U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria sponsoring gay film festival

“Everybody’s perfect!” says the poster for a gay film festival sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria.

The festival, Sofia Pride ’11, will feature screenings of Milk and other films in Sofia, Bulgaria from June 1 to 29. The American, German, French, Swiss and British embassies are jointly sponsoring the event.

“The series features one movie selected by each of the five sponsoring embassies, and aims to promote acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in Bulgaria by examining the different issues and challenges which members of the LGBT community face in today’s world. All films will include Bulgarian subtitles,” a press release says.

The U.S. is kicking off the festival by showing Milk, a film about the first openly gay elected official in California. “The screening will be followed by an after-show party at My Mojito Club Sofia,” the press release says.

The German Embassy is screening Sascha. “The film follows a gay teenager of Montenegrin-German origin who struggles to come to grips with his identity while searching for acceptance within German society. Note: due to security concerns, bags will not be permitted inside the Embassy building,” the press release says.

The French Embassy is screening Comme les autres (Baby Love), about a gay man’s “quest to become a father.”

The Swiss Embassy is screening Katzenball, which “depicts the lives of five Swiss lesbians from different generations.” This screening is also followed by an after party at My Mojito Club Sofia.

The British Embassy is screening Beautiful Thing, the “story of a working-class teen infatuated with his male classmate.”

The U.S. Embassy did not immediately reply to an email asking how much public money is being spent to sponsor the festival.

In October, 2009, another U.S. Mission in Albania also screened Milk.

Then-Albanian Ambassador John Withers led a panel discussion that included American gay activist Elaine Noble, the first openly gay official elected to the Massachusetts legislature.

“The film screening was an opportunity to lend embassy support for full civil and human rights to Albania’s still-hidden gay community,” a press release says.

The embassy also held a media workshop for gay activists. According to a press release, “Afterwards, one activist said: ‘I feel so inspired from all the things that have happened these days…I have forgotten the strong taste of loneliness and fear that have been with me all my life.’”

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  • clw

    First of all, the government should not be spending my hard-earned tax dollars on this total crap, particularly in THIS economic disaster that we are in.

    Secondly, I could not possibly care LESS about LGBT anything. They are a MINISCULE percentage of the population and we should hear about it in miniscule proportion. Now before they break into their usual hysteria about what a homophobe I am, I frankly do not care what consenting adults do in private. My beef is that 99% of the ones that I personally know, bore me to death because that is ALL THEY TALK ABOUT. They don’t discuss politics, science, history, architecture, news, ANYTHING, unless they can turn it into an LGBT issue (which, btw always seems to lead to what a horrible childhood they had). SO freaking boring! AND since it all boils down to sex, they can leave the indoctrination of children OUT of it – since that is their primary concern these days.

    Sean Penn? No talent Socialist America-hater. What else can you say?

    • bgbob

      If you are so worried about tax dollars, then I guess you should complain about the hundrends of billions of tax breaks being given to rich people every year. Instead, you complain about an event that cost U.S. taxpayers .000000176 cents per tax payer. Once again, it is the left and right(this time the right) making up imaginary stories to ignite outrage over something that isn’t in need of outrage. Do the math to figure out how much it cost. If someone actually asked the Embassy how much it paid for the event, then this would be a non-issue. Plus, Embassies help sponsor film festivals and LGBT festivals all the time as part of a cultural outreach. When will our country not have all these left and right wing idiots spewing garbage, and instead actually focus on real issues? They talk about being adults, and having adult conversations, and yet this is all the junk we ever get.

  • UncleDon

    God,how many times are they gonna say it, pretend it, pronounce it, write about it, make movies about it, make TV shows about it and proclaim it? It’s not gay, it’s not anything but stupid, insecure guys/women who don’t have the self confidence to meet the opposite sex. They are all, all, losers who are believing the Hollyweird propaganda that “it’s ok”. Well, guess what? It ain’t. whenever someone says, “not that there’s anything wrong with it”, I say “really, A man putting another man’s penis in his mouth and in his behind is OK?” really.

    These folks are hiding from reality and American and liberals don’t know anything else to do but to try and make it credible when, behind closed doors, they, and 95% of America are disgusted by these freaks. And….if you dispute me I’ll slap you like the bitch you are!!!!

    • thephranc

      Uninformed bigot.

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