupnik, as the article states. Who’s the affiant on the warrant? What was the probable cause? Who was the judge who signed it? By your standards if the state disobeys the Freedom of Information Act, that, constitutes all the “facts” not being out. Why has Dupnik’s story changed so many times?

          4. Have you watched the interview with the widow who was hiding with their 3 year old in the closet?

          How’s this for facts: http://reason.com/blog/2011/05/26/swat-helmet-cam-captures-shoot

          This wouldn’t be possible without the USA Patriot Act, which, 96 senators just voted to extend. Watch the video and tell me, that amount of force is necessary for a supposed marijuana warrant, of which, they found NOTHING. Olbermann the statist is right there to defend his buddy Sheriff Dupnik. It’s murder, any way you slice it. Which, is why Dupnik is actively covering it up.

          Sorry you think the state has the right to violate the 4th Amendment at will. I will defend the Bill of Rights until my last breath. The Tea Party, or Code Pink or whomever have the right to protest. If Mr. Olbermann is going to choose sides for his own political reasons, then, I’m going to call him out for being the statist that he is. Words and goofy signs don’t kill people, however, an out of control state actually does kill people. Get your priorities straight…