Do Skyboxes Cause Crime?

Mickey’s Assignment Desk: Do Skyboxes Cause Crime? Here in L.A. we’ve been traumatized by the vicious beating given a San Francisco Giants fan who attended a game at Dodger Stadium.  Many are shocked that this could happen at a ballgame, but I remember being told several times, when I was sitting in fairly expensive seats at the stadium, that I shouldn’t go to the bleachers because that’s where thugs hung out. Which raises a question: Has the class segregation of sports stadiums helped promote hooliganism? The argument would be a fairly straightforward miniaturized version of the argument that concentrating the poor in inner cities helped breed an underclass. Specifically, if all the classes were mixed together–no skyboxes, no separate, more expensive decks–middle class values would prevail, or else the cops would be called and management would hear about it in no uncertain terms. The more they are unmixed–with the cheap seats geographically cut off from the mainstream–the more we a) allow general mainstream norms to be flouted in the cut off areas and b) ensure that the affluent are insulated and won’t care about (a). … Problems with theory: Even bleacher seats aren’t that cheap. … Assigned to: Take it away, Jon Cohn. …

  • john whorfin

    L.A. has the added factor of so many “Raider Nation” fans who were left without a team when they went back to Oakland (in this case the only color issues are Silver & Black, their obnoxious behavior transcends racial stereotypes). The mayhem caused by these fans adopting other local teams led to the end of beer sales at USC games years ago, and I have little doubt that the two who attacked Stow are likely proud members as well.

  • BigRmv

    Living in LA, I can tell you we don’t even go to Dodger games anymore. Contrary to what the PR guy at the stadium said following the beating that Bryan Stow was subjected to, they have lousy (if any) security. The area west of the stadium has been a haven for Latino gangs since the early ’50s. Parking is horrendous and rapid transit to the stadium is virtually non-existent.

    The last time my family and I went to a game, we had to drive around the for 10 minutes to find a parking spot because of all of the obviously drunk tail-gaters and people who weren’t there for the game had ‘claimed’ more than their allowed parking. We even saw TWO MARIACHI BANDS strolling through the parking lot. No security.

    After the game, I (luckily) found that several empty beer bottles had been strategically placed under each of my tires in an obvious vandalism attempt. And it took more than half an hour to get out of the parking lot and onto a freeway.

    This has nothing to do with sky boxes. The fact is that LA has a certain class of people who use sports, skin color, or the color of socks you wear as a reason to act out the frustrations and insecurities instilled in them by a society that punishes the innocent, law abiding citizens yet ignores–and even praises–criminals and the moral decay of our once great nation. All in the name of tolerance, of course.

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  • leereyno

    Trashy people do trashy things. Blaming people of worth for the actions of the worthless is just more regurgitated Marxist nonsense. The whole argument is a bald faced lie.

  • xenophon

    I think there may be something to this. I’ve rarely seen anything ugly in the cheap seats at Celtics’ games, where the crowd is generally a mix of classes. At Bruins’ games, on the other hand, where exact same sections tend to be much more lower class, there are frequent fights. Of course, that could just be the difference between hockey and basketball fans.

  • blofeld42

    The Section Eight process has simply exported crime to the suburbs. See, for example, the Atlantic, here:


    In an earlier era the owners would keep the riff-raff out either in response to complaints or proactively, but these days they’d get hauled into court for profiling.

  • peterike

    What a reach. Here’s a simpler version. If third-world thugs weren’t allowed to waltz into the country at will, this would not have happened.

    It’s about race and culture, not class.

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