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I demand an official investigation of the hacker who broke into Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account

Cybercrime never sleeps, even on Memorial Day weekend. The NY Post reports:

Call it Weiner-gate.

Twitter followers of Rep. Anthony Weiner were shocked when a lewd photo popped up on his official account late Friday night.

The photo of a bulging male member cloaked in gray briefs was directed to a single Twitter user — but on view to all 45,000 of his followers.

The wiener shot was the work of an unknown wag — a computer hacker who gained access to the pol’s passwords, his spokesman told The Post.

“Anthony’s accounts on both Facebook and Twitter were hacked,” said spokesman Dave Arnold.

The photo does not belong to the Democrat and wasn’t taken by him, Arnold added.

You can see the photo here, but be warned that it’s just as the NY Post describes.

I don’t agree much with Rep. Weiner politically, but he’s a congressman and this is a serious crime he’s alleging. Not to mention that identity theft can happen to any of us at any time. Therefore, Rep. Weiner must call for an official investigation. He owes it to himself, to all other victims of cybercrime, and to his fellow members of Congress who might also be at risk. Defrauding someone’s online accounts in order to embarrass and defame them is unconscionable. The culprit must be brought to justice.

And if Rep. Weiner doesn’t want an investigation, somebody should ask him why not.

More info here.

P.S. His Twitter account is @RepWeiner. I have expressed my support and asked when he’s announcing an investigation to prevent this hacker from striking again. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. @RepWeiner is a verified Twitter account. Usually when a verified account is hacked, Twitter shuts it down while they investigate. But it’s still there.

P.P.P.S. Has the hacker been found already?

P.P.P.P.S. Statement from Gennette Cordova, student who was sent lewd Twitter photo from Rep. Weiner’s account. Sounds like it’s been a rough couple of days. All the more reason to find the person who did this.

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  • riseabove

    Well, investigation or no investigation…there’s not enough Viagra in the world to enhance his image ever again. He’s a joke either way.

  • Catahoula

    “bulging male member” sounds like a heavy metal band. Or maybe grunge or something.

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  • zelda

    It’s ok, Weiner. Keep a stiff upper lip and take a picture of that instead.

  • esby

    Left wing sites have so much dirt on how transparently fake this is. If you are going to conspire a fake scandal with technology, at least know the technology (example: Rathergate). And don’t Twitter about it, kids.

    • Jim Treacher

      What proof do you have that Rep. Weiner is lying about being hacked?

      • esby

        Anything to keep your mind off of the Republican primary. Hey look, John Edwards!

        • Jim Treacher

          You have no proof Rep. Weiner is lying, then.

          • esby

            Remember when you ran the Osama joke into the ground? Same thing.

          • Jim Treacher

            If Rep. Weiner is the victim of a hacker, it’s a federal crime and must be investigated. If not, feel free to prove otherwise.

          • esby

            Sarah Palin RODE A MOTORCYCLE. She is so pretty. Do you think she is pretty enough to be President?

          • Jim Treacher

            This topic isn’t about Sarah Palin, but I’m sure you’d have no problem finding somebody to talk to about her. Good luck!

          • esby

            What do you have against Sarah? Hater.

          • Jim Treacher


  • gc

    i demand he be treated as a republican. the dems would all be screaming perv!!!!!

    • esby

      Oh, lay off Jim Geraghty.

  • pansycritter

    Can you spell annulment Anthony?