Conservative columnist says ‘Sesame Street’ promotes liberal politics

In his new book “Primetime Propoganda,” syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro asserts that children’s show “Sesame Street” pushes liberal politics on viewers.

Published by HarperCollins, the book claims that the PBS program has gone after the right for years. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Shapiro notes, “Sesame Street” tried to convey the message that conflicts should be resolved peacefully, suggesting that the Bush Administration should compromise rather than go to war.

The California author noted a 2009 segment that made fun of Fox News. According to Shapiro, the episode included Oscar the Grouch as a reporter for the Grouch News Network. The segment also featured an audience member saying, “From now on, I am watching Pox News. Now there is a trashy news show.”

“‘Sesame Street’ tried to tackle divorce, ‘peaceful conflict resolution’ in the aftermath of 9/11, and had Neil Patrick Harris [a gay actor] on the show, playing the subtly named ‘fairy shoeperson,'” Shapiro said.

Shapiro explores more than just “Sesame Street.” Tinseltown as a whole, Shapiro argues, is infected with lefty tendencies.

“I went into the heart of Hollywood [for the book],” Shapiro noted in a Townhall.com column. “I spoke personally with scores of major Hollywood names, who admitted to me on tape that discrimination takes place in Hollywood, that they use their programming to manipulate Americans politically, that they scorn everyday conservatives, and that they twist the television market to achieve their own political goals.

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  • AnnCognito

    I don’t believe that a liberal bias exists in Hollywood and I certainly don’t believe that the writers of Sesame Street (a show I absolutely adored as a child and watched religiously) are trying somehow to dig leftist views into our nation’s toddlers. Instead of a liberal bias, what I do think is going on, is that certain concepts, such as handling a conflict peaceably rather than by shooting someone in the face, or helping the poor rather than spitting in their eye, or allowing everyone to enjoy the same rights of marriage rather than stabbing them in the street, typically seen as hippie viewpoints, are actually very centrist viewpoints shared by a wide variety of people from all walks of life and politics. My question is, when is the desire for peace going to be seen as a universally desirable worldview, and not simply a pansy tree-hugger’s way of life?

    • Hallmonitor

      So you’re saying that if we don’t take a liberal point of view we are advocating for ” shooting someone in the face” “spitting in their eye” “stabbing them in the street” ?

      What a f*CXked up comment!

      • AnnCognito

        I’m exaggerating, a lot, obviously, but it’s undeniable that the right are the pro-war, peace-is-for-pussies side, no? I get that sometimes war is necessary (though I do agree with Hemingway’s statement that it’s always a crime, regardless of its necessity). I won’t deny that at times, war is necessary. I just don’t understand why the notion of peace is usually associated (by the right) with being a pussy (sorry for the language; that’s really the best word I could think of describe it).

  • Liberalsareblind

    How is this news? The left has had a very organized and full-fledged effort to sink their tentacles into our children at as young of an age as possible for many years now.

    • tommiec

      I know. And those kids of yours have grown up to be wonderful liberals.

      ps..we love the feedback…keep sharing with us your thoughts!

      • What Would Jesus Take ?

        “True” that, Tommie!

        And that liberal presence was really felt in the election of 2010 !

        Thanks Liberals!

    • ladylove

      and little tiny tommie is living proof.

      • pink

        Still the sneering, nasty little grandma, aren’t ya? xoxoxo

        • ladylove

          better than than being a sniveling, old lady


        • Hallmonitor

          Wow, what a nasty, bitchy comment.

  • pictorial

    The founder of Sesame Street, Joan Ganz Cooney is married to Pete Peterson, pulbisher of the 2009 re-launched Foreign Policy magazine. (House Organ of CFR). Peterson publishes big thinkers such as Stephen Walt and other Israel-Deniers.
    To illustrate what a difference six years can make, check out CFR’s 2006 Anti-Semitism equals Anti-Americanism forum: http://wwwtwosetsofbooks.blogspot.com/2011/05/richard-haas-leslie-gelb-pete-peterson.html

    • Rowwdy

      Refreshing to see someone else keeping tabs on the CFR besides me.

  • OldMexican

    After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Shapiro notes, “Sesame Street” tried to convey the message that conflicts should be resolved peacefully, suggesting that the Bush Administration should compromise rather than go to war.

    That is hardly a “liberal” (rather, leftist) idea. Millions of people resolve their conflicts without resorting to violence and murder. George Bush went to war to further the expansion of the State, nothing more. If the government wanted to simply capture Usama Bin laden, it could have simply issued a Letter Of Marque And Reprisal like the Constitution allows, instead of sinking billions and wasting lives for 10 years.

    Any bias that would concern me would have to come from more pernicious ideological stances, like anti-capitalism, anti-property rights and collectivism. But peaceful conflict resolution as part of a “liberal agenda”? I a sure that COURTS and JUDGES would find such assertion incredible.

  • gatortarian

    Breaking news, sun rises in the East.

  • flips

    Based on the spelling and ignorance one sees here at DC, is it safe to assume that the homeschooled, gun-toting, brown-people-fearing, Tea Party crowd has been been protected from lessons of Sesame Street.

    • DEEBEE

      Flips, as usual, your idiocy pours through. Even though I am a brownie, I do not appreciate stupid friends, because they can be more dangerous than smart enemies.
      BTW either you are missing a question mark at the end or it should be “it is” instead of “is it”.

    • BigRmv

      The ever present wisdom of Flips, now available in two-ply.

      • flips

        Someone has to challenge the right wing hate machine that peddles lies to the ignorant.

        • brian61

          A few things I hate: elected politicians and masses of bureacrats who treat the limited government principles of the Constitution as a silly joke; a POTUS who bows to foreign leaders and then denies it; anyone who favors skin color over character and experience; liberal colleges that teach Marxism has not been given a fair trial, and that America sucks; a large corps of MSM reporters who walk with a 45% tilt to the left, but refuse to admit it; and trolls who cannot see through their ideology tinted glasses.

        • Al From Bay Shore

          flips, DC does try to cater to the ignorant. They’re thrilled to death that you’ve come here seeking knowledge.

        • thephranc

          Your entire post was filled with lies. Why do you lie so much flips? Does it make you feel better about your self?

          • tommiec


            I think you’ve outdone yourself. You say, ‘Your entire post was filled with lies.’ frankie, baby, flips ENTIRE POST consisted of 15 words!

            You need to take a break. Why don’t you go see Palin’s bus tour. I hear the Sarah key rings are going for only $30..and don’t bitch, that bus don’t run on good intentions (and aren’t you jealous a bit?…if you had a family (which I know you don’t) don’t you wish you could go on a family vacation paid for by PAC money?)

          • ladylove

            little tiny tommie,

            what does the fact that flips used 15 words, have to do with anything, a lie is a lie whether it is one word or thousands.

            your real problem is thephranc is right, and you have absolutely no defense to prove him otherwise.

      • Rowwdy

        LMBO! Now that’s funny.

    • OldMexican

      Re: flips,

      Based on the spelling and ignorance one sees here at DC, is it safe to assume that the homeschooled, gun-toting, brown-people-fearing, Tea Party crowd has been been protected from lessons of Sesame Street.

      It is always safe to assume anything, otherwise you would have to clad yourself with “assumption insurance” from Farmers or Geico. Whether your assumption is correct or not, that’s an entirely different matter. I would say: Not this time, bud. Not this time.

      In MY experience, the cognitive level of most liberal posters is an indicator of the level of competence a person would achieve after 12 years in Amerikan Pulbic Skools.

    • Rowwdy

      Yup…I am a gun toting, home schooling advocate flips. Anything that keeps my children safe from socialist schools and Marxist agendas, I am all for. My children will never step foot inside a public school and be subjected to the filth and brainwashing that goes on today. Nor do we subject them to all the Hollyweirdo crowd. The closest they get to cartoons is an older Disney movie. You know, back when they were decent and didn’t have scum like Hanah Montana/Cyrus cr*p showing.

      Guess what flips….more and more parents are removing their kids from public schools every year. People are sick of their kids being taught to march in lock step with the revival of brown shirts. People are sick of teachers imposing their political views AND revisionist history on THEIR children. Slowly, the tide is changing back.

  • cja23

    Laura, you’re just figuring this out now. I noticed this a long time ago, only its getting worse. The greenies are out in force filling our kids heads with the garbage.

  • NSFWashington

    1, 2, 3 brainwashed children, ah ah ah! This leftist indoctrination has been going on at PBS for 40 years or more. I don’t think anyone’s surprised. –Doc, NSFWashington.com

  • riseabove

    I’m still waiting for someone to fully explore and expose popular television shows that push leftish ideologies and disparage Conservatism, sometimes blatantly and sometimes subtly. They smoothly work it in to their storylines. I see it all the time but it isn’t reported on very often. We need journalists to bring it to the public’s attention. Show people what kinds of things to look for, how to be conscientious of what they’re watching.

    Hollywood knows some people’s minds are like sponges, absorbing every drop of moisture within reach without prejudice. They are masters of spin, manipulation and deception. They know how easy it is for people to allow themselves to be transfixed, hypnotized. We need to awaken the zombies. Awareness and education is the key.

    • flips

      Pointing out conservatives are misinformed isn’t disparagment, it is simple fact. http://technorati.com/politics/article/fox-news-top-source-of-voter/

      • DEEBEE

        So, at least according to you definition, you are an arch conservative?

      • BigRmv

        Hasty generalizations don’t add up to facts. Quoting from leftist rags/blogs/”news” doesn’t add up to facts. Regurgitating what one hears the voices in his head say doesn’t add up to facts.

        Finally, not agreeing with another individual doesn’t automatically mean THEY’RE misinformed.

      • flips

        Well it is difficult to understand the world when you “news” source of choice is just a propaganda arm of the GOP and it constantly lying to its viewers.

        Among the study’s findings about Fox viewers:

        “Only a slim majority knew that President Bush signed the TARP legislation. And nearly six in ten didn’t know the Stimulus legislation signed by President Obama included a tax cut. Only ten percent knew their taxes had gone down since Obama took office.”

        But Conservatives seem to wear their ignorance as a badge of honor.

        • gatortarian

          Yeah the left is real informed, they even thought Obama was qualified to be president.

          • ladylove


        • thephranc

          You are a liar. Why do you lie so much?

          • tommiec


            C’mon, that ‘You are a liar’ reply to everyone on this rag website is getting tiresome. You need newer material, ok?

          • ladylove

            hey little tommie

            considering you think this is such a ‘rag website’, why are you here.

            and talk about needing newer material, you are the pot calling the kettle black.

            you, flips, and all your other counterparts just keep regurtitating the same old talking points, that are solely based on lies and innuendo, and have been proven so time and time again.

            yet you have no problem repeating them over, and over, and over again…

            so if you don’t like the truth, tough

            and if you don’t like this ‘rag website’ then no one, is forcing you to be here.

        • Hallmonitor

          This sentence:

          “Well it is difficult to understand the world when you “news” source of choice is just a propaganda arm of the GOP and it constantly lying to its viewers.”

          from somebody who just got done saying,

          “Based on the spelling and ignorance one sees here at DC”.

          I guess you just had to prove who makes those incorrect spellings and ignorant remarks.

        • riseabove

          Flips, most people know how to research information obtained from FOX News or any other news source. If FOX News was “constantly lying to its viewers” don’t you think millions of people all over the world would know? Also, you wouldn’t believe how much footage shown is of the very people being exposed. It’s from their own mouths. Also, FOX News has Liberal commentators on to balance out the debates and discussions. Sometimes it’s actually annoying to listen to people like Anthony Weiner interrupting the anchors or throwing temper tantrums when other people make better points, but it’s balanced, unlike most other mainstream media outlets. I like Juan Williams and even if I disagree with many of his viewpoints, I still respectfully listen to him. We prefer to be treated like adults, to hear both sides of the issue, do our own homework and make up our own minds. We detest being selectively spoonfed information.

          Tommie, the person known as “thephranc” has never, ever accused me of lying and I’ve been posting here at the DC since its inception. The same goes for many other Conservatives who post here frequently. “Thephranc” rarely, if ever challenges us, only those who are actually lying and spreading falsehoods. Therefore, your accusation that he or she calls everyone a liar is, well….a lie.

          On topic: When watching television shows and actors like Candice Bergen and James Spader outright shame and disparage a witness/client/defendant for not voting for Obama, that’s purposeful indoctrination and it teaches young, impressionable viewers that it’s perfectly fine to disrespect those with opposing views. While we can’t control what Hollywood puts out, we can be pro-active and counter that kind of thing with public awareness.

          • pink

            You and truebearing. There really is a boogeyman around every single corner, isn’t there?

            Um, Boston Legal hasn’t been on TV for three years.

            I highly recommend that you get out into the present real world and do something like take an art class or do some volunteer work with children or learn to meditate or just be out in the fresh air.

            Stop watching so much TV and listening to talk radio and writing long absurd purple prosey posts on websites and get out into the real world and I’ll bet you’ll stop being so afraid of life and your fellow Americans. It’s really not that bad out here in reality. C’mon out.

          • riseabove

            I wasn’t aware there was a time limit or that you were the resident-in-chief deciding what the criteria was for any examples used when making a point. Should we email you first for your approval?

            And me, afraid of people? Apparently you must’ve missed the many posts I’ve made about NOT being easily intimidated. For someone who stalks me constantly you’d think you’d know that by now. The whole bunch of you Lefties have pulling accusations out of thin air down to a science. Why do you think that is, Pink? You can’t argue the issues on their own merits so you resort to the usual schoolyard bully tactics? Are you gonna pull my hair? How come you didn’t try to justify Liberal propaganda and indoctrination in movies and on television?

            See, the problem is, PBS is being publically funded and so that bears more scrutiny, but we pay for cable or satellite tv, and we pay for movies. Some of us prefer our entertainment not to be laced with political ideology. Liberalism has overstepped its bounderies in our culture. How would you like it if the airwaves was saturated with extreme Rightwing propaganda? How would you like if every time you watched a television show the storylines and dialogue was filled with intolerance, innuendo and hostility towards Liberals?

          • ladylove

            hey pink,

            careful, thinking there are boogey men, is a sign of paranoia

            maybe Boston Legal the series, officially came to an end.

            but have you ever heard of syndication, you know reruns,

            and if anyone needs to get out in the real world, it is you.

            why does Riseabove’s long. right on the money, purple prose bother you so much, must be the truth she puts into everything she writes.

            maybe if you actually read them, you might be surprised in finding what a great incite she has of the world.

            you could learn a lot from her, and you have a lot, yet to learn.

          • whynot

            Last time I checked ‘Boston Legal’ was fiction. You know, made up in a screenwriter’s mind. Sure it’s has to do with a lot of current issues but it isn’t a documentary.

            Why do conservatives always, always believe everything is a conspiracy? And always a conspiracy against them? Normal Republicans don’t; Dems don’t.

            Why the persecution complex?

          • Hallmonitor

            “Why do conservatives always, always believe everything is a conspiracy? And always a conspiracy against them?”

            That’s funny coming from the party that’s constantly looking over its shoulder for the vast right-wing conspiracy.